French Verbs – Day 5 – Numbers 161 – 200

Mener – to lead (mah-nee)
Préparer – to prepare (pray-pah-ray)
Assurer – to ensure/assure (ass-u-ray)
Deviner – to guess (doh-vah-nay)
Considérer – to consider (co-seed-ahr-ay)
Appartenir – to belong to (ah-pah-ta-neer)
Représenter – to represent (ra-pray-sahn-tay)
Tromper – to deceive/cheat (trohm-pay)
Vendre – to sell (vahn-dra)
Craindre – to fear (crah-dra)
Emporter – to take with one/take away (ahm-por-tay)
Exprimer – to express (ex-pree-may)
Rouler – to roll (roo-lay)
Posséder –to own/possess (po-say-day)
Réveiller – to wake/wake up (ray-vel-yay)
Aider – to help (ay-day)
Découvrir – to discover (day-coov-ray)
Choisir – to choose (swah-zeer)
Prononcer – to pronounce (pro-non-say)
Rêver – to dream (ra-vee)
Appuyer – to press/push (ah-pwee-yay)
Étendre – to extend/stretch out (a-tahn-dra)
Trembler – to tremble/shake (trahm-blay)
Défendre – to defend/forbid (day-fond)
Créer – to create (cray)
Maintenir – to maintain (ma-tohn-eer)
Indiquer – to indicate (an-dee-cay)
Promettre – to promise (pro-met-tra)
Relever – to stand up again/put back on its feet (ral-vay)
Abandonner – to abandon/desert (a-ban-don-ay)
Ignorer – to ignore (eeg-nor-ay)
Accompagner – to go with/accompany (a-com-pan-ay)
Adresser – to address (ah-dress-ay)
Observer – to observe/watch (ob-ser-vay)
Séparer – to separate (say-pah-ray)
Marier – to marry (mah-ree-ay)
Prévoir – to foresee (pray-vwa)
Amener – to bring (ahm-nay)
Obliger – to force/oblige (oh-blee-jay)
Éclairer – to light/lighten up (a-clay-ray)



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