Excel Time Saver – Importing Quizlet Word Lists

There are a lot of great lists on Quizlet, but because of Quizlet’s formatting, you cannot simply copy the two columns from Quizlet and paste them into Excel without being left with two extra rows in Excel. It looks something like this, with Quizlet on the left and Excel on the right.

transfer 1

This is how I get rid of these extra rows. First, I copy the second position entry into an entry to the adjacent column, using the simple formula =A2.

transfer 2

I then want to Fill Down the B1 formula.

transfer 3

Now I wish to get rid of the formulas in Column B, because they’re done being useful and will not allow the next step. Simply copy and paste/values in Column B from the task bar’s left side. You should now have only values, no formulas, in Column B.

transfer 4

You now want to use the “Find/Replace” tool in Excel, to Find the triple symbols and Replace them with a blank. You can simply copy the three symbols from any cell in either column, and place that in the Find Box, and enter nothing into the Replace Box….Replace all.

transfer 5

The three symbols from each cell should now magically disappear, leaving you with rows with entries in both columns, rows with an empty cell in Column A, and rows with an empty cell in Column B. Select the either Column A or B.

Press F5, then choose the Special button.

Check the select that says, blanks, then ok.

The rows containing blanks are now highlighted, simply choose Delete Sheet Rows from your Excel task bar.

Repeat these steps with the remaining Column. You should now have all the data you wanted without any extra rows.


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