Concept Test #13 – Adverbs

Adverb placement: Complete the answers to Tammy’s questions using the adverb in parentheses. Note: The test is looking for you to place the verb from the first part, with the adverb in parentheses in the proper position with the object of the verb from the first part.

  1. Tammy : Tu comprends la poésie de Tex? Trey : Non, je/j’ _____________. (mal)
  2. Tammy : Tu aimes le chocolat? Tex : Oui, je/j’ __________________.(énormément)
  3. Tammy : Comment va Rita? Tex : Elle __________________. (très bien)
  4. Tammy : Tu aimes le café? Tex : Oui, je/j’___________________. (beaucoup)
  5. Tammy : Tu penses à Bette? Trey : Oui, je/j’ _________________. (toujours)
  6. Tammy : Bette est sexy? Trey : Ah oui, elle _________________.(extraordinairement)
  7. Tammy : Tu aimes les noix? Joe-Bob : Oui, je/j’___________________.(beaucoup)
  8. Tammy : Tu manges du chili? Joe-Bob : Oui, je/j’___________________.(souvent)
  9. Tammy : Tu aimes Sartre? Tex : Oh oui, je/j’____________________. (vraiment)
  10. Tammy : Tex connaît Trey? Tammy : Non, Tex ________________. (bien)
  11. Tammy : Tex est génial! Bette : Oui, Tex _________________. (absolument)
  12. Tammy : Tex porte un béret? Edouard : Oui, Tex __________________.(fréquemment)

The rules:

  • Adverbs that modify verbs are usually placed immediately after the conjugated verb. If the verb is negative, the adverb is placed after the negation.
  • Note that most common adverbs are placed directly after the verb before the objects.

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