Concept Test #85 – Transitive vs. Intransitive

Indicate whether the verb in the sentence is transitive, ‘t’ or intransitive, ‘i’.

  1. Tammy lit un roman.
  2. Tex écrit un poème.
  3. Tex et Tammy partent ensemble.
  4. Bette ronronne souvent.
  5. Edouard arrive en retard.
  6. Corey nage beaucoup.
  7. Tex prend un café.
  8. Fiona écoute la radio.
  9. Tammy achète une nouvelle robe.
  10. Corey aime l’insecticide.
  11. Tex réfléchit souvent.
  12. Les parents de Tex sont morts sur l’autoroute.

The rules

  • Transitive verbs by definition have an object, either a direct object or an indirect object.
  • Many transitive verbs may have both a direct and an indirect object.
  • Intransitive verbs never have objects and usually verbs like dormir (to sleep) do not need an object.
  • Verbs which use être to form the passé composé. These être verbs (aller, arriver, partir, sortir, etc.) are the most frequent intransitive verbs.

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