Today’s Song – Joyce Jonathan – Caractère

Well…today you will learn your first real curse word in French. When you look up “foutu”, the dictionary says it means “lousy”, but if you say “tu es foutu”, the person receiving the message will  think otherwise. A web translation will give you “you are screwed”. The only way to find out is to find the biggest French man you can, and say it to him. Try to avoid French-Canadian hockey players.

Tout a commencé il y a longtemps, En classe de primaire déprimer faut le faire
Tout a commencé sur le divan, A régler mes affaires a parler de mon père
Il m’a fallu des années lumières, Retrouver l’origine de mes enfers

Je rêve je m’enferme, Je sais qu’au fond de moi
Des milliers de combats, S’enflamment et se terrent
Tout ce que j’ai vécu, A forgé mon foutu caractère

On garde en mémoire que les bavures, De vieilles histoires des vieilles rancunes
Elles rendent nos joies dérisoires, Des journées obscures des armés sans armures
Il m’a fallu être terre à terre, Pour aimer la vie sans jamais être amère


Je veux que ce soir on se rappel, Nos plus beaux moments nos rêves d’enfant
Il m’a fallu des années lumières, Retrouver l’origine des mes enfers

(Chorus x 2)

Caractère (x5)

Translated into English:

Everything had started a long time ago, In primary class, to be depressed it takes a lot
Everything had started on the sofa, To settle things, to speak to my father
It had taken me light-years, To find the origin of my hell

I dream, I close myself in, I know that deep down
Thousands of fights, Burn and hide
All I have lived, Forged my lousy character

We keep in memory only the hitches, Old stories, old grudges
They make our joys derisory, Dark days, armies without armors
I had to be down to earth, To love life without ever being bitter

I want us to remember this evening,
Our most beautiful moments, our childhood dreams
It would take me light-years, To find the origin of my hell

(chorus X 2)

Character (X5)


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