Listening Exercise – Leçon Consacrée Au Roman l’Étranger d’Albert Camus

In our first 13 practice sessions, we watched Extra French episodes and had the benefit of understanding what was being said, through situational awareness. I’m going to shift the difficulty a bit, and introduce several lectures. We can still use our lip reading skills but listening to a single speaker can be a different kind of listening challenge.

This video is an excellent learning tool for English speakers because if you choose, “More” and then “Transcript”, you will active a drop down viewing box of French dialogue that is in-synch with what they young man is saying in French. If you wish to repeat a line, simply click the line and the video will automatically queue to that line. Not all YouTube videos with automatic transcripts are very accurate, but the ones uploaded from this user seem to be. It appears that these are French Literature professors from the University of Georgia, so the accents may not be authentic, but the French is very understandable, for my American ear.

Since I am reading this novel in French, I find that I am appreciating the novel more after watching this video commentary.

The video takes a little over 22 minutes, which is an excellent length because most people can stay focused for that average amount of time before requiring a break.

On this first day, let’s just watch the video with the transcript scrolling, in one pass, from beginning to end. Simply follow the words and anticipate the pronunciation.

Tomorrow we will work with this same video a little more, and build upon the listening exercise. I will also post my version of the corrected transcript because there are many errors.


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