French Verbs – Day 9 – Numbers 321 – 360

Grandir – to grow/increase (grahn-deer)
Enfoncer – to push in (ahn-fohn-cay)
Envelopper – to wrap (ehn-vel-oh-pay)
Prevenir – to prevent (pray-va-neer)
Inspirer – to inspire (ah-spee-ray)
Ramasser – to pick up/collect (ra-ma-say)
Endormir – to put to sleep (ahn-dor-meer)
Inventer – to invent (ah-vahn-tay)
Presser – to squeeze/press (prey-say)
Confier – to entrust (con-fee-yeah)
Effacer – to delete (ay-fah-say)
Reculer – to move back/reverse (ra-cu-lay)
User – to wear out/use (oo-say)
Nourrir – to feed (noo-reer)
Remplacer – to replace (rahm-pla-say)
Souhaiter – to wish (soo-ay-tay)
Signer – to sign (sin-nyay)
Interroger – to question/interrogate (ah-tee-roe-jay)
Dominer – to dominate (doe-me-nay)
Commander – to command/order (co-mahn-day)
Supposer – to suppose (soo-po-say)
Dépasser – to pass/overtake (day-pah-say)
Accuser – to accuse (ah-coo-say)
Habiller – to dress (ah-bee-yay)
Condamner – to condemn (co-dam-nay)
Menacer – to threaten (mo-nah-say)
Écraser – to crush/run over (ah-cra-say)
Réclamer – to claim/demand (ray-cla-may)
Dessiner – to draw (day-see-nay)
Conclure – to conclude (cohn-clure)
Lier – to link (lee-ay)
Admettre – to admit (ad-met-tra)
Attaquer – to attack (ah-tak-ay)
Respecter – to respect (ray-spek-tay)
Pendre – to hang (pahn-dra)
Supporter – to support (soo-por-tay)
Figurer – to appear/represent (fee-gu-ray)
Profiter – to take advantage of (pro-fee-tay)
Calmer – to calm down/ease (cal-may)
Satisfaire – to satisfy (sa-tiss-fair)


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