Food – Lesson 4


Cuisine – to cook
Boisson – drink
Café – coffee
Thé – tea
Crêpe – crepe
Repas – meal
Beurre – butter

Purpose of Module

Introduce more food vocabulary, continue examples of feminine/masculine nouns and adjectives, as well as verb conjugation.


Avons-nous du café? Do we have coffee?
Elle cuisine de la nourriture – She cooks food
Ils mangent le repas – They are eating the meal
Je bois une boisson rouge – I am drinking a red drink
Je mange la crêpe – I am eating the crepe
J’aime le thé – I like the tea
J’aime la crêpe – I like the crepe
La boisson – The drink
La boisson est rouge – The drink is red
La femme mange le repas – The woman eats the meal
Les filles mangent du beurre – The girls eat butter
Les femmes boivent du thé – The women drink tea
Nous mangeons du beurr – We eat butter
Tu manges une crêpe – You are eating a crepe
Un homme cuisine – A man is cooking

Mnemonic – masculine – repas (a big meal)
Mnemonic – feminine – boisson (lady’s drink)


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