Food – Lesson 5


Boire – drink (he/she/it)
Manger – to eat
Banana – banana
Fromage -cheese
Bonbon – candy
Poisson – fish

Purpose of Module

Introduce more food vocabulary, continue examples of feminine/masculine nouns and adjectives, as well as verb conjugation. The verb “to drink” is “boire” and is conjugated as follows:

je bois
tu bois
il boit
nous buvons
vous buvez
ils boivent


J’aime boire du vin – I like to drink wine
J’aime le fromage – I like cheese
J’aime manger – I like to eat
Je mange une banana – I eat a banana
Il a du poisson – He has a fish
Il mange un bonbon – He eats a candy
Ils mangent une banana – They eat a banana
L’homme mange du poisson – The man is eating fish
La femme mange un poisson – The woman is eating a fish
Le bonbon est rouge – The candy is red
Le poisson et le riz – The fish and the rice
Le vin et le fromage – The wine and the cheese
Manger du pain – To eat bread
Nous mangeons du fromage et ils mangent du poisson – We eat cheese and they eat fish
Tu manges du fromage – You eat (some) cheese
Tu manges le fromage – You eat the cheese
Une carotte – A carrot
Une fille mange le bonbon – A girl eats the candy

Notes – This module may challenge your knowledge of the concept of “du”. If you’re eating food, you better put a “de”, “de + le = du”, “de + les = des” (where applicable) or you will be wrong. You are not drinking wine, you’re drinking of the wine, or “some” wine, and eating of the cheese/bread, etc. Of course, when you’re translating back into English, you use “some” or drop the modifier completely. Vous buvez du vin ->You drink some wine or You drink wine. If you put “You drink the wine”….you will be graded incorrect.


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