Concept Test #16 – Adverb Placement

Adverb placement : Complete the answers to Tammy’s questions using the adverb in parentheses. The tense is the same in the question and the answer, either passé composé or periphrastic future.

  1. Tammy : Tu as acheté mon cadeau? Tex : Non, je/j’ _____________ ton cadeau. (encore)
  2. Tammy : Tu as aimé le film? Tex : Oui, je/j’ __________________ le film.(beaucoup)
  3. Tammy : Tu as lu ce livre ? Tex : Oui, je/j’ __________________ ce livre.(déjà)
  4. Tammy : Tu es monté en haut de la Tour Eiffel? Tex : Oui, je/j’___________________ en haut de la Tour Eiffel. (vraiment)
  5. Tammy : Tu vas être gentil? Tex : Oui, je/j’ _________________. (très)
  6. Tammy : Tu vas aimer mon gâteau? Trey : Oh oui, je/j’ _________________ton gâteau. (beaucoup)
  7. Tammy : Tu as mangé? Joe-Bob : Oui, je/j’___________________. (trop)
  8. Tammy : Tu as réussi tes examens? Joe-Bob : Non, je/j’___________________mes examens. (rarement)
  9. Tammy : Trey va comprendre Sartre? Tex : Hmm, Trey ____________________Sartre. (difficilement)
  10. Tammy : Tex a rencontré Edouard? Tex : Oui, Trey ________________Edouard. (déjà)
  11. Tammy : Tex va partir pour Paris? Bette : Oui, Tex _________________ pourParis. (immédiatement)
  12. Tammy : Tex et Bette sont devenus amis? Edouard : Oui, Tex et Bette __________________ amis. (vite)

The rules:

  • The adverb in French usually follows the conjugated verb.
  • In all compound tenses (i.e. tenses where an auxiliary is required, such as the passé composé), adverbs are placed right after the auxiliary and just before the past participle. (#1-4,7,8,10,12)
  • Some longer adverbs ending in -ment may follow the past participle.
  • In a sentence in the periphrastic future (‘futur proche’), adverbs are placed right before the infinitive. (#6,9,11)
  • If the conjugated verb is in the negative, the adverb follows the negation.

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