Anki Deck – 1000 Essential French Expressions

A few weeks ago, we had a huge list of expressions that we put into an Excel file and viewed like flash cards. How quickly could we convert this list to an Anki Deck and add audio? In a little over an hour…

The first part takes no time at all. Within Excel, I highlight the two columns that contain the English and French, as I want them in my Anki cards. I copy and paste (as values) in place, still in Excel, so that the formulas disappear and I am left only with only the words themselves in the cells. This is a great trick once you are done manipulating the “text data”, that removes all the formulas that you may have used to get the words the way you wish (see my previous posts on Excel word manipulations, if you have no idea what I’m talking about). On this blog, search word tag, “Excel” or “Wordlists”.

Now we want to copy these columns of words again, open Notepad, and paste into Notepad. Save as UTF-8 file (the choice is a drop-down menu at the bottom, its default is “ANSI”). It will look like a dump of words, but the separations you need are in there.

Now open the Anki program, and create a new deck, and set up your fields to correspond with your columns. Choose import, find the text file and import. After this is completed, open that new deck, choose Browse so you can see the cards, on the left choose “Current Deck” and you will now see all of the cards. Highlight the first card in the list, press and hold the “Shift” key, scroll down and click the last card. Now you should have all the cards highlighted. On the top, click “Edit” and you will see the choice to add audio with Awesome TTS (this assumes you worked with a previous post and downloaded this add-on to Anki).

Once you start the audio fetch, it will take quite a while as the program grabs 10 at a time, and times out a 30 second clock. Since we are pulling in 20 sentences in just over a minute, and we have over a thousand expressions….give the fetch around an hour.


Now you’re ready to practice for your trip to France. Bonne Chance.


Pour utiliser le fichier, vous devez télécharger et installer Anki, trouvé ici:

Je suis un orateur anglais américain et j’ai écouté beaucoup de ces cartes flash et les anglais sont excellent. L’orateur est un américain avec un accent neutre. Bonne Chance.

Note: I have removed my Anki deck, but in its place I created a Quizlet deck which you can find here:



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