Numbers – Lesson 2

Note: When using age in French, the object will “have” not “be” a certain age. In this module you’ll see that “ces maisons ont cinq cents ans” meaning “these houses have five hundred years”. It’s strange for English speakers, but that’s they way the French express age. J’ai vingt ans (I have twenty years).


vingt – twenty
six – six
huit – eight
cent – one hundred
millions – millions
trente – thirty
sept – seven


Ces maisons ont cinq cents ans – These houses are 500 years old
Cette photo vaut des millions – This picture is worth millions
Cinq heures trente – Five-thirty
Elle a sept fils – She has seven sons
Elle a un chien et six chats – She has a dog and six cats
Elle avait six chiens – She had six dogs
Il gagne un million d’euros par an – He earns a million euros per year
Il y a vingt canards sur l’eau – There are 20 ducks on the water
Ils voient six éléphants – They see six elephants
La femme a sept robes blanches – The woman has seven white dresses
La personne reçoit un million de dollars – The person receives a million dollars
Le billet coûte cent euros – The ticket costs one hundred euros
Le chevl a huit ans – The horse is eight years old
Non, les vingt canards – No, the 20 ducks
Sa population est de plus de sept millions d’habitants – Its population is more than seven million inhabitants
Six et quatre font dix – Six and four make ten
Son fils a huit ans – Her son is eight years old
Trente minutes après – 30 minutes afterwards/later


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