French Verbs – Day 10 – Numbers 361 – 400

Valoir – to be worth (vah-lwa)
Signifier – to mean (see-nee-fee-ay)
Inquiéter – to worry (ah-key-ay-tay)
Assister – to assist (ah-sees-tay)
Inviter – to invite (ah-vee-tay)
Déchirer – to tear up/rip (day-she-ray)
Risquer – to risk (ree-skay)
Parcourir – to browse (pahr-coo-reer)
Rejeter – to reject (ruhj-tay)
Renoncer – to renounce (rah-non-say)
Veiller – to stay awake/watch over (vay-yay)
Transformer – to transform (trahns-foh-may)
Tracer – to draw (trah-say)
Contenter – to please/satisfy (cohn-than-tay)
Mériter – to deserve (may-ree-tay)
Précipiter – to precipitate (pray-cee-pee-tay)
Rompre – to break up (rohm-pra)
Étouffer – to suffocate (a-too-fay)
Animer – to animate (ann-ee-may)
Casser – to break (cas-say)
Fonder – to found (fohn-day)
Franchir – to cross (frah-sheer)
Abattre – to cut down/pull down (ah-ba-tra)
Discuter – to discuss (dis-coo-tay)
Fatiguer – to tire/wear out (fah-tee-gay)
Consentir – to consent (cohn-san-teer)
Regretter – to regret (ra-gray-tay)
Joindre – to join/contact (jwandra)
Vaincre – to defeat/overcome (vahn-kra)
Consulter – to consult (con-suhl-tay)
Haïr – to hate (a-eer)
Repousser – to grow again/repel (rah-poo-say)
Exécuter – to execute/run (ex-ay-coo-tay)
Exposer – to expose (ex-po-say)
Voyager – to travel (vwa-yah-jay)
Renverser – to spill/knock over (rahn-ver-say)
Rassurer – to reassure (rah-sur-ray)
Retomber – to fall back (ra-tohm-bay)
Décrire – to describe (day-creer)
Mentir – to lie (mon-teer)


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