Basics 2 – Lesson 3


Vous – you, informal and plural
mangez – eat (you, pl.)
êtes – are (tu, formal you)
avez  – have (you, pl.)
avons – have (we)
mangeons – eat (we)
aimons – like (we)

Purpose of Module

To continue to teach plurals of adjectives, and to continue to use the verbs “to like/love” which is “aimer”, “to eat”, which is “manger”, and “to have”, which is “avoir”.

The verb “to like”, “aimer” is conjugated as follows:

J’aime – I like
tu aimes – You like (familiar)
il/elle aime – He/She likes
nous aimons – We like
vous aimez – You like (plural)
ils/elles aiment – They like

The verb “to eat”, “manger” is conjugated as follows:

je mange – I eat
tu manges – You (familiar) eat
il/elle mange – He/She eat
nous mangeons – We eat
vous mangez – You eat  (plural)
ils/elles mangent – They eat

The verb “to have”, “avoir” is conjugated as follows:

J’ai – I have
tu as – You (familiar) have
il/elle a – He/She has
nous avons – We have
vous avez – You have (plural)
ils/elles ont – They have


Nous avons une pomme – We have an apple
Et vous? And you?
Nous mangeons une pomme – We eat an apple
Vous êtes une femme et je suis un garcon – You are a woman and I am a boy
Vous êtes une femme – You are a woman
Nous aimons le chat – We like the cat
Vous mangez une orange – You eat an orange
Vous avez un chat – You have a cat
Nous avons une robe – We have a dress
Nous mangeons la pomme – We are eating the apple

The application is beginning to see if you pay attention to “a” and “the”, by throwing one after the other. This lesson focused on “vous” and “nous” forms of verbs we have already seen. “Vous avez” sounds like “voo-zah-vay” because of the “liason”.

Liasions – This is where the French speaker does not normally say the silent consonant at the end of a word, but then does when they encounter word that begins with a vowel. They’ll use the last letter as the first letter for that vowel starting word. It seems strange, but it helps their word fluency, and you’ll eventually get used to it.


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