Bradley Cooper Interview – What is he saying? (Qu’est-ce qu’il dit, Bradley Cooper ?)

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2 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper Interview – What is he saying? (Qu’est-ce qu’il dit, Bradley Cooper ?)

  1. ashley larrieux October 26, 2014 / 8:09 pm

    he says he learned french staying with a family in the south of france for six months when he was 18 on a student exchange. he says he had dinner last night with friends he met during that time. when asked if he knew during that period of time he wanted to be an actor, since he was studying literature, he says he wanted to be an actor all his life but did nothing about it til he was 25. he talks about having a job in a hotel and being awed being an elevator with leonardo dicaprio, whose bags he is carrying to his room. he says he didn’t know he was going to be a star at the time but that it was his dream to work with actors like robert deniro, who he eventually worked with in “limitless”. he says he finished filming another movie with deniro a few days earlier, with director david russell, who turns out to be a friend of the interviewer. he says in this movie deniro plays his father, and it is the story of a family who is a bit crazy, and that he is very happy with the movie. he says when he works on movies with deniro he is learning from him, because it feels like deniro is not acting, and it is very easy to work with an actor who seems like he is not acting, and that deniro is the best actor in the united states. talking about him being listed as the sexiest man in the world by People, he says it is like something comedic, he lives the same way as he did before, and “well look at me, i am not the sexiest man in the world”, but his mother and father are very happy about it. he says he came to paris with his mom, who is sleeping now. they joke that it is even more sexy that he came with his mother and is with her all the time. he talks about meeting people who saw the Hangover, and say that they would say had had their own “Hangovers” in real life, and he would say that is scary, because he did many bad things in the movie, like sleep with a tiger. he says they are filming a third Hangover starting in september, and its going to be filmed in the united states this time, but set in another state. he is asked if he is familiar with any french actors, and he mentions Marie-Josee Cruise, who comes from quebec, but she plays in a lot of french films, and is a very good actor. they mention two actors, who he does not know much about but he has been wanting to see the second one named’s movie, and then he mentions one from the Inglorious Bastards movie, Denis Menochet, who is playing in a movie called The Adopted, and he says its an extraordinary movie and in his opinion it is probably the best movie of the year.

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