Phrases – Lesson 2


Salut – Hello
bonjour – Good day
Pardon – Pardon/Excuse me
revoir – to see again/review
Plaît – To please (yes, the i has a circumflex over it)
a –to have

Purpose of Module

Continuing the introduction to greetings and common phrases. Since we introduce the verb “revoir”, or “to see again/review”, let’s conjugate this verb.

Je revois – I see again
tu revois – You see again (familiar)
il/elle revoit – He/She sees again
nous revoyons – We see again
vous revoyez – You see again (plural)
ils/elles revoient – They see again


Au revoir et bonne nuit – Goodbye and good night
Bon jour – Good day/Hello!
Bonjour et bienvenue! Good day and welcome
Bonjour, ça va – Hello, how are you?
Il y a une fille – There is a girl
Il y a une pomme rouge – There is a red apple
Merci et bonne nuit! Thanks and good night
Oui, bonne nuit – Yes, good night
Oui, s’il vous plaît – Yes, please.
Pardon! Pardon me!
Salut, et merci! Hello/Bye, and thanks!
Salut, comment ça va? Hello, how are you?
S’il te plaît, non! Please, no!
S’il vous plaît, non! Please no!

Notes – None


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