Verbs: Compound Past – Lesson 6


Permis – allow/permit
Pris – take
Reçu – received
Réussi – succeed
Vues – see
Choisi – choose/elected
Dite – said


C’est vous qui avez choisi – It is you who has chosen
Ce jour-là je t’ai vu à la télévision – That day i saw you on television
Cette chose qu’il nous a dite hier – This thing he said to us yesterday
Elle a dit au revoir – She has said goodbye
Elle a pris une pomme verte – She has taken a green apple
Elle a réussi – She has succeeded
Elle m’a pris pour mon frére – She mistook me for my brother
Elles ont choisi ce chien – They elected that dog
Il a bien chiosi la date – He has chosen the date well
Il a permis cela – He has allowed that
Il m’a dit – He told me
Il y a une chose que je ne t’ai pas dite – There is one thing I did not tell you
Ils ont chiosi cette chienne – They have elected that dog
J’ai dit quelques mots – I have said a few words
J’ai reçu mon cadeau d’anniversaire – I have received my birthday gift
J’ai reçu votre lettre – I have received your letter
J’étais là hier soir mais je ne vous ai pas vu – I was there yesterday night but I did not see you
Je crois ce qu’ils ont dit – I believe what they have said
Je l’ai prise – I have taken it
Je les ai prises – I have taken them
Je n’ai jamais vu personne – I never saw anybody
Je n’ai pas vu mon père pendant un an – I did not seen my father for a year
Je ne me suis pas vu dans le miroir aujourd’hui – I have not seen myself in the mirror today
Je ne t’ai pas vue ce soir – I did not see you tonight
Je ne voyais jamais personne – I never saw anybody
Je ne voyais jamais personne – I never saw anybody
Je t’ai vu il y a cinq semaines – I saw you five weeks ago
Nous avons réussi – We have succeeded!
On a vu ça – We have seen that
Tu as pris ton journal – You have taken your newspaper


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