Food – Lesson 6

Study Tip – Go to your favorite image search engine and enter terms like “francaise visual dictionaire”, “french visual dictionary”, “french english picture dictionary”, “greetings in French”, “imagiers”, “Vocabulaire Des Vetements” etc. You will find hundreds of excellent pictures that can be used as quick flashcards, already constructed. Create subfolders with subjects, and simply “save image as”….now you can walk into a room and have a ready reference of all the objects in French, on your smart phone or other devices.

Food Picture


Avec – with
Sel – salt
Sucre – sugar
Poivre – pepper
Poulet – chicken
Porc – pork
Gâteau – cake

Purpose of Module

Introduce more food vocabulary, continue examples of feminine/masculine nouns and adjectives, as well as verb conjugation.


Elles mangent du poulet – They eat a chicken
J’aime le sucre – I like sugar
Je mange de la viande avec du sel – I eat meat with salt
Il cuisine un poulet – He is cooking a chicken
Il mange du gâteau – He eats cake
Je mange du poulet – I eat chicken
Je mange du sucre – I eat some sugar
L’homme mange du poulet – The man eats some chicken
Les filles mangent avec les hommes – The girls eat with the men
Le gâteau est rouge et noir – The cake is black and red
Le poivre est noir – The pepper is black
Nous aimons le porc – We like the pork
Nous mangeons le sucre – We eat the sugar
Nous mangeons un gâteau – We are eating a cake
Tu manges du porc et du pain – You eat some pork and some bread


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