French Verbs – Day 3 – Numbers 81 – 120

Présenter – to present (pray-sahn-tay)
Ajouter – to add (a-jeu-tay)
Agir – to act (a-jay)
Retrouver – to find/retrieve (ra-troo-vay)
Offrir – to offer (oof-reer)
Apprendre – to learn (ah-prahn-dra)
Tuer – to kill (too-ay)
Retourner – to return (ra-tour-nay)
Rencontrer – to meet (ra-con-tray)
Envoyer – to send (ah-vwa-yea)
Dormir – to sleep (dor-meer)
Pousser – to push (poo-say)
Rappeler – to recall/remember (rah-play)
Lire – to read (leer)
Changer – to change (shan-jay)
Essayer – to try (ee-say-ay)
Compter – to count (coh-tay)
Occuper – to occupy (oh-cu-pay)
Expliquer – to explain (ex-plee-kay)
Frapper – to hit (fra-pay)
Travailler – to work (tra-va-yea)
Obtenir – to obtain/get (ob-tan-eer)
Pleurer – to cry (plah-ray)
Répéter – to repeat (ray-pah-tay)
Payer – to pay (pa-yea)
Apporter – to bring (a-por-tay)
Exister – to exist (eggs-is-tay)
Boire – to drink (bwah)
Sourire – to smile (soo-reer)
Coucher – to lay down/put to bed (coo-chay)
Causer – to cause (co-say)
Raconter – to tell (ra-con-tay)
Serrer – to tighten/grip tight (sah-ray)
Songer – to think of/consider (sohn-jay)
Manquer – to miss (moh-kay)
Nommer – to name (no-may)
Conduire – to drive (con-du-eer)
Saisir – to grab/seize (say-zeer)
Demeurer – to remain (doo-mer-ay)
Remettre – to put back (ra-met-rah)


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