Food – Lesson 2


Bois – drink (I)
l’eau – water
Alcool – alcohol
œuf – egg
Oignon – onion
salade – salad

Purpose of Module

Introduce more food vocabulary, continue examples of feminine/masculine nouns and adjectives, as well as verb conjugation.


De l’alcool et de l’eau – Alcohol and water
Elle mange un oignon – She eats an onion
Je bois – I drink / I am drinking
Je bois de l’alcool – I drink alcohol
Je bois de l’eau – I drink water
Je mange une salade – I am eating a salad
Il a de l’eau – He has water
Ils mangent l’oignon – They eat the onion
L’eau – Water
Nous mangeons une salade – We eat a salad
Tu manges un œuf – You eat an egg
Un oignon – An onion
Vous mangez un œuf – You eat an egg


Water is “l’eau” which sounds like “lo”. “Bois” sounds like “bwa”.

mnemonic – alcool is masculine, (men drinking)


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