Concept Test #12 – Negation

The following affirmative sentences are untrue. Correct the sentences by making them negative using ne…pas. You must rewrite the entire sentence in the blank. Include punctuation in your answer.

  1. Tammy aime les tatous musclés (‘muscular’). ___________________
  2. Rita voyage souvent. ____________________
  3. Corey et Joe Bob étudient beaucoup. _________________
  4. Edouard adore le barbeque. ___________________
  5. Tex adore Bette. _____________________
  6. Joe-Bob déteste le ketchup. ____________________
  7. Tex et Tammy jouent aux cartes. ___________________
  8. Trey a envie d’aller en France. ______________________
  9. Corey et Joe-Bob habitent à New York. __________________
  10. Edouard étudie la cuisine texanne. __________________
  11. Tammy chante bien la Marseillaise. ______________
  12. Bette adore Tammy. ________________

The rules:

  • Basic negation is formed by placing ne … pas around the conjugated verb. Ne becomes n’ in front of a verb starting with a vowel or a mute h (#9).

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