French Verbs – Day 2 – Numbers 41 – 80

Chercher – to search (share-shay)
Revenir – to come back (rah-vah-neer)
Appeler – to call (ah-pel-ay)
Mourir – to die (moo-reer)
Partire – to leave (pah-teer)
Jeter – to throw (jah-tay)
Suivre – to follow (soo-eev-rah)
Écrire – to write (ah-creer)
Montrer – to show (mohn-tray)
Tomber – to fall (toh-bay)
Ouvrir – to open (oov-reer)
Arrêter – to stop (a-ray-tay)
Perdre – to loose (pahr-drah)
Commencer – to start (coh-mahn-say)
Paraître – to appear/seem (pah-reh-tra)
Marcher – to walk (mahr-shay)
Lever – to rise (loh-vay)
Permettre – to permit/allow (pahr-me-trah)
Asseoir – to sit (ass-wah)
Écouter – to listen (ah-coo-tay)
Monter – to go up/mount (mon-tay)
Apercevoir – to see (a-per-sev-wah)
Recevoir – to receive (ra-sev-wah)
Servir – to serve (say-veer)
Finir – to finish/end (fee-neer)
Rire – to laugh (reer)
Crier – to shout (cree-ay)
Jouer – to play (shjoo-ay)
Tourner – to turn (toor-nay)
Garder – to keep (gahr-day)
Reconnaître – to recognize (re-con-net)
Quitter – to quit (kee-tay)
Manger – to eat (mohn-jay)
Courir – to run (coo-reer)
Continuer – to continue (con-tee-nu-ay)
Oublier – to forget (oo-bee-lay)
Descendre – to descend/go down (day-sahn-dra)
Cacher – to hide (cah-shay)
Poser – to place/put (poh-say)
Tirer – to pull (tee-ray)


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