My Anki Decks Have Not Been Renewed

I had created several Anki decks, as examples and tools, as I posted on my French blog about the subject matter. If you are wondering where they have gone, Anki has revised their user policy, and failure to agree automatically deletes the decks uploaded and shared. Since I used the decks less and less, and was frustrated with the constant delays created by synchronizations, I decided to simply use my Excel files. All of my language blogs are filled with wordlists that are stripped of formatting, so that they can easily be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. In fact, the ability to copy and paste to Google Translate, and subsequently convert huge wordlists from one language into another, makes Excel my favorite program for language study. When I prepared to take on Italian, I converted all of my wordlists from French to Italian in less than a half-hour. If you do like Anki and want the top-rated French deck: This deck covers the top 3,000 words with sample sentences.


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