DuoLingo Lesson Overview

Now that we’ve completed the DuoLingo French “tree”, let’s take a look at what was accomplished. According to the word total, there were 1848 words learned, over the course of 355 lessons. Duolingo does not count plurals, or conjugated verb forms as a separate word, so you have really learned closer to 3400 words at this point.

The most challenging aspect of a language will always be verb conjugation and tenses. An excellent guide to french simple and compound tenses can be found here:


Conjugations for the different French verb tenses and moods can be divided into two categories: simple and compound. Simple tenses and moods have only one part (e.g., je vais) whereas compound tenses and moods have two (je suis allé). The simple tense or mood on the left is used to conjugate the auxiliary verb for the compound tense or mood on the right, as demonstrated with the verb avoir (to have).


tu as   (you have)
Passé composé
tu as eu   (you have had)
tu avais   (you were having)
tu avais eu   (you had had)
Passé simple
tu eus   (you had)
Past anterior
tu eus eu   (you had had)
tu auras   (you will have)
Future perfect
tu auras eu   (you will have had)
tu aurais   (you would have)
Conditional perfect
tu aurais eu   (you would have had)
tu aies   (you have)
Past subjunctive
tu aies eu   (you had)
Imperfect subjunctive
tu eusses   (you were having)
Pluperfect subjunctive
tu eusses eu   (you had had)
(tu) aie   ([you] have)
Past imperative
(tu) aie eu   ([you] have had)
Present participle
ayant   (having)
Perfect participle
ayant eu   (having had)
avoir   (to have)

Past infinitive
avoir eu   (to have had)

For detailed information about each tense and mood, click the links to read each lesson, on the french.about.com website.

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