French Verbs – Day 1 – Top 40

This will be a ten day exercise in Verb listening and speech. Remember the last video with the 400 verbs and 150 sentences? This is similar, but in this version, the speaker instructs us on how and why the verbs are said the way they are, in French.

This is an excellent way to learn French speech patterns, and we will be doing just under 7 minutes each day, for the next ten days. Day one will run around 6 1/2 minutes, and cover the top 40 verbs used in French. My notes are below:

Être – to be (eh-tra, the circumflex gives you an “open e” for eh…)
Avoir – to have (av-wah)
Faire – to do (fahr)
Dire – to say (deer)
Pouvoir – to be able to / can (pooh-vwah)
Aller – to go (ah-lee)
Voir – to see (vwah)
Vouloir – to want (voo-lwah)
Venir – to come (va-neer)
Devoir – to have to (da-vwah)
Prendre – to take (prahn-dra, the “en” makes a nasal “ahn” sound…)
Trouver – to find (troo-vay)
Donner – to give (doh-nay)
Falloir – to have to (fah-lwah)
Parler – to talk (pah-lay)
Mettre – to put (may-tra, double consonant opens the “et” to “ay”)
Savoir – to know (sah-vwah)
Passer – to pass (pa-say)
Regarder – to watch (rah-gahr-day)
Aimer – to like/love (aa-mee, “ai” gives you an open “a” sound)
Croire – to believe (crwah)
Demander – to ask (dah-mohn-day, the “an” gives you a nasal, “ohn”)
Rester – to stay (ray-stay)
Répondre – to answer (ray-pond-ra, accent mark gives you an “aa”)
Entendre – to hear (ah-tahnd)
Penser – to think (pohn-say)
Arriver – to arrive (ah-ree-vay)
Connaître – to know (coh-net)
Devenir – to become (doh-van-eer)
Sentire – to smell/feel (sahn-teer)
Sembler – to seem (sah-blay)
Tenir – to hold (tah-neer)
Comprendre – to understand (coh-prahnd)
Rendre – to give back (rahnd-r)
Attendre – to wait (ah-tahnd-r)
Sortir – to go out (saw-teer)
Vivre – to live (vee-vra)
Entrer – to enter (ahn-tray)
Reprendre – to take back/resume (rah-prahnd-r)
Porter – to carry/wear (paw-tay)


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