French Verbs – Day 7 – Numbers 241 – 280

Terminer – to end/finish/complete (tahr-me-nay)
Tenter – to attempt (tahn-tay)
Remonter – to go back up (rah-mohn-tay)
Installer – to install (eh-stah-lay)
Soulever – to lift/raise (sool-vay)
Allumer – to light (ahl-may)
Imposer – to impose (ah-po-say)
Respirer – to breathe (res-pee-ray)
Baisser – to lower (bay-see)
Souffler – to blow (soo-flay)
Attirer – to attract (a-teer-ay)
Prêter – to lend (pray-tay)
Amuser – to entertain/amuse (ah-moo-say)
Éclater – to burst (a-cla-tay)
Réunir – to gather together/call together (ray-oo-neer)
Traiter – to treat/deal (trah-tay)
Engager – to engage (on-ga-jay)
Traîner – to drag (trah-nee)
Emloyer – to use/employ (ah-plu-a-yea)
Marquer – to mark (mar-kay)
Prouver – to prove (proo-vay)
Importer – to import (a-por-tay)
Exiger – to require (eks-ee-jay)
Reposer – to rest (ra-po-say)
Danser – to dance (dan-say)
Saluer – to salute (sa-loo-ay)
Accorder – to grant (ah-cor-day)
Achever – to complete (ash-a-vay)
Avouer – to confess to (ah-voo-ay)
Distinguer – to distinguish (diss-tah-ay)
Emmener – to take (ohm-nay)
Agiter – to agitate (a-gee-tay)
Hésiter – to hesitate (eh-zee-tay)
Sonner – to ring (soh-nay)
Composer – to compose/make up (coh-poh-say)
Enlever – to remove (ahl-ev-ay)
Rejoindre – to return/give back (ra-zwan-dra)
Ramener – to bring back (rahm-nay)
Étudier – to study (eh-too-day)
Partager – to share (pah-ta-shay)


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