French Verbs – Day 8 – Numbers 281 – 320

Chasser – to hunt (sha-say)
Interrompre – to interrupt (ah-tay-rohmpt)
Éloigner – to move something away (ay-la-whan-ay)
Réduire – to reduce (ray-do-weer)
Éteindre – to switch off/put out (ay-tan-dra)
Recommencer – to start again (ra-cohm-ahn-say)
Sauter – to jump/skip (so-tay)
Plaindre – to complain (plahn-dra)
Préférer – to prefer (pray-fay-ray)
Révéler – to reveal (ray-vay-lay)
Subir – to suffer/undergo (su-beer)
Rapporter – to report (rah-pore-tay)
Coûter – to cost (coo-tay)
Réfléchir – to think/reflect (ray-flay-sheer)
Remercier – to thank (rah-mah-see-ay)
Déposer – to put down/deposit (day-po-say)
Fumer – to smoke (foo-may)
Affirmer – to claim/assert (ah-fehr-may)
Convenir – to agree (cohv-neer)
Vêtir – to dress (vay-teer)
Accomplir – to accomplish (ah-cohm-pleer)
Résoudre – to solve (ray-soo-dra)
Plonger – to dive/plunge (plo-jay)
Détruire – to destroy (day-troo-eer)
Intéresser – to interest (ahn-tah-ray-say)
Disposer – to arrange/have/make us of (dees-po-say)
Lisser – to smooth (lees-say)
Verser – to pour/pay/shed (vahr-say)
Obéir – to obey (oh-bay-eer)
Lutter – to fight (loo-tay)
Prétendre – to claim (pray-tahn-dra)
Contruire – to build (cohn-stroo-eer)
Soumettre – to submit (soo-met)
Peser – to weigh (pah-say)
Troubler – to disturb/confuse (troo-blay)
Répandre – to spread (ray-pahn-dra)
Résister – to resist (ray-zee-stay)
Protéger- to protect (proh-tay-jay)
Enfermer – to lock (ahn-fahr-may)
Creuser – to dig (cru-say)


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