Verbs:  Present 1

This is a two day module, if you take it slow and try to soak up all of the present verbs presented. Don’t put yourself under pressure by feeling you have to master all three verb types (those ending in -er, -ir, -re and all of the irregular verbs). Master the present tense -er ending, and you will have 70% of present tense verb conjugations. The rest will follow over time. Print a few verb charts though, and have them handy so you can reinforce tenses and conjugations as you encounter them in your readings outside of Duolingo.


Lis – to read (you fam.)
Écrivez – to write (you pl.)
Parles – to speak (you fam.)
Manges – to eat (you fam.)
Aimes – to have (you fam.)
Suis – to be (I)
As – to be (you fam.)
Buvez – to drink (you pl.)
Comprend – to understand (he/she/it)
Peut – to be able/can (you fam.)
Devez – to need to/must (you pl.)
Faut – to need (he/she/it)
Savent – to know (you fam.)
Veulent – to want (you pl.)
Fait – to need/make (I)
Allons – to go (you pl.)
Achetons – to buy (you pl.)
Adore – to love/adore (he/she/it)
Aides – to help (you fam.)
Appellant – to call (you pl.)
Apporte – to wear (he/she/it)
Apprendre – to learn (he/she/it)
Attendant – to wait for (you pl.)
Cherchons – to look for/search (you pl.)
Commande – to order (I)


Ça commence – It starts
Ça va bien – Things are going well
Il a un cochon – He has a pig
Il apprent – he is learning
Ils boivent du vin – They drink wine
Il écrit un livre – I write a book
Il faut du lait – Milk is needed
Ils aiment leur chien – They love their dog
Ils font les repas – They make the meal
J’ai un tigre – I have a tiger
J’aime le café – I like the coffee
J’apprends des mots – I am learning
J’attends mes enfants – I am waiting for my children
Je bois du jus – I drink juice
Je bois une boisson rouge – I am drinking a red drink
Je commande mon repas – I order my meal
Je commence mon repas – I am beginning my meal
Je lis un livre – I read a book
Je mange du pain – I eat the bread
Je suis un enfant – I am a child
Je cherche mon chien – I am looking for my dog
Je commence un livre – I am starting a book
Je connais une femme – I know a woman
Le tigre attend le repas – The tiger is waiting for the meal
Les enfants doivent boire – The children must drink
Nous allons manger des baguettes – We are going to eat baguettes
Nous mangeons du pain – We eat the bread
Nous mangerons des baguettes – We are going to eat baguettes
Nous parlons des enfants – We talk about the children
Nous voulons boire du vin – We want to drink wine
Oui, je comprends. Merci – Yes, I understand, thanks
Sa femme attend un enfant – His wife is pregnant
Salut, ça va? Hello, how are you?
Savez-vous? Do you know?
Tu lis le journal – You read a newspaper
Un homme cherche une femme – A man looks for a woman
Vous allez manger du chocolat? You are going to eat chocolate?
Vous avez une chemise bleue – You have a blue shirt
Vous voulez boire – You want to drink


This is the module where you are barraged with verbs, and although you have seen a few, and know how to conjugate a French verb, you may still get overwhelmed. It may help to have a second browser open to:

You are also seeing “de”, “du” and the plural “des” in this module. The word may mean “with”, “of”, “in”, “from”, “some” and “for”. The subject is too broad to cover here, so a grammar book may help with the subject. Or go here:

You may want to test yourself on verb tenses (present), before moving out of this module. Try this site:


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