Word List – French Homophones and Homonyms


When you’re listening to someone speaking French, you will often hear a lot of sound-alikes, which are called “homophones” or “homonyms”. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. For example, glace (ice) and glass (glass). Homonyms, or multiple meaning words, are words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings. For example, bear.

Most TV sitcoms rely on the initial homophone/homonym misunderstanding, to launch into the next 22 minutes of near-misses, cover-ups, and overall hilarity.

As a self-taught language learner, you may often feel like a walking TV sitcom among native speakers, because they spent a couple of years doing nothing more than finger painting and learning the difference between their language’s sound-a-likes.

Your parents did not spend years speaking to you before you were expected to construct and mimic simple sentences. You also did not spend years being spoon fed words and language concepts in grammar school, as native speakers have. Without this luxury of time, and state sponsored teachers and tutoring, you will sometimes have difficulty with sound-a-like words.

The list below contains over 1500 of them, and the list is very rough when it comes to what they mean, because I had to rely on Google-translate. GT is a handy translator but hardly exhaustive or accurate. It is however a start, and something you can edit as you learn more about the homonyms and homophones found in French.

French Words Sounds Like English Meanings
a capella, a cappella akapEla a capella, a cappella
a fortiori, à fortiori afoRsjORi a fortiori, a fortiori
a giorno, à giorno adZjoRnO a giorno in giorno
à glagla, aglagla aglagla to glagla, aglagla
a l’instar, à l’instar al5staR Like, like
a, à, ah, ha, ha a has to, ah, ha ha
abaisser, abc abese lower, abc
abatage, abattage abataZ slaughter, slaughter
abatis, abattis abati abatis, gravel
abbatial, abbatiale abasjal abbey, abbey
abîme, abyme abim abyss abyss
abrupt, abrupt, abrupte abRypt abrupt, steep, steep
acadien, acadien, akkadien akadj5 Acadian, Acadian, Akkadian
accord, accore, accort akoR agreement accore, accort
accouchée, accoucher akuSe given birth, birth
accro, accro, accroc akRO addict, addicted, addicted
accru, accrue, accrue akRy increased, increased, increased
ace, as, asse as ace ace asse
acétique, ascétique asetik acetic ascetic
achards, hachard aSaR pickles, Hachard
ache, hache, hasch aS ache, ax, hash
acquêt, haquet akE acquest, dray
acquis, acquis, acquit aki acquired, purchased, acquired
acre, âcre akR acre, acre
actuel, actuelle akt8El current, current
acuponcture, acupuncture akyp§ktyR acupuncture, acupuncture
ad hoc, haddock adok ad hoc, haddock
ado, ados adO teen, teens
adonc, adoncques ad§k adonc, Well then
aéronaval, aéronavale aeROnaval naval aviation, naval
affin, afin af5 in order to
afin d, afin de af5d in order to
age, âge aZ age, age
aggravée, aggraver agRave worse, worse
agneau, agneaux anjO lamb, lambs
agnus dei, agnus-dei agnusdei agnus dei, agnus dei
ahi, aï, haï, haï ai ahi, ai, hated, hated
aïe, ail aj ouch, garlic
aiguillée, aiguiller eg8ije routed, refer
aile, elle, elle, elles, l, l, l, l, l, l El wing, it, it, it, l, l, l, l, l, l
aine, haine, n En groin, hate, n
air bag, airbag ERbag airbag, airbag
air, aire, ère, erre, ers, haire, hère ER air, area, era, wanders ers, hair shirt, wretch
ais, eh, et e ais, eh, and
aître, être, être, être, hêtre EtR aster, be, be, be, beech
alaise, alèse, alèze alEz draw sheet, mattress pad, mattress protector
alcali, alkali alkali alkali, alkali
alcootest, alcotest alkOtEst breathalyzer alcohol tester
alcyon, halcyon alsj§ halcyon halcyon
ale, hale, hâle, halle al ale, hale, tan, hall
alène, haleine alEn awl, breath
alevin, alvin alv5 fry, alvin
alfa, alpha alfa alpha, alpha
allaitement, halètement alEtm@ breastfeeding, panting
allée, aller, aller, haler ale driveway, go, go, haul
allégement, allègement alEZm@ relief, relief
allégrement, allègrement alEgR°m@ merrily, merrily
allier, hallier alje ally, thicket
allo, allô, halo alO hello, hello, halo
allocation, allocations alOkasj§ allowance, allowances
allume-cigare, allume-cigares alymsigaR cigarette lighter, cigarette lighter
alter, haltère altER alter, dumbbell
aman, amant am@ aman, lover
amande, amende am@d almond, fine
amen, amen, amène amEn Amen, amen, leads
amenée, amener amne led, lead
amical, amicale, amicale amikal friendly, friendly, friendly
ammoniac, ammoniac, ammoniaque, ammoniaque amOnjak ammonia, ammonia, ammonia, ammonia
ampli, empli @pli amp, filled
an, en, en, han, han @ year, in, in, han, han
ana, anas ana ana, anas
anal, annales anal anal, history
anche, hanche @S reed hip
ancrage, encrage @kRaZ anchor, inking
ancre, encre @kR anchor, ink
ancrer, encrer @kRe anchor, inking
angliche, engliche, engliche @gliS Angliche, engliche, engliche
anti-aérien, anti-aérien, antiaérien @tiaeRj5 anti-aircraft, anti-aircraft, anti-aircraft
anti-atomique, antiatomique @tiatOmik fallout, fallout
anti-brouillard, anti-brouillard, antibrouillard, antibrouillard @tibRujaR Fog, fog, fog, fog
anti-capitaliste, anticapitaliste @tikapitalist anti-capitalist, anti-capitalist
anti-castriste, anticastriste @tikastRist anti-Castro, anti-Castro
anti-chambre, antichambre @tiS@bR anteroom, antechamber
anti-char, antichar @tiSaR anti-tank, anti-tank
anti-choc, antichoc @tiSok shock-proof, shockproof
anti-communisme, anticommunisme @tikOmynizm anti-communism, anti-
anti-communiste, anticommuniste, anticommuniste @tikOmynist anti-communist, anti-communist, anti-
anti-conformisme, anticonformisme @tik§foRmizm anti-conformism, conformism
anti-conformiste, anticonformiste @tik§foRmist nonconformist, unconventional
anti-corps, anticorps @tikoR antibodies, antibody
anti-démocratique, antidémocratique @tidemOkRatik anti-democratic, anti-democratic
anti-dopage, antidopage @tidOpaZ anti-doping, doping
anti-douleur, antidouleur @tidul9R pain relief, pain relief
anti-dreyfusard, antidreyfusard @tidREfyzaR anti-Dreyfus, antidreyfusard
anti-drogue, antidrogue @tidRog anti-drug, drug
anti-fasciste, antifasciste, antifasciste @tifaSist anti-fascist, anti-fascist, anti-fascist
anti-gang, antigang, antigang @tig@g anti-gang, anti-gang, anti-gang
anti-gel, antigel, antigel @tiZEl antifreeze, antifreeze, antifreeze
anti-matière, antimatière @timatjER anti-matter, antimatter
anti-militariste, antimilitariste, antimilitariste @timilitaRist anti-militarist, anti-militarist, anti-militarist
anti-mite, antimite @timit anti-moth, moth
anti-monde, antimonde @tim§d anti-world antiworld
anti-nucléaire, antinucléaire @tinykleER anti-nuclear, anti-nuclear
anti-poison, antipoison @tipwaz§ poison, poison control
anti-pollution, antipollution @tipOlysj§ pollution, emission
anti-sémite, antisémite, antisémite @tisemit anti-Semitic, anti-Semitic, anti-Semitic
anti-sémitisme, antisémitisme @tisemitizm anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism
anti-soviétique, antisoviétique @tisOvjetik anti-Soviet, anti-Soviet
anti-tabac, antitabac @titaba Tobacco, tobacco
anti-toux, antitout @titu anti-cough, antitout
anti-violence, antiviolence @tivjOl@s anti-violence, anti-violence
anti-viral, antiviral @tiviRal anti-viral, antiviral
anti-virus, antivirus @tiviRys anti-virus, anti-virus
anti-vol, antivol, antivol @tivol anti-theft, anti-theft, anti-theft
antre, entre @tR den, among
août, hou, houe, houx, ou, où, où u August hou, hoe, holly, or where, where
ape, happe ap ape, happe
à-plat, aplat apla rectangle, solid color
appas, appât apa charms bait
apprêt, après, après apRE primer, after, after
après-shampoing, après-shampooing apRES@pw5 conditioner, conditioner
ara, haras aRa macaw, stud
archi-comble, archicomble aRSik§bl archi-packed, packed to the rafters
archi-connu, archiconnu aRSikOny very well known, archiconnu
archi-faux, archifaux aRSifO completely untrue, archifaux
archi-nul, archi-nuls aRSinyl archi-zero, zero-archi
are, ars, art, hart aR are, ars, art, hart
arien, aryen, aryen aRj5 Arian, Aryan, Aryan
armée, armée, armer aRme military, army, arm
arpète, arpette aRpEt arpète, arpette
arrêt, haret aRE stop, feral
arrière-grand’mère, arrière-grand-mère aRjERgR@mER great-grandmother, great-grandmother
arrière-petit-fils, arrière-petits-fils aRjERp°tifis great-son, great grand son
arrière-petit-neveu, arrière-petits-neveux aRjERp°tinv2 great-nephew, great-nephews
arrivée, arrivée, arriver aRive arrival, arrival, arrive
artefact, artéfact aRtefakt artefact, artifact
artificiel, artificielle aRtifisjEl artificial, artificial
assemblée, assembler as@ble assembly, assemble
assener, asséner asene bludgeon, give Klitschko
athée, athée, hâter ate atheist, atheist, hasten
au, aulx, aux, eau, haut, haut, haut, ho, o, ô, oh O to, garlic, to, water, up, up, up, ho, o, o, oh
aubère, aubère, haubert ObER dun, dun, haubert
aucun, aucun, aucuns Ok1 no, no, no
aucune, aucune, aucunes Okyn no, no, no
audio-visuel, audiovisuel, audiovisuel OdjOviz8El audio-visual, audio visual, audiovisual
aulne, aune On alder, alder
auquel, auquel, auxquelles, auxquelles, auxquels, auxquels OkEl which, which, which, which, which, which
aussière, haussière OsjER hawser hawser
autan, autant Ot@ autan as much
autel, hôtel OtEl altar hotel
auteur, hauteur Ot9R author height
auto-pilote, autopilote OtOpilot autopilot, autopilot
auto-stop, autostop OtOstop hitchhike, hitchhiking
autre, autre, autre, autre, autres, autres OtR other, other, other, other, other, other
autrichien, autrichien, autrichiens OtRiSj5 Austrian, Austrian, Austrian
avancée, avancée, avancer av@se Advanced, advanced, forward
avant, avant, avant, avant, avent av@ forward, forward, forward, forward, Advent
ave, haver ave ave, haver
avenu, avenue, avenue avny void Avenue Avenue
b, bée be b speechless
bac, back, bak bak tray, back, bak
baccara, baccarat bakaRa baccarat, baccarat
bacchanal, bacchanale bakanal bacchanal, bacchanalia
bagoter, bagotter bagOte bagoter, bagotter
bagou, bagout bagu gab, patter
bagouse, bagouze baguz bagouse, bagouze
bah, bas, bas, bas, bât ba bah, down, down, down, pack
baht, bath, batte bat baht, bath, bat
bai, baie, baie, bey bE bay bay bay Bey
bail, baille, bye baj lease, yawns, bye
baile, bile, bill bil baile, bile, Bill
bailler, bâiller, bayer baje yawn, yawn, bayer
bain, ben, ben b5 bath, ben, ben
bal, bale, balle bal Ball, bale ball
balade, ballade balad ride, ride
balai, balais, ballet balE broom, brooms, ballet
balaise, balaise, balèze, balèze balEz hefty, hefty, big guy, big guy
balan, ballant, ballant bal@ balan, swinging, swinging
ballot, ballot, bat-l’eau balO nerd, nerd, bat-water
balluchon, baluchon balyS§ bundle, bundle
balluchonnage, baluchonnage balySOnaZ balluchonnage, baluchonnage
ban, banc b@ ban, bench
bantou, bantu b@tu Bantu Bantu
baptiste, baptiste, batiste batist Baptist, Baptist, batiste
bar, barre baR bar, bar
barbeau, barbot baRbO barbel, barbot
barbote, barbotte baRbot bullhead, catfish
bardeau, bardo, bardot baRdO shingle bardo bardot
barge, barge, barje baRZ barge, barge, barje
barjo, barjo, barjot, barjot baRZO barjo, barjo, barjot, barjot
baronet, baronnet baROnE Baronet Baronet
barreau, barreaux baRO Bar, bars
basilic, basilique, basilique bazilik basil, basilica, Basilica
bateau, bateaux batO boat, boats
bateau-citerne, bateaux-citernes batOsitERn tanker, tankers
bateau-lavoir, bateaux-lavoirs batOlavwaR laundry-boat, boat wash-houses
bateau-mouche, bateaux-mouches batOmuS riverboat, riverboats
batée, bâter bate pan, saddling
battu, battu, battu, battue, battue baty beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
bau, beau, beau, beau, bot bO beam, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, bot
baume, bôme bOm balm, boom
beat, bit, bite, bitte, byte bit beat, bit, bite, bitte, byte
beau-fils, beaux-fils bOfis step-son, step-son
bécard, bécarre bekaR Bécard bécarre
because, bicause bikOz Because, bicause
becquetance, bectance bEkt@s becquetance, grub
becqueter, becter bEkte peck, becter
bedeau, hebdo b°dO Beadle, weekly
beefsteak, bifteck, biftèque biftEk steak, steak, Bifteque
bel, belle bEl beautiful, beautiful
bêlement, bellement bElm@ bleating, beautifully
beluga, beluga, béluga belyga Beluga Beluga Beluga
ber, beur, beur, beurre, beurre, boer b9R ber, arab, arab, butter, butter, boer
bernard-l’ermite, bernard-l’hermite bERnaRlERmit hermit crabs, hermit crabs
bésef, bezef, bézef bezEf Besef, bezef, bézef
besicles, bésicles bezikl spectacles, spectacles
bête, bête, bette bEt beast, beast, Swiss
beurrée, beurrer b9Re buttered, butter
bi, by bi bi, by
bic, bique bik bic, bic
bienvenu, bienvenu, bienvenue bj5vny welcome, welcome, welcome
bif, biffe bif bif, strikes out
biffeton, bifton bift§ biffeton, bifton
bighorn, bigorne bigoRn bighorn, horn
bignole, bignolle binjol bignole, bignolle
bigo, bigot, bigot bigO bigo, bigot, bigot
bijou, bijoux biZu gem, jewelry
billion, billon bilj§ trillion, billon
biseness, bisness, bizness, business biznEs biseness, bisness, bizness, business
bisou, bizou bizu kiss, bizou
bistro, bistrot bistRO bistro, bistro
bla-bla, blabla blabla blah, blah, blah
bla-bla-bla, blablabla blablabla blah, blah, blah, blah
blase, blaze blaz blase, blaze
bloc, block blok block, block
bloc-notes, blocs-notes bloknot notepads, notebooks
blouse, blues bluz blouse, blues
bobbies, bobby bObi bobbies, bobby
bobineau, bobino bObinO reel, bobino
boc, bock bok boc, bock
bocson, boxon boks§ bocson, brothel
body-building, bodybuilding bodibildiG bodybuilding, bodybuilding
bohème, bohème, bohême bOEm bohemian, bohemian, bohemian
boîte-repas, boîtes-repas bwatR°pa box lunch, lunch boxes
bolchevik, bolchevique bolS°vik Bolshevik Bolshevik
bombonne, bonbonne b§bon canister, bottle
bon, bon, bon, bon, bond good, good, good, good, bond
bonace, bonasse bOnas lull, bitch
bonard, bonnard bOnaR Bonard bonnard
bonheur-du-jour, bonheurs-du-jour bOn9RdyZuR happiness-the-day happiness-du-jour
boniche, bonniche bOniS maid, maid
bonir, bonnir bOniR bonir, bonnir
bonsaï, bonzaï b§zaj bonsai, bonsai
book, bouc buk book, goatee
boom, boum, boum bum boom, boom, boom
bord, bore boR board, boron
bordée, bordée, bordée, border boRde lined, lined, lined, border
boss, bosse bos boss bump
bouche, bush buS mouth, bush
bouchée, bouchée, boucher, boucher buSe bite, bite, butcher, butcher
boue, bout bu mud after
bouf, bouffe, bouffe buf beef, chow, chow
bouffée, bouffer bufe puff, puff
bouffetance, bouftance buft@s puffy, bouftance
boui-boui, bouiboui bwibwi greasy spoon, greasy spoon
bouilli, bouilli, bouillie, bouillie buji boiled, boiled, boiled, boiled
boule, boulle bul ball, Boulle
bouleau, boulot, boulot, bulot bulO birch, work, work, whelk
bouledogue, bull-dog, bulldog buldog bulldog, bulldog, bulldog
bourg, bourre buR town, floss
bourrée, bourrer buRe stuffed, stuffed
bousine, bouzine buzin Bousine, bouzine
boutefeu, boutefeux butf2 blaster, blaster
box, boxe boks box, boxing
boyau, boyaux bwajO hose, hoses
branlée, branlée, branler bR@le branlée, wanking, wank
brassée, brasser bRase brewed, brew
bri, brie, bris bRi bri, brie, breakage
brick, brique, brique bRik brick, brick, brick
briefer, briffer bRife brief, briffer
brise, brize bRiz breeze breeze
brisée, brisée, briser bRize broken, broken, broken
brocard, brocart bROkaR Brocade, Brocade
brou, brout bRu stain, browse
brouettée, brouetter bRuEte wheelbarrow, brouetter
brut, brut, brut, brute, brute bRyt Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross
bull, bulle byl bull, bull
but, butte byt purpose, butte
butée, buter, butter byte stop, butt, butter
butoir, buttoir bytwaR bumper, buttoir
ça, ça, çà, sa, sas sa this, this, here, sa, sas
cabale, kabbale kabal Cabala, Kabbalah
cabalistique, kabbalistique kabalistik cabalistic, kabbalistic
cacahouète, cacahuète kakawEt peanut, peanut
cache, cash, cash kaS cache, cash, cash
cacher, kacher kaSe hide kosher
cachère, cascher, casher, kascher, kasher kaSER Kosher, Kosher, Kosher, Kosher, Kosher
caddie, caddy, cadi, kadi kadi caddy, caddy, Cadi, kadi
caduc, caduque kadyk void, invalid
cafetan, caftan, kaftan kaft@ caftan, kaftan, kaftan
cafeter, cafter kafte Cafeter, cafter
cafeteria, cafétéria kafeteRja cafeteria, cafeteria
cagne, khâgne kanj cagne, khâgne
cagneux, khâgneux kanj2 knock, khâgneux
cahier, cailler kaje notebook, curdle
cahot, chao, chaos, k-o kaO bump, chao, chaos, k-o
cal, cale kal cal, bilge
calandre, calendre kal@dR calender calender
calbombe, calebombe kalb§b calbombe, calebombe
calcif, calecif kalsif Calcif, calecif
calendo, calendos kal@dO Calendo, calendos
caler, caller kale stalling, caller
calife, khalife kalif caliph caliph
camaïeu, camaïeux kamaj2 shades, shades
camée, camer kame cameo camer
cameraman, caméraman kameRaman cameraman, cameraman
camp, quand, quand, quant k@ camp, when, when, as
canada, kanada kanada canada, Kanada
caner, canner kane caner, caning
canette, cannette kanEt cop, cop
canne, kan, khan kan cane, Khan, Khan
caoua, kawa kawa caoua, kawa
cap, cape kap cape, cape
capital, capital, capitale, capitale kapital capital, capital, capital, capital
capo, capoc, capot, capot, kapo kapO capo, kapok, hood, hood, Kapo
cappuccino, capuccino kapuSinO cappuccino, cappuccino
car, car, care, carre, quarre, quart kaR because, for care, square, quarre, quarter
cardio-vasculaire, cardiovasculaire kaRdjOvaskylER cardiovascular, cardiovascular
carène, karen kaREn hull, karen
cari, carie, carry kaRi curry, decay, carry
carrée, carrée, carrer kaRe square, square, carrer
carte, kart, quarte kaRt card, karting, quad
carter, carter, quarter kaRte housing, housing, quarter
cas, k, ka ka case, k, ka
casaque, kazakh kazak coat, Kazakhstan
casbah, kasbah kasba casbah, kasbah
casse-noisette, casse-noisettes kasnwazEt nutcracker nutcrackers
casse-pipe, casse-pipes kaspip pipe breaks, snack pipes
catarrhe, cathare, cathare kataR catarrh, Cathar Cathar
cathédral, cathédrale, cathédrale katedRal Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral
caucus, cocu, cocu kOky caucus, cuckold, cuckold
cavée, caver kave cavée, caver
ce, ce, ce, ceux s2 this, this, that, these
céans, séant, séant se@ the house, in bed, sitting up
ceint, sain, saint, saint, sein, seing s5 girded, healthy, holy, holy, breast, seal
céleri, sellerie sElRi celery, upholstery
celle, celles, sel, selle sEl that, those, salt, saddle
celle-ci, celles-ci sElsi thereof thereof
celle-là, celles-là sElla that one, those ones
cellier, sellier selje pantry, saddler
cendre, sandre s@dR ash, perch
cène, scène, seine, sen sEn Supper scene, seine, sen
cens, sens s@s census, meaning
censément, sensément s@sem@ supposedly, sensibly
censeur, senseur s@s9R censor sensor
cent, cent, cents, sang, sans s@ hundred, one hundred, hundred, blood, without
centaine, centaines s@tEn hundred, hundred
centenaire, centenaire, centenaires s@tnER centenary, centennial centennial
centimètre, cm s@timEtR centimeter, cm
centon, santon s@t§ centon, Santon
central, central, centrale, centrale s@tRal Central, Central, Central, Central
centre, centres s@tR center centers
centurie, centuries s@tyRi centurie, centuries
cep, cèpe sEp cep mushroom
céphalo-rachidien, céphalorachidien sefalORaSidj5 cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrospinal
cerf, serf, serf, serre sER deer serf serf, greenhouse
certain, certain, certains, certains sERt5 some, some, some, some
certaine, certaine, certaine, certaines, certaines sERtEn some, some, some, some, some
cet, cette, sept, set sEt this, this, seven, set
cézigue, sézigue sezig cézigue, sézigue
chai, chaix SE chai chaix
chaîne, chêne SEn chain, oak
chair, chair, chaire, cher, cher, chère SER flesh, flesh, flesh, dear, dear, dear
chairman, chèrement SERm@ chairman, dearly
châle, shale Sal shawl, shale
chaman, chamane, shaman Saman shaman, shaman, shaman
chambrée, chambrer S@bRe chambered, chambrer
champ, chand, chant S@ field, chand, vocals
chantoung, shantung S@tuG Shantung, shantung
char, charre SaR chariot charre
chas, chat, shah Sa eye, cat, shah
chasse, châsse Sas hunting shrine
chasse-mouche, chasse-mouches SasmuS flyswatter, fly swatter
chassie, châssis Sasi rheum, Chassis
chaud, chaud, chaud, chaut, chaux, show SO hot, hot, hot, chaut lime show
chaussée, chaussée, chausser SOse floor, floor, shoes
chausse-trape, chausse-trappe SOstRap shoe-trape, shoe-hatch
chef-d’oeuvre, chef-d’oeuvres SEd9vR masterpiece, masterpieces
chef-lieu, chefs-lieux SEflj2 capital, chief towns
cheik, cheikh, chèque SEk sheik, sheikh, check
chelem, schlem SlEm slam, slam
chemineau, cheminot S°minO tramp, railway
cheminée, cheminer S°mine fireplace, walk
chéri, chéri, cherry SeRi honey, honey, cherry
chérif, shérif SeRif Sharif, sheriff
chevauchée, chevaucher S°vOSe ride, riding
chi, qui, qui ki chi, that, which
chic, chic, chic, chic, chique Sik chic, chic, chic, chic, classy
chicorée, chicorer SikORe chicory chicorer
chicote, chicotte Sikot bothers, chicotte
chiée, chier Sje shitload, file
chimie, shimmy Simi chemistry, shimmy
chleuh, chleuh, schleu, schleu Sl2 chleuh, chleuh, Schleu, Schleu
chlinguer, schlinguer Sl5ge stink, schlinguer
chlore, clore kloR chlorine close
chnoque, chnoque, schnock, schnock, schnoque, schnoque Snok coot, coot, geezer, geezer, fart, fart
chnouf, schnouf Snuf chnouf, schnouf
choeur, coeur k9R choir, heart
choper, chopper, chopper SOpe caught, chopper, chopper
choral, chorale, corral kORal chorale, choir, corral
choriste, coryste kORist chorister coryste
chou, choux Su cabbage, sprouts
chou-fleur, choux-fleurs Sufl9R cauliflower, cauliflower
chouia, chouïa, chouïa, chouya Suja tad, tad, tad, tad
chou-rave, choux-raves SuRav kohlrabi, kale
chrême, crème, crème kREm chrism, cream,
chut, chute Syt shhh, fall
chypriote, cypriote, cypriote SipRijot Cyprus, Cyprus, Cyprus
ci, cis, scie, si, si, sis si one, cis, saw, yes, yes, sis
ciao, tchao tSaO ciao, ciao
cil, sil sil eyelash, sil
cilice, silice silis cilice, silica
cinoque, sinoque sinok cinoque, sinoque
cire, sir, sire siR wax, sir, sire
citée, citer site cited quote
cithare, sitar sitaR harp, sitar
civilisation, civilisations sivilizasj§ civilization, civilizations
clac, claque klak bed, slap
clafouti, clafoutis klafuti clafoutis clafoutis
clair, clair, claire, claire, clerc klER clear, clear, clear, clear, clerk
clamecer, clamser klamse clamecer, clamser
claper, clapper klape Claper, clapper
class, classe klas class, class
clause, close klOz clause close
cleptomane, kleptomane klEptOman kleptomaniac, kleptomaniac
cleptomanie, kleptomanie klEptOmani kleptomania, kleptomania
clic, clic, click, clique klik click, click, click, click
cliquètement, cliquettement klikEtm@ clicking, clicking sound
cloc, cloque klok cloc, blister
club-house, clubhouse kl9baws clubhouse, clubhouse
co-auteur, coauteur kOOt9R co-author, co-author
cocard, coquard, coquart kOkaR black eye, black eye, black eye
cocktail, coquetel koktEl cocktail, cocktail
co-équipier, coéquipier kOekipje teammate teammate
co-existence, coexistence kOEgzist@s co-existence, coexistence
co-exister, coexister kOEgziste coexist coexist
coffio, coffiot kofjO coffio, coffiot
cognée, cogner kOnje hatchet, bump
co-habiter, cohabiter kOabite cohabit, live together
coi, quoi, quoi, quoi, quoi kwa silent, what, what, what, what
coin, coing kw5 corner, quince
col, colle kol col, glue
cola, kola kOla cola, cola
colée, coller kOle accolade, stick
collet, colley kOlE collar collie
colletin, coltin kolt5 colletin, coltin
co-locataire, colocataire kOlOkatER roommate, roommate
colon, côlon kOl§ colon, colon
col-vert, colvert kolvER Mallard Mallard
comandant, commandant, commandant kOm@d@ commander, Commander, Commander
comics, comique, comique kOmik comics, comic, comic
commis, komi kOmi committed Komi
comptant, comptant, content, content k§t@ Cash, cash, happy, happy
compte, comte, conte k§t account, count, tale
compter, conter k§te counting, storytelling
compteur, conteur k§t9R counter, teller
conard, conard, connard, connard kOnaR git, git, git, git
conasse, connasse, connasse kOnas conasse, bitch, bitch
condo, kondo k§dO condo, Kondo
continu, continu, continue k§tiny continuous, continuous, continuous
contre-champ, contre-chant, contrechamp k§tR°S@ against spot, against chant, reverse
contrée, contrer k§tRe country, counter
contre-fiche, contrefiche k§tR°fiS against plug, strut
contre-ordre, contrordre k§tRoRdR against-order countermanded
control, contrôle k§tROl Control, control
cool, coule kul cool, flowing
coolie, coulis, coulis kuli coolie, grout, grout
co-opérer, coopérer kOOpeRe co-operate, cooperate
coordonnée, coordonner kOoRdOne coordinate, coordinate
cop, cops kop cop, cops
co-pilote, co-pilote, copilote kOpilot co-pilot, co-pilot, copilot
co-production, coproduction kOpROdyksj§ co-production, co-production
coq, coque kok rooster shell
coquillard, coquillart kOkijaR coquillard, shell rock
cor, corps koR horn body
corn flakes, corn-flakes koRnflEks cornflakes cornflakes
cornée, corner, corner koRne cornea, corner, corner
cornu, cornue koRny horned retort
coronaire, coroner kOROnER coronary, coroner
corporel, corporelle koRpOREl body, body
correctionnel, correctionnelle kOREksjOnEl Corrections, Corrections
cossu, cossus kOsy plush, plush
costar, costard kostaR costar, suit
cote, cotte kot rating, coat
coteau, koto kOtO hill, koto
cothurne, coturne kOtyRn cothurn coturne
cou, coup, coût ku neck, suddenly cost
couac, quoiqu, quoiqu kwak quack, ALTHOUGH, ALTHOUGH
couchée, coucher, coucher kuSe bed, bed, bed
cou-de-pied, cous-de-pied kudpje instep of the foot, necks of the foot
coulée, couler kule casting, casting
countries, country kawntRi Countries, country
coupe-chou, coupe-choux kupSu straight razor, cut cabbage
coupée, couper kupe cut, cut
coupe-ongle, coupe-ongles kup§gl nail clippers, nail clippers
cour, courre, cours, court, court, court kuR courtyard, hounds, courses, short, short, short
court-circuit, court-circuits, court-circuits kuRsiRk8i short-circuit, short-circuit, short-circuit
couvée, couver kuve brood, hatching
couvre-feu, couvre-feux kuvR°f2 curfew, curfews
couvre-pied, couvre-pieds kuvR°pje coverlet, quilt
crac, crack, craque, krach kRak crack, crack, crack, crash
cracher, crasher kRaSe spitting, crash
craie, crêt kRE chalk crêt
crane, crâne, crâne kRan skull, skull, skull
craquée, craquer kRake cracked, crack
creek, cric, crique kRik creek, jack, creek
crematorium, crématorium kRematoRjom crematorium, crematory
criée, crier kRije auction, shout
criminel, criminel, criminelle, criminelle kRiminEl criminal, criminal, criminal, criminal
criss, kriss kRis criss, kris
croc-en-jambe, crocs-en-jambe kRO@Z@b croc-en-leg, leg-en-fangs
croisée, croiser kRwaze cross, cross
cross, crosse kRos cross, butt
croup, croupe kRup croup croup
cru, cru, crue, crue kRy raw, raw, raw, raw
cucu, cucul, cul-cul kyky cucu, corny, ass-ass
cuiller, cuillère k8ijER spoon, spoon
cuir, cuire k8iR leather, cook
cul, q ky ass, q
cul-de-basse-fosse, culs-de-basse-fosse kydbasfOs cul-de-dungeon, dead-dungeon
cul-de-jatte, culs-de-jatte kydZat cul-de-bowl, cul-de-bowl
cul-de-lampe, culs-de-lampe kydl@p cul-de-lamp, cul-de-lamp
cul-de-sac, culs-de-sac kydsak cul-de-sac, cul-de-sac
curée, curer kyRe quarry, curer
curie, curry kyRi curia curry
cuvée, cuver kyve vintage, hangovers
cyan, sciant sj@ cyan, sawing
cygne, signe sinj Swan sign
cyon, scion sj§ cypress, scion
dab, dabe dab dab, dabe
daigner, dénier denje deign, deny
dais, des, dès, dey dE canopy of soon, Dey
dam, dans, dent d@ dam in tooth
dame, dame, dames dam lady, lady, ladies
danse, dense d@s dance, dense
darce, darse daRs darce, dock
date, datte dat time, date
daurade, dorade dORad bream, bream
de, deux d2 of two
décente, descente des@t decent, down
déclancher, déclencher dekl@Se trigger, trigger
déconnection, déconnexion dekOnEksj§ disconnection, disconnection
déculottée, déculotter dekylOte hammering, déculotter
dédit, desdits dedi forfeit, said
dégelée, dégeler deZle thawed, thaw
dégoter, dégotter degOte dig, Degotte
dégoûtant, dégoûtant, dégouttant degut@ disgusting, disgusting, dripping
dégoûter, dégoutter degute disgusting, dripping
délacer, délasser delase unlace, relax
delta-plane, deltaplane dEltaplan paragliding, hang gliding
demi, demi, demi, demie, demie d°mi half half half half half
demi-dieu, demi-dieux d°midj2 demigod demigods
départemental, départementale depaRt°m@tal departmental, departmental
dérouillée, dérouiller deRuje thrashing, stretch
désaveu, désaveux dezav2 disavowal disavowal
designer, désigner dezinje Designer designate
désolée, désoler dezOle sorry, grieve
desquelles, desquelles, desquels, desquels dekEl which, which, whom, which
dessein, dessin des5 design, drawing
destinée, destinée, destiner dEstine fate, destiny, destine
détaler, détaller detale scamper, détaller
détoner, détonner detOne detonate, detonate
deusio, deuzio d2zjO deusio, deuzio
développée, développée, développer devlOpe developed, developed, developing
diagnostic, diagnostique djagnOstik diagnosis, diagnostic
diagonal, diagonale, diagonale djagOnal diagonal, diagonal, diagonal
dictée, dicter dikte dictation, dictate
différend, différent, différents difeR@ difference, different, different
digest, digeste, digeste diZEst digest, digestible digestible
digital, digitale diZital digital, digital
directo, directos diREktO directo, directos
discal, discale diskal disc, disc
disc-jockey, disque-jockey diskZOkE disc jockey, disc jockey
disfonctionnement, dysfonctionnement disf§ksjonm@ dysfunction, dysfunction
diskette, disquette diskEt diskette, floppy
dispo, dispos dispO availability, refreshed
djinn, gin, jean dZin djinn, gin, jeans
do, dos dO do back
doigt, doit dwa finger must
dom, don, dont, dont dom, donation, with which
donnée, donnée, donner dOne Data, data, giving
dorée, dorée, dorer dORe golden, golden, brown
dorsal, dorsale doRsal back, back
douçâtre, douceâtre dusatR sweetish, sweet
drag, drague dRag drag, drag
dribbler, dribler dRible dribble, dribble
du, dû, dû dy the due, due
duffel-coat, duffle-coat daf9lkOt duffel coat, duffle coat
dur, dur, dur, dure, dure dyR hard, hard, hard, hard, hard
durée, durer dyRe term last
durit, durite dyRit hose, hose
eau-forte, eaux-fortes OfoRt etching, etchings
ébouser, ébouzer ebuze ébouser, ébouzer
échappée, échappée, échapper eSape escape, escape, escape
écho, écot ekO echo, reckoning
éclair, éclair, éclaire eklER flash, flash lights
électro-acoustique, électroacoustique elEktROakustik electro-acoustic, electroacoustic
électro-encéphalogramme, électroencéphalogramme elEktRO@sefalOgRam EEG, electroencephalogram
ellébore, hellébore eleboR hellebore, Helleborus
elle-même, elles-mêmes ElmEm itself, themselves
empâtement, empattement @patm@ impasto, wheelbase
empirer, empyrée @piRe worse, empyrean
en-cas, encas @ka snacks, snack
encor, encore @koR encor again
enjambée, enjamber @Z@be stride, step over
enter, hanter @te enter, haunt
entr’acte, entracte @tRakt intermission intermission
entr’apercevoir, entrapercevoir @tRapERs°vwaR glimpse, glimpse
entre-dévorer, entredévorer @tR°devORe devour, eat each other
entrée, entrer @tRe entrance, enter
entre-jambe, entre-jambes, entrejambe @tR°Z@b crotch, crotch, crotch
entr’ouvert, entrouvert @tRuvER half open, half-open
enveloppée, envelopper @vlOpe wrapped, wrap
envolée, envoler @vOle flight, fly
épieu, épieux epj2 spear, spears
épousée, épouser epuze bride, wedding
équarisseur, équarrisseur ekaRis9R knacker, knacker
équipée, équiper ekipe equipped, fit
ergo, ergot ERgO ergo, ergot
ès, esse, est-ce, s, s, s Es Bachelor, esse, is, s, s, s
eskimo, esquimau, esquimau EskimO Eskimo Eskimo Eskimo
espar, espars EspaR spar, spars
esperanto, espéranto EspeR@tO Esperanto Esperanto
essieu, essieux Esj2 axle, axles
est-ce qu, est-ce que Esk° Is that, is that
étain, éteint et5 tin off
étal, étale, étale etal stalls, displays, displays
etc, etcetera EtseteRa etc, etcetera
étendu, étendue et@dy extended, expanded
éternel, éternel, éternelle, éternelle etERnEl eternal, everlasting, eternal, everlasting
éthique, éthique, étique etik ethics, ethics, ethics
étouffée, étouffer etufe stifled, choking
étrier, étriller etRije stirrup, curry
étuvée, étuver etyve steaming, steaming
euh, eux, heu 2 uh, them, uh
événement, évènement evEnm@ event event
évitée, éviter evite avoided, avoid
exaucement, exhaussement EgzOsm@ fulfillment, elevation
exaucer, exhausser EgzOse fulfill, exhausser
excédant, excédent Eksed@ excess, surplus
expédiée, expédier Ekspedje shipped, ship
ex-père, expert, expert EkspER ex-father, expert, expert
extra-fort, extra-fort, extrafort EkstRafoR extra strong, extra strong, extra strong
extra-lucide, extralucide, extralucide EkstRalysid clairvoyant, clairvoyant, clairvoyant
extra-sensoriel, extrasensoriel EkstRas@sORjEl extra-sensory, extrasensory
extra-terrestre, extra-terrestre, extraterrestre, extraterrestre EkstRatEREstR alien, alien, alien, extraterrestrial
eye-liner, eyeliner ajlajn9R eyeliner, eyeliner
face-à-main, faces-à-main fasam5 face-to-hand-to-hand sides
faignant, feignant, feignant fEnj@ lazy, lazy, lazy
faim, feint, fin, fin, fin f5 hungry, feigned, fine, fine, fine
faire, fer fER to iron
fait, fait, faix fE fact, fact, burden
fait-divers, faits-divers fEdivER news item, news items
faîte, fête fEt ridge, party
fait-tout, faitout fEtu stewpot, stockpot
falot, falot, phallo falO lantern, lantern, phallo
familial, familiale, familiale familjal Family, Family, Family
fan, fane fan fan, fades
fantasme, phantasme f@tasm fantasy, fantasy
far, fard, phare faR far, eye, lighthouse
faramineux, pharamineux faRamin2 staggering, mind-boggling
faraud, faraud, faro faRO faraud, faraud, faro
farci, farsi faRsi Stuffed, Farsi
fathma, fatma fatma Fathma, Fatma
faune, phone fOn wildlife, phone
fauteuil-club, fauteuils-club fOt9jkl9b chair club, club chairs
fèces, fesse fEs faeces, buttock
fellaga, fellagha fElaga fellaga, fellagha
fermant, ferment fERm@ closing, closing
fessée, fesser fese spanking, spanking
fi, phi fi fi, phi
fier-à-bras, fiers-à-bras fjERabRa proud to arms, strong-arm
fig, figue fig fig, fig
fil, file fil wire line
filial, filiale filjal filial subsidiary
filtre, philtre filtR filter potion
final, final, finale, finale final final, final, final, final
fiord, fjord fjoRd fiord fjord
fioul, fuel fjul oil, fuel
fla, flat, flat fla fla, flat, flat
flac, flaque flak flac, puddle
flache, flash flaS wane, flash
flamand, flamand, flamant flam@ Flemish, Flemish, flamingo
flambée, flamber fl@be blaze, blaze
flan, flanc fl@ blank flank
florissaient, florissait flORisE flourished, flourishing
flouse, flouze fluz flouse, flouze
foc, phoque fok jib, seal
focal, focale fOkal focal, focal
foi, foie, fois fwa faith, liver, both
folingue, follingue fOl5g folingue, Oddball
fond, fonds, fonts background, backgrounds, fonts
fondu, fondu, fondue f§dy melted, melted, melted
for, fors, fort, fort, fort foR for, save, strong, strong, strong
foret, forêt fORE forest, forest
formater, formateur foRmat9R format, trainer
formid, formide foRmid formid, formide
fouailler, foyer, foyer fwaje lash, focus, focus
foule, full ful crowd, full
foulée, fouler fule stride, tread
four, fourre fuR oven, tote
fourmi-lion, fourmilion fuRmilj§ ant lion antlion
fourni, fournil fuRni provided, bakery
frai, frais, frais, frais, fret fRE spawning, fresh, fresh, fresh, freight
frapadingue, frappadingue, frappadingue fRapad5g frapadingue, frappadingue, frappadingue
fraternel, fraternelle fRatERnEl fraternal, fraternal
frayée, frayer fReje pioneered, spawn
free jazz, free-jazz fRidZaz free jazz, free jazz
führer, fureur fyR9R Fuhrer, fury
fumée, fumer fyme smoke, smoking
fusée, fuser fyze rocket, fuser
gai, gay, gay, guet gE gay, gay, gay, watch
gaiement, gaîment gem@ merrily, merrily
gal, gal, gale, galle gal gal, gal, mange, scabies
galetouse, galtouse galtuz galetouse, galtouse
gallo, gallo, galop galO Gallo, Gallo, gallop
gallon, galon gal§ gallon, gallon
gamma, gammas gama gamma, gamma
gandoura, gandourah g@duRa gandoura gandourah
gang, gangue g@g gang, gangue
gapette, gâpette gapEt gapette, gâpette
garanti, garantie, garantie gaR@ti guarantee, warranty, guarantee
garde-chasse, gardes-chasse gaRd°Sas gamekeeper, gamekeepers
garde-meuble, garde-meubles gaRd°m9bl storage cabinet, furniture
gars, ghât ga guys ghat
gastro-entérologue, gastroentérologue gastRO@teROlog gastroenterologist, gastroenterologist
gatte, guette gEt gatte, watches
gaule, gaulle, goal gOl sapling, gaulle, goal
gaz, gaze gaz gas, gauze
geai, jais ZE jay, raven
gelée, geler Z°le frost, freeze
gelinotte, gélinotte Zelinot grouse, grouse
gène, gêne ZEn gene discomfort
génétique, génétique, génétiques Zenetik genetic, genetics, genetic
génie, jenny Zeni engineering, jenny
gens, gent, jan Z@ People, gent, January
gentleman-farmer, gentlemen-farmers ZEnt°lmanfaRm9R gentleman farmer gentlemen farmers
gi, j, j Zi gi, j, j
giclée, gicler Zikle squirt, squirt
giron, girond ZiR§ lap, girond
glace, glass glas ice, glass
glaciaire, glacière glasjER glacial ice
gnard, gniard njaR gnard, gniard
gniouf, gnouf njuf gniouf, gnouf
gnognote, gnognotte njONot gnognote, gnognotte
gnole, gnôle njOl booze, hooch
go, goth gO go, goth
golf, golfe golf golf, Gulf
gon, gone gOn gon, gone
gorgée, gorger goRZe sip, sip
goulache, goulasch gulaS goulash goulash
gour, gourd guR gour, gourd
goûter, goûter, goutter gute taste, taste, drip
goûteux, goutteux, goutteux gut2 tasty, gout, gout
gram, gramme gRam gram, gram
granit, granite gRanit granite, granite
gratinée, gratiner gRatine gratin, gratin
gratouillis, grattouillis gRatuji itches, grattouillis
grec, grec, grecque gREk Greece, Greek, Greek
gri-gri, grigri, gris-gris gRigRi lucky charm, grill, charms
gril, grill gRil grill, grill
grimpée, grimper, grimper gR5pe climb, climb, climb
grip, grippe gRip grip, influenza
grizzli, grizzly gRizli grizzly bear, grizzly
grole, grolle gRol Grole, grolle
group, groupe gRup group, group
guère, guerre gER not, war
gueule-de-loup, gueules-de-loup g9ld°lu mouth-de-loup, mouths-ha
guibole, guibolle gibol gam, guibolle
hachisch, haschich, haschisch aSiS hashish, hashish, hashish
hard, hard, harde aRd hard, hard, herd
haut-de-chausse, haut-de-chausses, hauts-de-chausse OdSOs high-shoes, high-breeches, top hats shoes
haut-de-forme, hauts-de-forme OdfoRm top hat, top hat
haute, haute, hôte Ot high, high, host
hautesse, hôtesse OtEs Highness, hostess
heaume, home Om helmet, home
hébreu, hébreu, hébreux ebR2 Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew
héraut, héro, héros eRO Herald, hero, hero
heur, heure, heurt 9R happiness, time, smooth
hi, i, i, y, y, y i hi, i, i, y, y, y
high life, high-life ajlajf high life, high life
hippie, hippie, hippy, hippy ipi hippie, hippie, hippy, hippy
hoirie, houari waRi inheritance, houari
holà, holà, ola Ola whoa, whoa, ola
homosexuel, homosexuel, homosexuelle OmOseks8El gay, homosexual, homosexual
hooligan, houligan uligan hooligan, hooligan
horizontal, horizontale ORiz§tal horizontal, horizontal
hors, or, or, or, ord oR out, gold, gold, gold, ord
hosanna, hosannah Ozana hosanna, hosannah
hostau, hosto ostO Hostau, hosto
hot dog, hot-dog otdog hot dog, hot dog
hot, hot, hotte ot hot, hot, hood
hottée, ôter Ote basketful, remove
houp, houppe up houp, Tuft
hourra, hourra, hourrah uRa Hurrah, hurray, hurray
houseau, ouzo uzO spat, ouzo
hoya, oyat Oja hoya, oyat
huard, huart 8aR loon loon
huée, huer 8e hoot, hoot
hui, huis 8i hui, camera
hun, un, un, un, uns 1 hun, one, one, one, one
hune, une, une, une, une, unes yn Steaming, one, one, one, one, one
huskies, husky yski huskies, husky
hydro-électrique, hydroélectrique idROelEktRik hydroelectric, hydroelectric
hyène, yen jEn hyena, yen
icelle, icelles isEl icelle, hereunto
ide, ides id ide ides
il, il, île, ils il he he, island, they
imbitable, imbittable 5bitabl imbitable, imbittable
immatériel, immatérielle imateRjEl intangible, immaterial
impair, impair, imper 5pER odd, odd, mac
impérial, impériale, impériale 5peRjal Imperial, Imperial, Imperial
impresario, imprésario 5pResaRjO impresario impresario
individuel, individuelle 5divid8El Individual, Individual
in-folio, in-folio, in-folios infOljO folio, folio folios
initial, initiale inisjal initial, initial
in-octavo, in-octavo, in-octavos inoktavO octavo octavo octavos
intégral, intégrale 5tegRal integral, integral
intérieur, intérieur, intérieure 5teRj9R inside, interior, interior
iode, yod jod iodine, yod
ionienne, ioniennes jOnjEn Ionian, Ionian
irakien, irakien, iraquien iRakj5 Iraq, Iraq, Iraq
issu, issue, issue isy derived, exit, end
jà, jas Za Ja, jas
jacket, jaquette ZakEt jacket, jacket
jar, jarre, jars ZaR jar, jar, jars
javel, javelle ZavEl Bleach, javelle
je, jeu Z2 I, play
jerrican, jerrycan ZeRikan jerry, jerry
jetée, jeter, jeter Z°te thrown, throw, throw
joice, jouasse Zwas joice, jouasse
jonchaie, jonchet Z§SE rush bed, Jonchet
jonchée, joncher Z§Se strewn strew
joue, joug Zu plays yoke
joujou, joujoux ZuZu toy, toys
juchée, juchée, jucher ZySe perched perched, perching
jusqu, jusque, jusque, jusques Zysk up, up, up, up
kana, khanat kana kana Khanate
ket, quête kEt ket, search
khazar, quasar kazaR Khazar, quasar
kick, quick kik kick, quick
kilomètre, km kilOmEtR km, km
kiosk, kiosque kjosk kiosk, kiosk
kipa, kippa kipa kippa, yarmulke
kirghiz, kirghize kiRgiz Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz
kit, quitte kit kit, leaves
kitch, kitsch kitS kitsch, kitsch
kouglof, kugelhof kuglof kouglof, kugelhof
la, la, la, là, là, las, las la la, la, la, here, here, tired, tired
lac, lacs, laque lak lake, lakes, lacquer
lacer, lasser lase tie, tired
lacrima-christi, lacryma-christi lakRimakRisti lacrima christi, Lacryma Christi
là-haut, lao laO there, Lao
lai, lai, laid, laid, laie, laie, lait, lei, les, les, lès, let, lez lE lai, lai, ugly, ugly, sow, sow, milk, lei them, , les, letter, lez
laïc, laïc, laïque, laïque laik secular, secular, secular, secular
laîche, lèche lES sedge, licks
laissé-pour-compte, laissés-pour-compte lesepuRk§t left-nots, have-account
laiton, letton lEt§ brass, Latvia
lampée, lamper l@pe swig, quaff
lancée, lancer, lancer l@se launched, throw, throw
lance-flamme, lance-flammes l@sflam flamethrower, flame throwers
lance-fusée, lance-fusées l@sfyze rocket launchers, rocket launchers
lance-grenade, lance-grenades l@sgR°nad grenade launcher, grenade launcher
lance-pierre, lance-pierres l@spjER slingshot, slingshot
lance-roquette, lance-roquettes l@sROkEt rocket launchers, rocket launchers
lance-torpille, lance-torpilles l@stoRpij torpedo, torpedo
land, lande l@d land, moorland
lard, lare laR bacon, lare
larfeuil, larfeuille laRf9j Larfeuil, larfeuille
lav, lave lav washed, washing
le, le, leu l2 the, the, leu
lèche-botte, lèche-bottes lESbot lickspittle, toadies
lèche-vitrine, lèche-vitrines lESvitRin window shopping, window shopping
lerch, lerche lERS lerch, lerche
lesquelles, lesquelles, lesquels, lesquels lEkEl why, why, who, where
lest, leste lEst ballast, nimble
leur, leur, leur, leurre, leurs, leurs l9R their, their, their, lure, their, their
levée, levée, lever, lever l°ve lift, lift, lift, lift
li, li, lie, lit li li, li, lee, bed
lice, lis, lisse, lisse, lys lis contention, lily, smooth, smooth, lilies
lieu, lieue lj2 place league
lieu-dit, lieudit, lieux-dits lj2di locality, locality, localities
lignée, ligner linje lineage, Line
lire, lire, lyre liR read, read, lyre
lisser, lycée lise smooth, high school
lithuanien, lithuanien, lituanien, lituanien lit8anj5 Lithuanian, Lithuanian, Lithuanian, Lithuanian
livrée, livrer livRe livery deliver
lob, lobe lob lob lobe
lobbies, lobby lobi lobbies, lobby
loch, loque lok Loch wreck
lord, lors loR Lord, when
lorsqu, lorsque, lorsque loRsk when, where, when
louée, louer lwe leased, lease
louloute, louloutte lulut louloute, louloutte
loupiote, loupiotte lupjot loupiote, loupiotte
lu, lut ly read, read
l’une, l’une, lune lyn one, one, moon
luth, lutte lyt lute fight
lux, luxe lyks lux luxury
ma, ma, mas, mât ma ma, ma, mas, mast
mac, mach, maque mak mac, mach, maque
macro, maquereau makRO macro, mackerel
madame, mme madam Mrs,, Ms,
mademoiselle, mlle, mlle madmwazEl miss, miss, miss
maffia, mafia mafja mafia, mafia
maffieux, maffieux, mafieux, mafieux mafj2 mafia, mafia, mafia, mafia
magister, magistère maZistER magister magisterium
magner, manier manje magner, handling
maharadja, maharadjah, maharajah maaRadZa Maharaja, Maharaja, Maharaja
mahousse, maous, maousse maus mahousse, maous, maousse
mai, maie, mais, mais, mets mE May maie, but, but, put
maïa, maya, maya maja maya maya maya
mail, maille maj mail mesh
maillot, mayo majO jersey, mayo
main, maint, maints m5 hand, maint, many
mainte, maintes m5t many a, time
maire, mer, mère mER Mayor, sea, mother
maître, maître, mètre, mettre mEtR master, master meter, put
ma-jong, mah-jong maZ§g ma-jong, mahjong
maki, maquis maki maki, maquis
mal, mal, mal, mâle, mâle, malle mal wrong, wrong, wrong, male, male, trunk
mamelle, mamzelle mamEl udder mamzelle
mamelouk, mameluk mamluk Mamluk, Mameluke
mamie, mammy, mamy mami granny, granny, granny
man, mans m@ man, mans
mânes, manne man manes, manna
mange-tout, mange-tout, mangetout m@Ztu Snap, snap, mangetout
maniaco-dépressif, maniacodépressif manjakOdepResif manic-depressive, manic
mante, menthe m@t mantis, mint
marae, marée, marrer maRe marae, tide, laugh
marc, mare, marre maR marc, pond, fed
marchand, marchand, marchant maRS@ merchant, merchant, walking
marennes, marraine maREn marennes, godmother
margaux, margot maRgO Margaux, margot
mari, marri, mary maRi husband, marri, mary
marihuana, marijuana maRiRwana marijuana, marijuana
mariol, mariole, mariole, mariolle, mariolle maRjol mariol, mariole, mariole, mariolle, mariolle
mark, marque maRk mark, mark
marker, marqueur maRk9R marker, marker
marocain, marocain, maroquin maROk5 Moroccan, Moroccan, morocco
marteau-pilon, marteaux-pilons maRtOpil§ hammer, hammers
martyr, martyr, martyre maRtiR martyr, martyr, martyr
mat, mat, mate, math, maths, matte mat dull, dull, dull, math, math, matte
matin, mâtin, mâtin mat5 morning mastiff, mastiff
mauresque, mauresque, moresque mOREsk Moorish, Moorish, Moorish
me, meuh m2 me moo
mea culpa, mea-culpa meakylpa mea culpa, mea culpa
mécano, meccano mekanO mechanic, meccano
media, média, médiat medja media, media, mediate
medium, médium medjom medium, medium
mêlé-cass, mêlécasse mElekas Half-cass, mêlécasse
mêlée, mêler mele melee, mix
même, même, même, mêmes mEm even even even, same
menée, mener m°ne conducted, conduct
merleau, merlot mERlO Merleau, merlot
mess, messe mEs Mess Mass
métempsychose, métempsycose met@psikOz metempsychosis metempsychosis
métis, métis, métisse, métisse metis Métis, Métis, Métis, Métis
mézig, mézigue mezig Mezig, mézigue
mezza voce, mezza-voce mEdzavOtSe mezza voce mezza voce
mi, mie, mis mi mi, darling, put
mi-blanc, mi-blancs mibl@ half white, half-white
micro-onde, micro-ondes mikRO§d microwave, microwave
mien, mien, miens, miens mj5 mine, mine, mine, mine
mienne, mienne, miennes, miennes mjEn mine, mine, mine, mine
mi-gnon, mignon, mignon minj§ Mid-gnon, cute, cute
mi-humain, mi-humains miym5 half-human, half-human
mil, mil, mille, mille mil millet, millet, thousand, thousand
mi-lent, milan mil@ Mid-slow, milan
mille-feuille, millefeuille milf9j milfoil, yarrow
millenium, millénium milenjom Millennium, Millennium
millilitre, ml mililitR milliliter, ml
millimètre, mm milimEtR mm, mm
million, millions milj§ million, million
mi-mollet, mi-mollets mimOlE calf-length, mid-calf
min, mine min min, mine
mini-jupe, minijupe miniZyp mini-skirt, miniskirt
mi-nuit, minuit min8i mid-night, midnight
mir, mire, myrrhe miR mir, pattern, myrrh
miraud, miraud, miro, miro miRO Miraud, Miraud, miro, miro
mi-sel, missel misEl Mid-salt Missal
mite, mythe mit moth, myth
moco, moko mOkO moco, moko
model, modèle, modèle mOdEl model, template
modern style, modern style, modern-style mOdERnstil modern style, modern style, modern-style
moi, moi, mois mwa me, me, months
mol, mole mol mole, mole
molasse, mollasse mOlas molasses, flabby
moleskine, molesquine mOlEskin moleskin moleskin
mon, mont My mont
mondial, mondiale, mondiale m§djal World, World, World
monnaie-du-pape, monnaies-du-pape mOnEdypap coin-du-Pape, coins du Pape
monsignor, monsignore m§sinjoR Monsignor Monsignor
monte-charge, monte-charges m§tSaRZ lifts, hoists
montée, monter m§te climb up
moral, moral, morale, morale mORal moral, ethical, moral, moral
morbac, morbaque moRbak morbac, morbaque
more, more, mors, mort, mort moR more, more, jaws, dead, dead
mortel, mortel, mortelle moRtEl mortal, mortal
moto-cross, motocross mOtOkRos motocross, motocross
mou, mou, moue, moût mu soft, soft, pouting, wort
moudjahiddine, moudjahidine mudZaidin Mujahideen, mujahideen
moukère, mouquère mukER moukère, mouquère
moyeu, moyeux mwaj2 hub, hubs
mû, mue my driven, driven
mufti, muphti mufti Mufti Mufti
multifonction, multifonctions myltif§ksj§ multipurpose, multifunction
multinational, multinationale myltinasjOnal multinational multinational
multiplex, multiplex, multiplexe myltiplEks multiplex, the multiplex multiplex
mur, mûr myR wall, mature
musée, muser myze museum, musing
mutuel, mutuelle myt8El mutual, mutual
nan, nant n@ nan ing
nase, nase, naze, naze naz nase, nase, sucks, sucks
national, national, nationale, nationale nasjOnal national, national, national, national
national-socialiste, nationale-socialiste nasjOnalsOsjalist National Socialist, Nazi
naval, navale, navale naval naval shipbuilding, ship
ne, ne, noeud n2 no, no, knot
nec, neck nEk nec, neck
néo-classique, néoclassique neOklasik neo-classical, neoclassical
néo-colonialisme, néocolonialisme neOkOlOnjalizm neo-colonialism, neo-colonialism
néo-gothique, néo-gothique, néogothique neOgOtik Neo-Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Gothic
néo-réalisme, néoréalisme neORealizm neo-realism, neorealism
neveu, neveux n°v2 nephew, nephews
ni, nid ni or nest
nichée, nicher niSe nest, nest
nid-de-poule, nids-de-poule nidpul nest-holes, nest-holes
nimbo-stratus, nimbostratus n5bOstRatys nimbostratus, nimbus
nirvana, nirvâna niRvana nirvana, nirvana
noir, noir, noire, noire nwaR black, black, black, black
nom, non, non, non name, no, no, no
none, nonne non none, nun
nonette, nonnette nOnEt nonet, Goose
non-fumeur, non-fumeur, non-fumeurs n§fym9R non-smoking, non-smoking, non-smoking
non-lieu, non-lieux n§lj2 dismissal, non-places
non-sens, nonsense n§s@s nonsense, nonsense
normal, normal, normale, normale noRmal normal, normal, normal, normal
not, note not not notes
nôtre, nôtre, nôtres, nôtres nOtR ours, ours, ours, ours
noue, nous nu valley, we
nous-même, nous-mêmes numEm ourselves, ourselves
nouvel, nouvelle nuvEl new, new
nu, nu, nue, nue ny nude, naked, nude, naked
nul, nul, nul, nul, nulle, nulle, nulles, nuls nyl zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero
nurseries, nursery n9Rs°Ri nurseries, nursery
oeil-de-boeuf, oeils-de-boeuf 9jd°b9f oeil-de-boeuf, oeil-de-boeuf
off-shore, offshore ofSoR off-shore, offshore
oille, ouaille waj oille, ouaille
oing, oint w5 oing anointed
olifant, oliphant Olif@ Oliphant, oliphant
ombrée, ombrer §bRe shaded, shade
orang-outan, orang-outang OR@ut@ orangutan, orangutan
oubli, oublie ubli oblivion, forgetting
oui, ouïe wi yes, hearing
oust, ouste ust Shoo, shoo
outre-mer, outremer, outremer utR°mER Overseas, Overseas, Overseas
ouvre-boîte, ouvre-boîtes uvR°bwat opener, can opener
pacage, package pakaZ grazing package
pack, pâque, pâques pak pack, passover, easter
pacson, paqson, paxon paks§ Pacson, paqson, Paxon
pagaïe, pagaille, pagaye pagaj mess, mess, paddling
paie, paix, pet pE payroll, peace, pet
paierie, pairie, péri peRi paymaster, peerage, peri
pain, peint, peint, pin p5 bread, painted, painted, pine
pair, pair, paire, paire, père, pers pER pair, pair, pair, pair, father, pers
pal, pale, pâle pal pale, pale, pale
palais, palet palE palace, shuffleboard
palier, pallier palje bearing, palliate
palot, pâlot palO palot, pallid
palu, palus paly malaria, palus
pan, pan, paon p@ bang, bang, peacock
panic, panique panik panic, panic
panneau, pano panO panel pano
panser, pensée, penser p@se dress, thinking, thinking
pante, pente p@t pante slope
papa, papas papa dad, dads
papi, papy papi grandpa, grandpa
paquet-cadeau, paquets-cadeaux pakEkadO gift package, gift packages
par, par, pars, part paR by, for, go, hand
parafe, paraphe paRaf initials, initials
parc, parque paRk park, park
parce qu, parce que, parce que paRs°k that because, because, because
par-dessus, pardessus paRd°sy over, above
pare-balle, pare-balles, pare-balles paRbal bullet-proof, bullet-proof, bullet-proof
pare-feu, pare-feux paRf2 firewall, firewalls
parlote, parlotte paRlot chitchat, talking shop
parti, parti, partie paRti Party, party, party
partouse, partouze paRtuz orgy, orgy
passe-boule, passe-boules pasbul pass ball, pass balls
pastoral, pastorale, pastorale pastORal pastoral, pastoral, pastoral
pat, pat, pâte, patte pat pat, pat, paste, paw
pater, patère patER pater patera
patri, patrie patRi patri, home
pause, pose pOz pause, pose
pauser, poser pOze pause, ask
pavée, paver pave cobblestone, paver
peau, pot pO skin pot
peaucier, peaussier pOsje platysma, peaussier
peau-rouge, peau-rouge, peaux-rouges pORuZ redskin, redskin, redskins
pébroc, pébroque pebRok pébroc, pébroque
pécher, pêcher, pêcher peSe sin, fishing, fishing
pédezouille, pedzouille pedzuj pédezouille, pedzouille
peignée, peigner penje combed comb
peine, pêne, penne pEn sentence, bolt, penne
pékin, péquin pek5 beijing, Péquin
pelletée, pelleter pElte shovel, shoveling
penalties, penalty penalti penalties, penalty
penthotal, pentothal p5tOtal pentothal, pentothal
pépètes, pépettes pepEt Pépètes, pépettes
péquenaud, péquenot pEknO hillbilly, redneck
perçant, persan, persan pERs@ piercing, Farsi, Persian
perce, perse pERs drills, Persian
percée, percer pERse drilled, drill
perchée, percher pERSe perched, perching
périf, périph peRif périf, Device
perlouse, perlouze pERluz perlouse, perlouze
perm, perme pERm perm, perme
perpète, perpète, perpette pERpEt boonies, boonies, Perpette
pesée, peser p°ze weighing, weigh
petit-bourgeois, petit-bourgeois, petits-bourgeois p°tibuRZwa middle-class, middle-class, middle-class
petit-fils, petits-fils p°tifis grand-son, grandchildren, son
petit-neveu, petits-neveux p°tin°v2 nephew, great-nephews
peu, peu, peuh p2 little, little Pooh
peuhl, peul, peul, peulh p2l Fulani, Peul, Fula, Fulani
phénix, phoenix feniks phoenix, phoenix
pi, pie, pie, pis, pis, pis pi pi, pie, pie, worse, worse, worse
pic, pique pik pic, pic
piccolo, picolo pikOlO piccolo piccolo
pico, picot pikO pico, pin
picorée, picorer pikORe pecked, pecking
pic-vert, pivert pivER woodpecker, woodpecker
pied-de-biche, pieds-de-biche pjedbiS presser foot, presser foot
piedmont, piémont pjem§ piedmont, piedmont
piéta, pietà pjeta Pieta, Pieta
piétement, piètement pjEtm@ base, base
pieu, pieux, pieux pj2 pile, piles, pile
pilée, piler pile crushed, pounded
pincée, pincer p5se Pinch, pinch
pinçon, pinson p5s§ pinch, finch
pineau, pinot pinO Pineau, pinot
pipeau, pipo pipO Piper, pipo
pit-bull, pitbull pitbul pit bull, pit bull
piton, python pit§ piton, python
placage, plaquage plakaZ plating, plating
plain, plein, plein, plein, plein pl5 plain, full, full, full, full
plaine, plaine, pleine plEn plain, plain, full
plainte, plinthe pl5t complaint plinth
plan, plan, plant pl@ Plan, plan plant
plastic, plastique, plastique plastik plastic, plastic, plastic
plateau-repas, plateaux-repas platOR°pa meal trays, food trays
pli, plie pli fold, folds
plombée, plomber pl§be leaded seal
plongée, plonger pl§Ze diving, dive
plouc, plouc, plouk pluk hick, redneck, Plouk
plumée, plumer plyme plucked, pluck
poêle, poil pwal pan, coat
pogrom, pogrome pOgRom pogrom pogrom
poids, pois, poix, pouah pwa weight, peas, pitch, ugh
poing, point, point pw5 fist, stitch,
poireauter, poiroter pwaROte poireauter, poiroter
polack, polack, polak, polak, polaque pOlak polack, polack, Polak, Polak, Polack
polaroid, polaroïd pOlaROid polaroid, polaroid
poli, poli, poly pOli polished, honed, poly
pollope, polope pOlop pollope, polope
pont-levis, ponts-levis p§l°vi drawbridge drawbridges
pool, poule pul pool, hen
pop, pop, pope pop pop, pop, pope
porc, pore, port poR pork, pore, harbor
porte-avion, porte-avions poRtavj§ aircraft carrier aircraft carrier
porte-carte, porte-cartes poRt°kaRt card holder, card holder
porte-cigarette, porte-cigarettes poRtsigaREt cigarette holder, cigarette case
porte-clef, porte-clefs, porte-clés poRt°kle key chains, key chains, key rings
porte-couteau, porte-couteaux poRtkutO knife, knife
porte-document, porte-documents poRtdOkym@ briefcase, briefcase
porte-drapeau, porte-drapeaux poRtdRapO flag bearer, flag bearers
portée, portée, porter, porter poRte scope, reach, carry, carry
porte-parapluie, porte-parapluies poRtpaRapl8i umbrella stand, umbrella
porte-serviette, porte-serviettes poRtsERvjEt towel rail, towel
post, poste post post office
post-moderne, post-moderne, postmoderne postmOdERn post-modern, post-modern, post-modern
post-opératoire, postopératoire postOpeRatwaR Postoperatively, postoperative
post-production, postproduction postpROdyksj§ post-production, post-production
pot-de-vin, pots-de-vin pOdv5 pot of wine, jars of wine
poteau, potos pOtO post, potos
potentiel, potentiel, potentielle pOt@sjEl potential, potential, potential
pou, pou, pouh, pouls pu lice, louse, Pouh, pulse
pouce, pouce, pousse pus thumb, thumb drives
poucettes, poussette pusEt thumbscrews, stroller
pouding, pudding pudiG pudding, pudding
pouffiasse, poufiasse pufjas bitch, slut
pour-cent, pourcent puRs@ percent, percent
pourparler, pourparlers puRpaRle talks, talks
poussée, poussée, pousser puse push, push, push
praesidium, présidium pRezidjom Presidium, Presidium
pré-établi, préétabli pReetabli pre-set, pre
préfix, préfixe pRefiks prefix, prefix
prémices, prémisse pRemis firstfruits premise
près, près, prêt, prêt pRE near, near, ready, ready
présidentiel, présidentielle pRezid@sjEl presidential, presidential
pressée, presser pRese pressed, press
presse-papier, presse-papiers pREspapje clipboard, clipboard
principal, principal, principale, principale pR5sipal Senior, Senior, Senior, Senior
pris, pris, prix pRi taken, taken, prices
probloc, probloque pROblok ProBloc, probloque
professionnel, professionnel, professionnelle, professionnelle pROfEsjOnEl professional, professional, professional, professional
projection-test, projections-test pROZEksj§tEst Design and test, test screenings
pronostic, pronostique pROnostik prognosis, prognostic
prose, proze pROz prose proze
psi, psy psi psi, psy
puis, puis, puits, puy p8i and then, well, puy
puisqu, puisque, puisque p8isk SINCE, since, as
pute, putt pyt bitch, putt
quatre-vingt, quatre-vingt, quatre-vingts katR°v5 eighties, eighties, eighty
que, que, queue k2 that that tail
quel, quelle, quelles, quels kEl What, what, what, what
quelque, quelque, quelques kElk some, some, some
ra, ras, ras, ras, rat, raz Ra ra, crew, crew, crew, rat, tidal
rab, rabe Rab rab, rabe
rac, rack Rak rac, rack
racket, raquette RakEt extortion racket
raclée, racler Rakle beating, scraping
rad, rade Rad rad, harbor
radical-socialiste, radical-socialiste, radicale-socialiste RadikalsOsjalist radical socialist, radical socialist, radical socialist
radio-phare, radiophare RadjOfaR radio beacon, beacon
radio-réveil, radioréveil RadjORevEj clock radio, alarm clock
radja, radjah RadZa Raja, Raja
rafiau, rafiot RafjO rafiau, rafiot
rai, raie, ray, rets RE rai, ray, ray, nets
raid, raide, raide REd raid, stiff, stiff
raider, raideur REd9R raider, stiffness
rainette, reinette REnEt Frog, russet
raja, rajah RaZa Raja Raja
ralbol, ras-le-bol Ralbol ralbol, ras-le-bol
râler, raller Rale bitching, raller
ram, rame, rams Ram ram, oar, rams
ramée, ramer Rame arbor, row
rancard, rancart, rencard R@kaR tip-off, scrapped, date
rancarder, rencarder R@kaRde clew up, rencarder
rangée, rangée, ranger, ranger R@Ze Row, row, store, store
rap, râpe Rap rap, grater
re-belote, rebelote R°b2lot re-Belote, rebelote
rebooter, rebouter R°bute reboot, tie together
record, recors R°koR record bailiff
recréation, récréation RekReasj§ recreation, recreation
recru, recrue R°kRy rookie, rookie
reformation, réformation RefoRmasj§ reformation, reformation
régal, régale Regal treat, treats
régional, régional, régionale ReZjOnal regional, regional, regional
reine, rêne, renne REn queen, rein, reindeer
relax, relax, relaxe, relaxe R°laks relax, relax, relax, relax
relevée, relevée, relever R°lve raised, raised, up
remontée, remonter R°m§te ascent up
remonte-pente, remonte-pentes R°m§tp@t ski lift, ski lift
renommée, renommée, renommer R°nOme fame, fame, rename
renouée, renouer R°nwe knotweed, reconnect
rentrée, rentrer R@tRe back, back
repaire, repère R°pER den, landmark
réparti, répartie RepaRti spread, spread
reposée, reposer R°pOze rested, resting
résidant, résident, résident Rezid@ resident, resident, resident
ressurgir, resurgir R°syRZiR reappear, resurface
restau, resto REstO restaurant, restaurant
retenu, retenue, retenue R°tny restrained, restraint, restraint
retombée, retombée, retomber R°t§be fallout, fallout, fall
revu, revue R°vy reviewed, revised
ri, ris, riz Ri laugh, laugh, rice
ribaud, ribot RibO ribald, ribot
rif, riff Rif rif, riff
rigollot, rigolo, rigolo RigOlO Rigollot, fun, fun
rikiki, riquiqui Rikiki pokey, riquiqui
rincée, rincer R5se rinsed, rinse
ripou, ripoux Ripu ripou, ripoux
rite, rittes Rit rite Rittes
roc, rock, roque Rok rock, rock, castling
rocker, rockeur ROk9R rocker, rocker
rocket, roquette ROkEt rocket, rocket
roder, rôder ROde lapping, prowling
romsteck, rumsteck RomstEk rump, rump
rond-de-cuir, ronds-de-cuir R§dk8iR round-de-leather pen-leather
rondeau, rondo R§dO rondo, rondo
roof, rouf, rough Ruf roof, deckhouse, rough
rosée, roser ROze dew roser
rossée, rosser ROse thrashing, thrash
rôti, rôti, rôtie, rôtie ROti roast, roast, roasted, roasted
roue, roux, roux Ru wheel, red, red
rouston, roustons Rust§ rouston, roustons
royal, royale, royale Rwajal royal, regal, royal
ru, rue Ry ru Street
ruée, ruer R8e rush, rush
sacquer, saquer sake sacquer, sack
sadducéen, saducéen sadyse5 Sadducee, Sadducee
sado-masochiste, sadomasochiste, sadomasochiste sadOmazOSist sado-masochist, sadomasochist, sadomasochistic
saignée, saigner senje bleeding, bleeding
saigneur, seigneur sEnj9R tapper, lord
sainte nitouche, sainte-nitouche s5tnituS Holy Nitouche coy
saisi, saisie sezi seized entry
sale, salle sal dirty room
salop, salope salop bastard, bitch
salopiaud, salopiot salOpjO salopiaud, salopiot
samouraï, samurai samuRaj samurai, samurai
sanscrit, sanscrit, sanskrit s@skRi Sanskrit, Sanskrit, Sanskrit
saoul, sou, soue, soûl, sous, sous su drunk, broke, sty, drunk, under, under
saoulard, soûlard, soûlard sulaR drunkard, drunk, drunkard
saouler, soûler sule drunk, drunk
saoulerie, soûlerie sulRi drunkenness, drunkenness
sarrau, sarreau saRO coat, smock
satire, satyre satiR satire, satire
saucée, saucer sOse downpour, saucer
saut, sceau, seau, sot, sot sO jump, seal, bucket, fool, fool
sauterelle, sauterelles sOtREl grasshopper, grasshoppers
savonnée, savonner savOne soapy, soap
sayon, seillon sEj§ tunic, Seillon
sceller, seller sele seal, selling
sceptique, sceptique, septique sEptik skeptic, skeptical, septic
schako, shako SakO shako, shako
schilling, shilling SiliG schilling, shilling
schtroumf, schtroumpf StRumf schtroumf, smurf
scieur, sieur sj9R sawyer, Mr,
script, scripte skRipt script, script
scythe, site sit Scythian website
secréter, sécréter sekRete secrete secrete
séfarade, séfarade, sépharade, sépharade sefaRad Sephardic, Sephardic, Sephardic Sephardic
select, sélect selEkt select, select
self-control, self-contrôle sElfk§tROl self-control, self-control
self-made man, self-made-man sElfmEjdman self-made, self-made man
semi, semis s°mi semi-Seeding
sensas, sensass s@sa buzz, groovy
serein, serein, serin s°R5 calm, serene, canary
serment, serrement sERm@ oath, tightness
seul, seul, seule, seule s9l alone, alone, alone, alone
sex-symbol, sexe-symbole sekss5bol sex symbol, sex symbol
sexuel, sexuelle seks8El sex, sexual
shampoing, shampooing S@pw5 shampoo, shampoo
shampouiner, shampouineur S@pwin9R shampoo, shampouineur
shogoun, shogun, shôgun SOgun shogun, shogun, shogun
shrapnel, shrapnell SRapnEl shrapnel shrapnel
sic, sikh sik sic, Sikh
sien, sien, siens, siens sj5 his, hers, his, hers
sienne, sienne, siennes, siennes sjEn his, hers, his, hers
silvaner, sylvaner silvanER Silvaner, Sylvaner
sirop, syro siRO syrup, Syria
skate-board, skateboard skEtboRd Skateboarding, skateboarding
smala, smalah smala smala, Smalah
snif, sniff snif sniff, sniff
snifer, sniffer snife sniff, sniff
soc, socque sok soc, sock
soi, soi, soie, soit, soit swa self, self, silk, or either
sol, sole sol soil, sole
sore, sort soR sore, sort
soul, soule sul soul, soule
soûlaud, soûlot sulO soûlaud, soûlot
sourdaient, sourdait suRdE sourdaient, welled
soutra, sutra sutRa Sutra Sutra
souventefois, souventes fois suv@tfwa oftentimes, oftentimes
spécial, spéciale, spéciale spesjal special, special, special
squatter, squatter, squatteur, squatteur skwat9R squatter, squatter, squatter, squatter
statue, statut staty statue status
strass, strasse stRas rhinestones, rhinestone
strip-tease, striptease stRiptiz striptease, striptease
stylo-bille, stylobille stilObij ballpoint pen, ballpoint pen
sub-aquatique, subaquatique sybakwatik Underwater, Underwater
sub-atomique, subatomique sybatOmik sub-atomic, subatomic
subordonnée, subordonner syboRdOne subordinate, subordinate
suée, suer s8e sweat, sweat
sui, suie s8i sui, soot
sur, sur, sûr syR on, on, safe
sur-place, surplace syRplas treading, treading water
surprise-partie, surprise-party syRpRizpaRti surprise party, surprise party
ta, tas ta ta, tas
tabar, tabard tabaR tabar, tabard
tablée, tabler table diners, build
tache, tâche taS spot, task
tacher, tâcher taSe stain, try
taco, tacot takO taco, jalopy
taenia, ténia tenja taenia, tapeworm
taf, taffe taf taf, puff
taie, tes, têt tE pillowcase, are, Tet
taille, thaï, thaï taj size, Thai, Thai
tain, teint, teint, thym, tin t5 Light brown, complexion, skin tone, thyme, tin
taire, ter, terre tER silence, ter, land
tan, tant, taon, temps t@ tan, both, horsefly, time
tandis qu, tandis que, tandis que t@dik while that, while, while
tannée, tanner tane tanned, tan
tan-sad, tansad t@sad pillion, tansad
tante, tente t@t aunt tries
tantouse, tantouze t@tuz tantouse, tantouze
tape-cul, tapecul tapky jigger, seesaw
tapée, taper tape typed, type
tapi, tapis tapi lurking, carpets
taraud, taro, tarot taRO tap, taro, tarot
tard, tard, tare taR Later, later, tare
tartuferie, tartufferie taRtyfRi hypocrisy, hypocrisy
tau, taux, to, tôt tO tau levels, to early
taulard, tolar tOlaR con, tolar
taule, tôle tOl jail, sheet
taulier, tôlier tOlje Taulier, sheet metal worker
tchin tchin, tchin-tchin tSintSin chin chin, chin-chin
teck, tek tEk teak, teak
teinter, tinter t5te tinting, clink
tel, tel, tél, tell, telle, telle, telles, telles, tels, tels tEl such as, telephone, tell, such such such such such such
tem, thème tEm tem theme
tender, tendeur t@d9R Tender, tensioner
tenu, tenue, tenue t°ny held, held, held
terme, thermes tERm term thermal baths
termite, thermite tERmit termite, thermite
terri, terril tERi pit-heap
tétée, téter tete nursing, nurse
tézig, tézigue tezig tézig, tézigue
thon, ton, ton tuna, tone, tone
thrace, trace tRas Thracian track
thune, tune tyn Thune, tune
tic, tique tik tick, tick
tien, tien, tiens, tiens, tiens tj5 yours, yours, well, well, well
tienne, tienne, tiennes, tiennes tjEn yours, yours, yours, yours
tir, tire tiR shooting, shoots
tirant, tyran tiR@ pulling tyrant
tirée, tirer tiRe drawn, draw
toc, toc, toque tok knock, knock, toque
tocade, toquade tOkad fad, craze
tocante, toquante tOk@t Tocante, toquante
tocard, tocard, toquard, toquard tOkaR slacker, slacker, Toquard, Toquard
toi, toit twa you, roof
tom, tome, tomme tom tom, tome, Tomme
tombée, tombée, tomber t§be fallen, fallen, falling
toner, tonnerre tOnER toner, thunder
tonic, tonique, tonique tOnik tonic, tonic, tonic
tories, tory tORi Tory Tory
tors, tort toR twisted, wrong
tortu, tortue toRty crooked, turtle
toue, tout, tout, tout, tout, tout, toux tu toue, everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, cough
tournée, tourner tuRne tour, turn
tournoi, tournois tuRnwa tournament tournaments
tous-terrains, tout-terrain, tout-terrain tutER5 Off-road, motocross, motocross
toute, toute, toute, toutes, toutes tut any, any, any, any, any
toutim, toutime tutim shebang, toutime
trac, traque tRak trac tracks
tragi-comique, tragicomique tRaZikOmik tragi-comic, tragicomic
traînée, traînée, traînée, traîner tRene drag, drag, drag, drag
traîne-savate, traîne-savates tREnsavat behind-savate, layabout
traîne-semelle, traîne-semelles tREns°mEl behind-sole, behind-soles
train-train, traintrain tR5tR5 routine, traintrain
trait, trait, très tRE feature, trait, very
traite, traites tREt trafficking bills
tram, trame tRam tram, frame
tramp, trempe tR@p tramp, hardening
tranchée, tranchée, trancher tR@Se cut, sliced, slice
transposée, transposer tR@spOze transposed transpose
traversée, traverser tRavERse crossing, cross
trempée, tremper tR@pe wet, soaked
tribu, tribut tRiby tribe tribute
trick, trique tRik trick, metric
trimbaler, trimballer tR5bale lug, lug
trimeur, trimmer tRim9R trimmer, trimmer
trip, tripe tRip trip, tripe
tripotée, tripoter tRipOte gaggle, fiddle
troll, trolle tRol troll, troll
trop, trot tRO too, trot
trou-du-cul, trous-du-cul tRudyky hole-the-ass-hole-du-ass
trouée, trouée, trouer TRUE hole, gap, pierce
truc, truck tRyk trick truck
trucage, truquage tRykaZ rigging, rigging
tsar, tzar tsaR Czar Czar
t-shirt, tee-shirt, ticheurte tiS9Rt shirt, t-shirt, ticheurte
tsigane, tsigane, tzigane, tzigane tsigan Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy
turbo, turbot tyRbO turbo, turbot
ultra-gauche, ultragauche yltRagOS ultra-left, ultra-left
ultra-sensible, ultrasensible yltRas@sibl ultra-sensitive, ultra-sensitive
ultra-violet, ultra-violets, ultra-violets, ultraviolet, ultraviolet yltRavjOlE ultraviolet, ultraviolet, ultraviolet, ultraviolet, ultraviolet
vacance, vacances vak@s , holiday
vain, vin, vingt v5 vain, wine, twenty
vaine, veine vEn vain, vein
vair, ver, verre, vers, vers, vert, vert vER vair, worms, glass worms, worms, green,
van, vanne van van, valve
vanter, venter v@te boast, brag
vape, vaps vap vape, VAPS
vau, veau, vos vO vau, veal, your
vautre, vôtre, vôtre, vôtres, vôtres vOtR wallows, yours, yours, yours, yours
vécu, vécu, vécu, vécue veky lived, lived, lived, lived
veillée, veillée, veiller veje Vigil Vigil ensure
velum, vélum velom awning, canopy
venu, venue, venue v°ny come, come, come
verni, verni, vernis vERni painted, painted, varnished
vertical, vertical, verticale vERtikal vertical, vertical, vertical
vesse-de-loup, vesses-de-loup vEsd°lu fart-de-loup, Puff balls-ha
vibro-masseur, vibromasseur vibROmas9R massager, vibrator
vice, vis vis vice screws
vidéo-clip, vidéoclip videOklip video clip, video
vidéo-club, vidéo-club, vidéoclub videOkl9b video store, video store, video store
vide-ordure, vide-ordures vidoRdyR refuse chute, chutes
vide-poche, vide-poches vidpoS vacuum pouch pockets
vigie, vigil viZi watch, vigil
vil, ville vil vile city
vioc, vioque, vioque vjok vioc, wrinkly, vioque
viol, viole, violent, violent vjol rape, rapes, violent, violent
virée, virer viRe transferred, transfer
visée, viser vize target, aim
vivat, vivats viva Viva, viva
voie, voix vwa channel voice
voir, voire vwaR view or
vol, vole vol flight, flying
volapuk, volapük vOlapyk Volapük, volapük
volatil, volatile vOlatil volatile, volatile
volée, volée, voler vOle fly, fly, fly
volet, volley vOlE pane, volleyball
voleter, volter volte flitting, volter
voleur, voleur, voleurs vOl9R thief, thief, thieves
volt, volte volt volt, volte
vous-même, vous-mêmes vumEm you, yourself
voyer, voyer, voyeur vwaj9R send, send, voyeur
vroom, vroum vRum vroom, vroom
vu, vu, vue, vue vy seen, seen, view,
whiskey, whiskies, whisky wiski whiskey, whiskey, whiskey
yack, yak jak yak, yak
yakusa, yakuza jakuza Yakuza, Yakuza
yeti, yéti jeti yeti, yeti
yoghourt, yogourt jOguRt yogurt, yogurt
youpi, yuppie jupi yay, yuppie
you-you, youyou juju you-you, dinghy
yo-yo, yoyo jOjO yo-yo, yoyo
zèle, zelle zEl zeal zelle
zéphire, zéphyr zefiR Marshmallow, zephyr
zest, zeste zEst zest zest
zieuter, zyeuter zj2te zieuter, zyeuter
zig, zigue zig zig, zigue
zombi, zombie z§bi zombie, zombie



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