Verb Infinite 3 – Lesson 9


enfuir – to run away
laver – to wash
marier – to marry
raser – to shave
reposer – to rest
souvenir – to remember
taire – to keep quiet


Ça lui a fait perdre sa mémoire mais il va se souvenir – That made him lose his memory but he is going to recall
C’est l’heure de se raser – It is time to shave
C’est bon de se reposer – It is good to take a rest
Elle va se lever – She is going to wash
Elle va se souvenir de moi? Is she going to remember me?
Elle est trop jeune pour se marier – She is too young to get married
Elle n’a pas pu se souvenir de mon adresse – She was not able to remember my address
Elle veut s’enfuir? She wants to run away?
Il est bon de parler et meilleur de se taire – It is good to speak and better to be quiet
Il est trop jeune pour se marier – He is too young to get married
Il est trop petit pour se raser – He is too young to shave
Il va se laver – He is going to wash
Il vaut mieux le laisser se reposer – It is better to let it rest
Ils vont se marier l’an prochain – They are going to get married next year
Ils ne peuvent pas se souvenir de leur adoption – They can not remember their adoption
Ils vont se marier le mois prochain – They are going to get married next month
Je pense qu’il va se souvenir – I think he will remember
Mon cerveau doit se reposer – My brain needs to rest
Parfois, il faut se taire – Sometimes, it is necessary to be quiet
Parler ou se taire? To speak or keep quiet?
Pourquoi se raser chaque matin? Why shave every morning?
Veut-il s’enfuir? Does he want to run away?


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