Adding Audio to the Anki Deck

There are some excellent shared Anki decks, including some that contain audio clips. The media addition makes the file much larger, but hearing proper pronunciation is important, and if you are going to reinforce a word or phrase several times, why not have the correct tones and pitch in your head as you progress. I find audio something I need for French (not so much for Spanish, in fact my Spanish Anki decks are created without audio).

For me, possible sources for audio include:

  • MP3’s I’ve collected on my hard drive
  • Rhinospike
  • Google Translate (which is covered in the link below)

How to insert an audio clip that you have on your hard drive, is covered in the Anki User’s Guide written by Alex Vermeer:

And yet there is a fourth way, and this excellent language blog discusses a way to accomplish the fourth way, using “Awesome TTS” (TTS = Text-to-Speech):

You’ve read the above link now…very interesting, yes? Now read this blog post:

The first step is to open your Anki program and insert the add-on power of “Awesome TTS”.

In the “Install Add-on” window, copy and paste 301952613 into the “Code” field and click “OK”. The download happens in seconds. Close Anki then re-open. The power is now in there.

The process of importing MP3 audio files into existing language Anki files is covered in depth in the post you just read. In case you didn’t read it, it is here:

Read it. Print it. It will change the way you use Anki for language learning. Trust me.

In the end, you will have taken your Anki file to a higher level and benefit greatly.

Bonne Chance.

Note: Other TTS websites I have not tried:

Ivona, some say is the best one



Bonus: Remember our 750 plus verb deck with audio? You can now download my shared Anki Deck here:



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