Refreshing What You’ve Learned in French

As I’m working through Korean, I came upon a website for a company that sells language books in hundreds of language combinations. They allow you to download the audio files for your course, which for French comes out to almost a 90 MB zipped file dowload.

Each language follows a template of 100 audio topics, which I have found very helpful in keeping my language from slipping away after I have gone onto other languages. With French, this page allows you to hear the words and phrases again:

In fact, I like to test myelf by going down the list in my spreadsheet, and see which words I have not placed in my long term memory.

They also have another webpage with vocabulary lists and audio files:

Can you remember the French for all of the 100 categories?

People – Audio #1
I and you
both of us
he and she
they both
the man
the woman
the child
a family
my family
My family is here.
I am here.
You are here.
He is here and she is here.
We are here.
You are here.
They are all here.
Family Members – Audio #2
the grandfather
the grandmother
he and she
the father
the mother
he and she
the son
the daughter
he and she
the brother
the sister
he and she
the uncle
the aunt
he and she
We are a family.
The family is not small.
The family is big.
Getting to Know Others – Audio #3
How are you?
Do you come from Europe?
Do you come from America?
Do you come from Asia?
In which hotel are you staying?
How long have you been here for?
How long will you be staying?
Do you like it here?
Are you here on vacation?
Please do visit me some time!
Here is my address.
Shall we see each other tomorrow?
I am sorry, but I already have plans.
See you soon!
At School – Audio #4
Where are we?
We are at school.
We are having class/a lesson.
Those are the school children.
That is the teacher.
That is the class.
What are we doing?
We are learning.
We are learning a language.
I learn English.
You learn Spanish.
He learns German.
We learn French.
You all learn Italian.
They learn Russian.
Learning languages is interesting.
We want to understand people.
We want to speak with people.
Countries & Languages – Audio #5
John is from London.
London is in Great Britain.
He speaks English.
Maria is from Madrid.
Madrid is in Spain.
She speaks Spanish.
Peter and Martha are from Berlin.
Berlin is in Germany.
Do both of you speak German?
London is a capital city.
Madrid and Berlin are also capital cities.
Capital cities are big and noisy.
France is in Europe.
Egypt is in Africa.
Japan is in Asia.
Canada is in North America.
Panama is in Central America.
Brazil is in South America.
Reading & Writing – Audio #6
I read.
I read a letter.
I read a word.
I read a sentence.
I read a letter.
I read a book.
I read.
You read.
He reads.
I write.
I write a letter/character.
I write a word.
I write a sentence.
I write a letter.
I write a book.
I write.
You write.
He writes.
Numbers – Audio #7
I count
one, two, three
I count to three.
I count further
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine
I count.
You count.
He counts.
One. The first.
Two. The second.
Three. The third.
Four. The fourth.
Five. The fifth.
Six. The sixth.
Seven. The seventh.
Eight. The eighth.
Nine. The ninth
Time – Audio #8
Excuse me!
What time is it, please?
Thank you very much.
It is one o’clock.
It is two o’clock.
It is three o’clock.
It is four o’clock.
It is five o’clock.
It is six o’clock.
It is seven o’clock.
It is eight o’clock.
It is nin eo’clock.
It is ten o’clock.
It is eleven o’clock.
It is twelve o’clock.
A minute has sixty seconds.
An hour has sixty minutes.
A day has twenty-four hours.
Days of the Week – Audio #9
the week
from Monday to Sunday
The first day is Monday.
The second day is Tuesday.
The third day is Wednesday.
The fourth day is Thursday.
The fifth day is Friday.
The sixth day is Saturday.
The seventh day is Sunday.
The week has seven days.
We only work for five days.
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow – Audio #10
Yesterday was Saturday.
I was at the cinema yesterday.
The film was interesting.
Today is Sunday.
I’m not working today.
I’m staying at home.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Tomorrow I will work again.
I work at an office.
Who is that?
That is Peter.
Peter is a student.
Who is that?
That is Martha.
Martha is a secretary.
Peter and Martha are friends.
Peter is Martha’s friend.
Martha is Peter’s friend.
Months – Audio #11
These are six months.
January, February, March,
April, May and June.
These are also six months.
July, August, September,
October, November and December.
Beverages – Audio #12
I drink tea.
I drink coffee.
I drink mineral water.
Do you drink tea with lemon?
Do you drink coffee with sugar?
Do you drink water with ice?
There is a party here.
People are drinking champagne.
People are drinking wine and beer.
Do you drink alcohol?
Do you drink whisky / whiskey (am.)?
Do you drink Coke with rum?
I do not like champagne.
I do not like wine.
I do not like beer.
The baby likes milk.
The child likes cocoa and apple juice.
The woman likes orange and grapefruit juice.
Activities – Audio #13
What does Martha do?
She works at an office.
She works on the computer.
Where is Martha?
At the cinema.
She is watching a film.
What does Peter do?
He studies at the university.
He studies languages.
Where is Peter?
At the café.
He is drinking coffee.
Where do they like to go?
To a concert.
They like to listen to music.
Where do they not like to go?
To the disco.
They do not like to dance.
Colors – Audio #14
Snow is white.
The sun is yellow.
The orange is orange.
The cherry is red.
The sky is blue.
The grass is green.
The earth is brown.
The cloud is grey / gray (am.).
The tyres / tires (am.) are black.
What colour / color (am.) is the snow? White.
What colour / color (am.) is the sun? Yellow.
What colour / color (am.) is the orange? Orange.
What colour / color (am.) is the cherry? Red.
What colour / color (am.) is the sky? Blue.
What colour / color (am.) is the grass? Green.
What colour / color (am.) is the earth? Brown.
What colour / color (am.) is the cloud? Grey / Gray (am.).
What colour / color (am.) are the tyres / tires (am.)? Black.
Fruits & Food – Audio #15
I have a strawberry.
I have a kiwi and a melon.
I have an orange and a grapefruit.
I have an apple and a mango.
I have a banana and a pineapple.
I am making a fruit salad.
I am eating toast.
I am eating toast with butter.
I am eating toast with butter and jam.
I am eating a sandwich.
I am eating a sandwich with margarine.
I am eating a sandwich with margarine and tomatoes.
We need bread and rice.
We need fish and steaks.
We need pizza and spaghetti.
What else do we need?
We need carrots and tomatoes for the soup.
Where is the supermarket?
Seasons & Weather – Audio #16
These are the seasons:
Spring, summer,
autumn / fall (am.) and winter.
The summer is warm.
The sun shines in summer.
We like to go for a walk in summer.
The winter is cold.
It snows or rains in winter.
We like to stay home in winter.
It is cold.
It is raining.
It is windy.
It is warm.
It is sunny.
It is pleasant.
What is the weather like today?
It is cold today.
It is warm today.
Around the House – Audio #17
Our house is here.
The roof is on top.
The basement is below.
There is a garden behind the house.
There is no street in front of the house.
There are trees next to the house.
My apartment is here.
The kitchen and bathroom are here.
The living room and bedroom are there.
The front door is closed.
But the windows are open.
It is hot today.
We are going to the living room.
There is a sofa and an armchair there.
Please, sit down!
My computer is there.
My stereo is there.
The TV set is brand new.
House Cleaning – Audio #18
Today is Saturday.
We have time today.
We are cleaning the apartment today.
I am cleaning the bathroom.
My husband is washing the car.
The children are cleaning the bicycles.
Grandma is watering the flowers.
The children are cleaning up the children’s room.
My husband is tidying up his desk.
I am putting the laundry in the washing machine.
I am hanging up the laundry.
I am ironing the clothes.
The windows are dirty.
The floor is dirty.
The dishes are dirty.
Who washes the windows?
Who does the vacuuming?
Who does the dishes?
In the Kitchen – Audio #19
Do you have a new kitchen?
What do you want to cook today?
Do you cook on an electric or a gas stove?
Shall I cut the onions?
Shall I peel the potatoes?
Shall I rinse the lettuce?
Where are the glasses?
Where are the dishes?
Where is the cutlery / silverware (am.)?
Do you have a tin opener / can opener (am.)?
Do you have a bottle opener?
Do you have a corkscrew?
Are you cooking the soup in this pot?
Are you frying the fish in this pan?
Are you grilling the vegetables on this grill?
I am setting the table.
Here are the knives, the forks and the spoons.
Here are the glasses, the plates and the napkins.
Small Talk #1 – Audio #20
Make yourself comfortable!
Please, feel right at home!
What would you like to drink?
Do you like music?
I like classical music.
These are my CD’s.
Do you play a musical instrument?
This is my guitar.
Do you like to sing?
Do you have children?
Do you have a dog?
Do you have a cat?
These are my books.
I am currently reading this book.
What do you like to read?
Do you like to go to concerts?
Do you like to go to the theatre / theater (am.)?
Do you like to go to the opera?
Small Talk #2 – Audio #21
Where do you come from?
From Basel.
Basel is in Switzerland.
May I introduce Mr. Miller?
He is a foreigner.
He speaks several languages.
Are you here for the first time?
No, I was here once last year.
Only for a week, though.
How do you like it here?
A lot. The people are nice.
And I like the scenery, too.
What is your profession?
I am a translator.
I translate books.
Are you alone here?
No, my wife / my husband is also here.
And those are my two children.
Small Talk #3 – Audio #22
Do you smoke?
I used to.
But I don’t smoke anymore.
Does it disturb you if I smoke?
No, absolutely not.
It doesn’t disturb me.
Will you drink something?
A brandy?
No, preferably a beer.
Do you travel a lot?
Yes, mostly on business trips.
But now we’re on holiday.
It’s so hot!
Yes, today it’s really hot.
Let’s go to the balcony.
There’s a party here tomorrow.
Are you also coming?
Yes, we’ve also been invited.
Learning Foreign Languages – Audio #23
Where did you learn Spanish?
Can you also speak Portuguese?
Yes, and I also speak some Italian.
I think you speak very well.
The languages are quite similar.
I can understand them well.
But speaking and writing is difficult.
I still make many mistakes.
Please correct me each time.
Your pronunciation is very good.
You only have a slight accent.
One can tell where you come from.
What is your mother tongue / native language (am.)?
Are you taking a language course?
Which textbook are you using?
I don’t remember the name right now.
The title is not coming to me.
I’ve forgotten it.
Appointment – Audio #24
Did you miss the bus?
I waited for you for half an hour.
Don’t you have a mobile / cell phone (am.) with you?
Be punctual next time!
Take a taxi next time!
Take an umbrella with you next time!
I have the day off tomorrow.
Shall we meet tomorrow?
I’m sorry, I can’t make it tomorrow.
Do you already have plans for this weekend?
Or do you already have an appointment?
I suggest that we meet on the weekend.
Shall we have a picnic?
Shall we go to the beach?
Shall we go to the mountains?
I will pick you up at the office.
I will pick you up at home.
I will pick you up at the bus stop.
In the City – Audio #25
I would like to go to the station.
I would like to go to the airport.
I would like to go to the city centre / center (am.).
How do I get to the station?
How do I get to the airport?
How do I get to the city centre / center (am.)?
I need a taxi.
I need a city map.
I need a hotel.
I would like to rent a car.
Here is my credit card.
Here is my licence / license (am.).
What is there to see in the city?
Go to the old city.
Go on a city tour.
Go to the harbour / harbor (am.).
Go on a harbour / harbor (am.) tour.
Are there any other places of interest?
In Nature – Audio #26
Do you see the tower there?
Do you see the mountain there?
Do you see the village there?
Do you see the river there?
Do you see the bridge there?
Do you see the lake there?
I like that bird.
I like that tree.
I like this stone.
I like that park.
I like that garden.
I like this flower.
I find that pretty.
I find that interesting.
I find that gorgeous.
I find that ugly.
I find that boring.
I find that terrible.
In the Hotel – Arrival – Audio #27
Do you have a vacant room?
I have booked a room.
My name is Miller.
I need a single room.
I need a double room.
What does the room cost per night?
I would like a room with a bathroom.
I would like a room with a shower.
Can I see the room?
Is there a garage here?
Is there a safe here?
Is there a fax machine here?
Fine, I’ll take the room.
Here are the keys.
Here is my luggage.
What time do you serve breakfast?
What time do you serve lunch?
What time do you serve dinner?
In the Hotel – Complaints – Audio #28
The shower isn’t working.
There is no warm water.
Can you get it repaired?
There is no telephone in the room.
There is no TV in the room.
The room has no balcony.
The room is too noisy.
The room is too small.
The room is too dark.
The heater isn’t working.
The air-conditioning isn’t working.
The TV isn’t working.
I don’t like that.
That’s too expensive.
Do you have anything cheaper?
Is there a youth hostel nearby?
Is there a boarding house / a bed and breakfast nearby?
Is there a restaurant nearby?
At the Restaurant #1 – Audio #29
Is this table taken?
I would like the menu, please.
What would you recommend?
I’d like a beer.
I’d like a mineral water.
I’d like an orange juice.
I’d like a coffee.
I’d like a coffee with milk.
With sugar, please.
I’d like a tea.
I’d like a tea with lemon.
I’d like a tea with milk.
Do you have cigarettes?
Do you have an ashtray?
Do you have a light?
I’m missing a fork.
I’m missing a knife.
I’m missing a spoon.
At the Restaurant #2 – Audio #30
An apple juice, please.
A lemonade, please.
A tomato juice, please.
I’d like a glass of red wine.
I’d like a glass of white wine.
I’d like a bottle of champagne.
Do you like fish?
Do you like beef?
Do you like pork?
I’d like something without meat.
I’d like some mixed vegetables.
I’d like something that won’t take much time.
Would you like that with rice?
Would you like that with pasta?
Would you like that with potatoes?
That doesn’t taste good.
The food is cold.
I didn’t order this.
At the Restaurant #3 – Audio #31
I would like a starter.
I would like a salad.
I would like a soup.
I would like a dessert.
I would like an ice cream with whipped cream.
I would like some fruit or cheese.
We would like to have breakfast.
We would like to have lunch.
We would like to have dinner.
What would you like for breakfast?
Rolls with jam and honey?
Toast with sausage and cheese?
A boiled egg?
A fried egg?
An omelette?
Another yoghurt, please.
Some salt and pepper also, please.
Another glass of water, please.
At the Restaurant #4 – Audio #32
I’d like chips / French fries (am.) with ketchup.
And two with mayonnaise.
And three sausages with mustard.
What vegetables do you have?
Do you have beans?
Do you have cauliflower?
I like to eat (sweet) corn.
I like to eat cucumber.
I like to eat tomatoes.
Do you also like to eat leek?
Do you also like to eat sauerkraut?
Do you also like to eat lentils?
Do you also like to eat carrots?
Do you also like to eat broccoli?
Do you also like to eat peppers?
I don’t like onions.
I don’t like olives.
I don’t like mushrooms.
At the Train Station – Audio #33
When is the next train to Berlin?
When is the next train to Paris?
When is the next train to London?
When does the train for Warsaw leave?
When does the train for Stockholm leave?
When does the train for Budapest leave?
I’d like a ticket to Madrid.
I’d like a ticket to Prague.
I’d like a ticket to Bern.
When does the train arrive in Vienna?
When does the train arrive in Moscow?
When does the train arrive in Amsterdam?
Do I have to change trains?
From which platform does the train leave?
Does the train have sleepers?
I’d like a one-way ticket to Brussels.
I’d like a return ticket to Copenhagen.
What does a berth in the sleeper cost?
On the Train – Audio #34
Is that the train to Berlin?
When does the train leave?
When does the train arrive in Berlin?
Excuse me, may I pass?
I think this is my seat.
I think you’re sitting in my seat.
Where is the sleeper?
The sleeper is at the end of the train.
And where is the dining car? – At the front.
Can I sleep below?
Can I sleep in the middle?
Can I sleep at the top?
When will we get to the border?
How long does the journey to Berlin take?
Is the train delayed?
Do you have something to read?
Can one get something to eat and to drink here?
Could you please wake me up at 7 o’clock?
At the Airport – Audio #35
I’d like to book a flight to Athens.
Is it a direct flight?
A window seat, non-smoking, please.
I would like to confirm my reservation.
I would like to cancel my reservation.
I would like to change my reservation.
When is the next flight to Rome?
Are there two seats available?
No, we have only one seat available.
When do we land?
When will we be there?
When does a bus go to the city centre / center (am.)?
Is that your suitcase?
Is that your bag?
Is that your luggage?
How much luggage can I take?
Twenty kilos.
What? Only twenty kilos?
Public Transportation – Audio #36
Where is the bus stop?
Which bus goes to the city centre / center (am.)?
Which bus do I have to take?
Do I have to change?
Where do I have to change?
How much does a ticket cost?
How many stops are there before downtown / the city centre?
You have to get off here.
You have to get off at the back.
The next train is in 5 minutes.
The next tram is in 1 minutes.
The next bus is in 15 minutes.
When is the last train?
When is the last tram?
When is the last bus?
Do you have a ticket?
A ticket? – No, I don’t have one.
Then you have to pay a fine.
En Route – Audio #37
He drives a motorbike.
He rides a bicycle.
He walks.
He goes by ship.
He goes by boat.
He swims.
Is it dangerous here?
Is it dangerous to hitchhike alone?
Is it dangerous to go for a walk at night?
We got lost.
We’re on the wrong road.
We must turn around.
Where can one park here?
Is there a parking lot here?
How long can one park here?
Do you ski?
Do you take the ski lift to the top?
Can one rent skis here?
In the Taxi – Audio #38
Please call a taxi.
What does it cost to go to the station?
What does it cost to go to the airport?
Please go straight ahead.
Please turn right here.
Please turn left at the corner.
I’m in a hurry.
I have time.
Please drive slowly.
Please stop here.
Please wait a moment.
I’ll be back immediately.
Please give me a receipt.
I have no change.
That is okay, please keep the change.
Drive me to this address.
Drive me to my hotel.
Drive me to the beach.
Car Breakdown – Audio #39
Where is the next gas station?
I have a flat tyre / tire (am.).
Can you change the tyre / tire (am.)?
I need a few litres / liters (am.) of diesel.
I have no more petrol / gas (am.).
Do you have a petrol can / jerry can / gas can (am.)?
Where can I make a call?
I need a towing service.
I’m looking for a garage.
An accident has occurred.
Where is the nearest telephone?
Do you have a mobile / cell phone (am.) with you?
We need help.
Call a doctor!
Call the police!
Your papers, please.
Your licence / license (am.), please.
Your registration, please.
Asking for Directions – Audio #40
Excuse me!
Can you help me?
Is there a good restaurant around here?
Take a left at the corner.
Then go straight for a while.
Then go right for a hundred metres / meters (am.).
You can also take the bus.
You can also take the tram.
You can also follow me with your car.
How do I get to the football / soccer (am.) stadium?
Cross the bridge!
Go through the tunnel!
Drive until you reach the third traffic light.
Then turn into the first street on your right.
Then drive straight through the next intersection.
Excuse me, how do I get to the airport?
It is best if you take the underground / subway (am.).
Simply get out at the last stop.
Where is? – Audio #41
Where is the tourist information office?
Do you have a city map for me?
Can one reserve a room here?
Where is the old city?
Where is the cathedral?
Where is the museum?
Where can one buy stamps?
Where can one buy flowers?
Where can one buy tickets?
Where is the harbour / harbor (am.)?
Where is the market?
Where is the castle?
When does the tour begin?
When does the tour end?
How long is the tour?
I would like a guide who speaks German.
I would like a guide who speaks Italian.
I would like a guide who speaks French.
City Tour – Audio #42
Is the market open on Sundays?
Is the fair open on Mondays?
Is the exhibition open on Tuesdays?
Is the zoo open on Wednesdays?
Is the museum open on Thursdays?
Is the gallery open on Fridays?
Can one take photographs?
Does one have to pay an entrance fee?
How much is the entrance fee?
Is there a discount for groups?
Is there a discount for children?
Is there a discount for students?
What building is that?
How old is the building?
Who built the building?
I’m interested in architecture.
I’m interested in art.
I’m interested in paintings.
At the Zoo – Audio #43
The zoo is there.
The giraffes are there.
Where are the bears?
Where are the elephants?
Where are the snakes?
Where are the lions?
I have a camera.
I also have a video camera.
Where can I find a battery?
Where are the penguins?
Where are the kangaroos?
Where are the rhinos?
Where is the toilet / restroom (am.)?
There is a café over there.
There is a restaurant over there.
Where are the camels?
Where are the gorillas and the zebras?
Where are the tigers and the crocodiles?
Going Out in the Evening – Audio #44
Is there a disco here?
Is there a nightclub here?
Is there a pub here?
What’s playing at the theatre / theater (am.) this evening?
What’s playing at the cinema / movies (am.) this evening?
What’s on TV this evening?
Are tickets for the theatre / theater (am.) still available?
Are tickets for the cinema / movies (am.) still available?
Are tickets for the football / soccer am. game still available?
I want to sit in the back.
I want to sit somewhere in the middle.
I want to sit at the front.
Could you recommend something?
When does the show begin?
Can you get me a ticket?
Is there a golf course nearby?
Is there a tennis court nearby?
Is there an indoor swimming pool nearby?
At the Cinema – Audio #45
We want to go to the cinema.
A good film is playing today.
The film is brand new.
Where is the cash register?
Are seats still available?
How much are the admission tickets?
When does the show begin?
How long is the film?
Can one reserve tickets?
I want to sit at the back.
I want to sit at the front.
I want to sit in the middle.
The film was exciting.
The film was not boring.
But the book on which the film was based was better.
How was the music?
How were the actors?
Were there English subtitles?
In the Discotheque – Audio #46
Is this seat taken?
May I sit with you?
How do you like the music?
A little too loud.
But the band plays very well.
Do you come here often?
No, this is the first time.
I’ve never been here before.
Would you like to dance?
Maybe later.
I can’t dance very well.
It’s very easy.
I’ll show you.
No, maybe some other time.
Are you waiting for someone?
Yes, for my boyfriend.
There he is!
Preparing a Trip – Audio #47
You have to pack our suitcase!
Don’t forget anything!
You need a big suitcase!
Don’t forget your passport!
Don’t forget your ticket!
Don’t forget your traveller’s cheques / traveler’s checks (am.)!
Take some suntan lotion with you.
Take the sun-glasses with you.
Take the sun hat with you.
Do you want to take a road map?
Do you want to take a travel guide?
Do you want to take an umbrella?
Remember to take pants, shirts and socks.
Remember to take ties, belts and sports jackets.
Remember to take pyjamas, nightgowns and t-shirts.
You need shoes, sandals and boots.
You need handkerchiefs, soap and a nail clipper.
You need a comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
Vacation Activities – Audio #48
Is the beach clean?
Can one swim there?
Isn’t it dangerous to swim there?
Can one rent a sun umbrella / parasol here?
Can one rent a deck chair here?
Can one rent a boat here?
I would like to surf.
I would like to dive.
I would like to water ski.
Can one rent a surfboard?
Can one rent diving equipment?
Can one rent water skis?
I’m only a beginner.
I’m moderately good.
I’m pretty good at it.
Where is the ski lift?
Do you have skis?
Do you have ski boots?
Sports – Audio #49
Do you exercise?
Yes, I need some exercise.
I am a member of a sports club.
We play football / soccer (am.).
We swim sometimes.
Or we cycle.
There is a football / soccer (am.) stadium in our city.
There is also a swimming pool with a sauna.
And there is a golf course.
What is on TV?
There is a football / soccer (am.) match on now.
The German team is playing against the English one.
Who is winning?
I have no idea.
It is currently a tie.
The referee is from Belgium.
Now there is a penalty.
Goal! One – zero!
In the Swimming Pool – Audio #50
It is hot today.
Shall we go to the swimming pool?
Do you feel like swimming?
Do you have a towel?
Do you have swimming trunks?
Do you have a bathing suit?
Can you swim?
Can you dive?
Can you jump in the water?
Where is the shower?
Where is the changing room?
Where are the swimming goggles?
Is the water deep?
Is the water clean?
Is the water warm?
I am freezing.
The water is too cold.
I am getting out of the water now.
Running Errands – Audio #51
I want to go to the library.
I want to go to the bookstore.
I want to go to the newspaper stand.
I want to borrow a book.
I want to buy a book.
I want to buy a newspaper.
I want to go to the library to borrow a book.
I want to go to the bookstore to buy a book.
I want to go to the kiosk / newspaper stand to buy a newspaper.
I want to go to the optician.
I want to go to the supermarket.
I want to go to the bakery.
I want to buy some glasses.
I want to buy fruit and vegetables.
I want to buy rolls and bread.
I want to go to the optician to buy glasses.
I want to go to the supermarket to buy fruit and vegetables.
I want to go to the baker to buy rolls and bread.
In the Department Store – Audio #52
Shall we go to the department store?
I have to go shopping.
I want to do a lot of shopping.
Where are the office supplies?
I need envelopes and stationery.
I need pens and markers.
Where is the furniture?
I need a cupboard and a chest of drawers.
I need a desk and a bookshelf.
Where are the toys?
I need a doll and a teddy bear.
I need a football and a chess board.
Where are the tools?
I need a hammer and a pair of pliers.
I need a drill and a screwdriver.
Where is the jewellery / jewelry (am.) department?
I need a chain and a bracelet.
I need a ring and earrings.
Shops – Audio #53
We’re looking for a sports shop.
We’re looking for a butcher shop.
We’re looking for a pharmacy / drugstore (am.).
We want to buy a football.
We want to buy salami.
We want to buy medicine.
We’re looking for a sports shop to buy a football.
We’re looking for a butcher shop to buy salami.
We’re looking for a drugstore to buy medicine.
I’m looking for a jeweller / jeweler (am.).
I’m looking for a photo equipment store.
I’m looking for a confectionery.
I actually plan to buy a ring.
I actually plan to buy a roll of film.
I actually plan to buy a cake.
I’m looking for a jeweler to buy a ring.
I’m looking for a photo shop to buy a roll of film.
I’m looking for a confectionery to buy a cake.
Shopping – Audio #54
I want to buy a present.
But nothing too expensive.
Maybe a handbag?
Which color would you like?
Black, brown or white?
A large one or a small one?
May I see this one, please?
Is it made of leather?
Or is it made of plastic?
Of leather, of course.
This is very good quality.
And the bag is really very reasonable.
I like it.
I’ll take it.
Can I exchange it if needed?
Of course.
We’ll gift wrap it.
The cashier is over there.
Working – Audio #55
What do you do for a living?
My husband is a doctor.
I work as a nurse part-time.
We will soon receive our pension.
But taxes are high.
And health insurance is expensive.
What would you like to become some day?
I would like to become an engineer.
I want to go to college.
I am an intern.
I do not earn much.
I am doing an internship abroad.
That is my boss.
I have nice colleagues.
We always go to the cafeteria at noon.
I am looking for a job.
I have already been unemployed for a year.
There are too many unemployed people in this country.
Feelings – Audio #56
to feel like / want to
We feel like. / We want to.
We don’t feel like. / We do’t want to.
to be afraid
I’m afraid.
I am not afraid.
to have time
He has time.
He has no time.
to be bored
She is bored.
She is not bored.
to be hungry
Are you hungry?
Aren’t you hungry?
to be thirsty
They are thirsty.
They are not thirsty.
At the Doctor – Audio #57
I have a doctor’s appointment.
I have the appointment at ten o’clock.
What is your name?
Please take a seat in the waiting room.
The doctor is on his way.
What insurance company do you belong to?
What can I do for you?
Do you have any pain?
Where does it hurt?
I always have back pain.
I often have headaches.
I sometimes have stomach aches.
Remove your top!
Lie down on the examining table.
Your blood pressure is okay.
I will give you an injection.
I will give you some pills.
I am giving you a prescription for the pharmacy.
Parts of the Body – Audio #58
I am drawing a man.
First the head.
The man is wearing a hat.
One cannot see the hair.
One cannot see the ears either.
One cannot see his back either.
I am drawing the eyes and the mouth.
The man is dancing and laughing.
The man has a long nose.
He is carrying a cane in his hands.
He is also wearing a scarf around his neck.
It is winter and it is cold.
The arms are athletic.
The legs are also athletic.
The man is made of snow.
He is neither wearing pants nor a coat.
But the man is not freezing.
He is a snowman.
At the Post Office – Audio #59
Where is the nearest post office?
Is the post office far from here?
Where is the nearest mail box?
I need a couple of stamps.
For a card and a letter.
How much is the postage to America?
How heavy is the package?
Can I send it by air mail?
How long will it take to get there?
Where can I make a call?
Where is the nearest telephone booth?
Do you have calling cards?
Do you have a telephone directory?
Do you know the area code for Austria?
One moment, I’ll look it up.
The line is always busy.
Which number did you dial?
You have to dial a zero first!
At the Bank – Audio #60
I would like to open an account.
Here is my passport.
And here is my address.
I want to deposit money in my account.
I want to withdraw money from my account.
I want to pick up the bank statements.
I want to cash a traveller’s cheque / traveler’s check (am.).
What are the fees?
Where should I sign?
I’m expecting a transfer from Germany.
Here is my account number.
Has the money arrived?
I want to change money.
I need US-Dollars.
Could you please give me small notes / bills (am.)?
Is there a cashpoint / an ATM (am.)?
How much money can one withdraw?
Which credit cards can one use?
Ordinal Numbers – Audio #61
The first month is January.
The second month is February.
The third month is March.
The fourth month is April.
The fifth month is May.
The sixth month is June.
Six months make half a year.
January, February, March,
April, May and June.
The seventh month is July.
The eighth month is August.
The ninth month is September.
The tenth month is October.
The eleventh month is November.
The twelfth month is December.
Twelve months make a year.
July, August, September,
October, November and December.
Asking Questions #1 – Audio 62
to learn
Do the students learn a lot?
No, they learn a little.
to ask
Do you often ask the teacher questions?
No, I don’t ask him questions often.
to reply
Please reply.
I reply.
to work
Is he working right now?
Yes, he is working right now.
to come
Are you coming?
Yes, we are coming soon.
to live
Do you live in Berlin?
Yes, I live in Berlin.
Asking Questions #2 – Audio 63
I have a hobby.
I play tennis.
Where is the tennis court?
Do you have a hobby?
I play football / soccer (am.).
Where is the football / soccer (am.) field?
My arm hurts.
My foot and hand also hurt.
Is there a doctor?
I have a car / an automobile.
I also have a motorcycle.
Where could I park?
I have a sweater.
I also have a jacket and a pair of jeans.
Where is the washing machine?
I have a plate.
I have a knife, a fork and a spoon.
Where is the salt and pepper?
Negation #1 – Audio #64
I don’t understand the word.
I don’t understand the sentence.
I don’t understand the meaning.
the teacher
Do you understand the teacher?
Yes, I understand him well.
the teacher
Do you understand the teacher?
Yes, I understand her well.
the people
Do you understand the people?
No, I don’t understand them so well.
the girlfriend
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes, I do.
the daughter
Do you have a daughter?
No, I don’t.
Negation #2 – Audio #65
Is the ring expensive?
No, it costs only one hundred Euros.
But I have only fifty.
Are you finished?
No, not yet.
But I’ll be finished soon.
Do you want some more soup?
No, I don’t want anymore.
But another ice cream.
Have you lived here long?
No, only for a month.
But I already know a lot of people.
Are you driving home tomorrow?
No, only on the weekend.
But I will be back on Sunday.
Is your daughter an adult?
No, she is only seventeen.
But she already has a boyfriend.
Possessive Pronouns #1 – Audio #66
I – my
I can’t find my key.
I can’t find my ticket.
you – your
Have you found your key?
Have you found your ticket?
he – his
Do you know where his key is?
Do you know where his ticket is?
she – her
Her money is gone.
And her credit card is also gone.
we – our
Our grandfather is ill.
Our grandmother is healthy.
you – your
Children, where is your father?
Children, where is your mother?
Possessive Pronouns #2 – Audio #67
the glasses
He has forgotten his glasses.
Where has he left his glasses?
the clock
His clock isn’t working.
The clock hangs on the wall.
the passport
He has lost his passport.
Where is his passport then?
they – their
The children cannot find their parents.
Here come their parents!
you – your
How was your trip, Mr. Miller?
Where is your wife, Mr. Miller?
you – your
How was your trip, Mrs. Smith?
Where is your husband, Mrs. Smith?
Big & Small – Audio #68
big and small
The elephant is big.
The mouse is small.
dark and bright
The night is dark.
The day is bright.
old and young
Our grandfather is very old.
7 years ago he was still young.
beautiful and ugly
The butterfly is beautiful.
The spider is ugly.
fat and thin
A woman who weighs a hundred kilos is fat.
A man who weighs fifty kilos is thin.
expensive and cheap
The car is expensive.
The newspaper is cheap.
To Need & To Want To – Audio #69
I need a bed.
I want to sleep.
Is there a bed here?
I need a lamp.
I want to read.
Is there a lamp here?
I need a telephone.
I want to make a call.
Is there a telephone here?
I need a camera.
I want to take photographs.
Is there a camera here?
I need a computer.
I want to send an email.
Is there a computer here?
I need a pen.
I want to write something.
Is there a sheet of paper and a pen here?
To Like Something – Audio #70
Would you like to smoke?
Would you like to dance?
Would you like to go for a walk?
I would like to smoke.
Would you like a cigarette?
He wants a light.
I want to drink something.
I want to eat something.
I want to relax a little.
I want to ask you something.
I want to ask you for something.
I want to treat you to something.
What would you like?
Would you like a coffee?
Or do you prefer a tea?
We want to drive home.
Do you want a taxi?
They want to make a call.
To Want Something – Audio #71
What do you want to do?
Do you want to play football / soccer (am.)?
Do you want to visit friends?
to want
I don’t want to arrive late.
I don’t want to go there.
I want to go home.
I want to stay at home.
I want to be alone.
Do you want to stay here?
Do you want to eat here?
Do you want to sleep here?
Do you want to leave tomorrow?
Do you want to stay till tomorrow?
Do you want to pay the bill only tomorrow?
Do you want to go to the disco?
Do you want to go to the cinema?
Do you want to go to a café?
To Have to Do Something/Must – Audio #72
I must post the letter.
I must pay the hotel.
You must get up early.
You must work a lot.
You must be punctual.
He must fuel / get petrol / get gas (am.).
He must repair the car.
He must wash the car.
She must shop.
She must clean the apartment.
She must wash the clothes.
We must go to school at once.
We must go to work at once.
We must go to the doctor at once.
You must wait for the bus.
You must wait for the train.
You must wait for the taxi.
To Be Allowed to – Audio #73
Are you already allowed to drive?
Are you already allowed to drink alcohol?
Are you already allowed to travel abroad alone?
may / to be allowed
May we smoke here?
Is smoking allowed here?
May one pay by credit card?
May one pay by cheque / check (am.)?
May one only pay in cash?
May I just make a call?
May I just ask something?
May I just say something?
He is not allowed to sleep in the park.
He is not allowed to sleep in the car.
He is not allowed to sleep at the train station.
May we take a seat?
May we have the menu?
May we pay separately?
Asking for Something – Audio #74
Can you cut my hair?
Not too short, please.
A bit shorter, please.
Can you develop the pictures?
The pictures are on the CD.
The pictures are in the camera.
Can you fix the clock?
The glass is broken.
The battery is dead / empty.
Can you iron the shirt?
Can you clean the pants / trousers?
Can you fix the shoes?
Do you have a light?
Do you have a match or a lighter?
Do you have an ashtray?
Do you smoke cigars?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Do you smoke a pipe?
Giving Reasons #1 – Audio #75
Why aren’t you coming?
The weather is so bad.
I am not coming because the weather is so bad.
Why isn’t he coming?
He isn’t invited.
He isn’t coming because he isn’t invited.
Why aren’t you coming?
I have no time.
I am not coming because I have no time.
Why don’t you stay?
I still have to work.
I am not staying because I still have to work.
Why are you going already?
I am tired.
I’m going because I’m tired.
Why are you going already?
It is already late.
I’m going because it is already late.
Giving Reasons #2 – Audio #76
Why didn’t you come?
I was ill.
I didn’t come because I was ill.
Why didn’t she come?
She was tired.
She didn’t come because she was tired.
Why didn’t he come?
He wasn’t interested.
He didn’t come because he wasn’t interested.
Why didn’t you come?
Our car is damaged.
We didn’t come because our car is damaged.
Why didn’t the people come?
They missed the train.
They didn’t come because they missed the train.
Why didn’t you come?
I was not allowed to.
I didn’t come because I was not allowed to.
Giving Reasons #3 – Audio #77
Why aren’t you eating the cake?
I must lose weight.
I’m not eating it because I must lose weight.
Why aren’t you drinking the beer?
I have to drive.
I’m not drinking it because I have to drive.
Why aren’t you drinking the coffee?
It is cold.
I’m not drinking it because it is cold.
Why aren’t you drinking the tea?
I have no sugar.
I’m not drinking it because I don’t have any sugar.
Why aren’t you eating the soup?
I didn’t order it.
I’m not eating it because I didn’t order it.
Why don’t you eat the meat?
I am a vegetarian.
I’m not eating it because I am a vegetarian.
Adjectives #1 – Audio #78
an old lady
a fat lady
a curious lady
a new car
a fast car
a comfortable car
a blue dress
a red dress
a green dress
a black bag
a brown bag
a white bag
nice people
polite people
interesting people
loving children
cheeky children
well behaved children
Adjectives #2 – Audio #79
I am wearing a blue dress.
I am wearing a red dress.
I am wearing a green dress.
I’m buying a black bag.
I’m buying a brown bag.
I’m buying a white bag.
I need a new car.
I need a fast car.
I need a comfortable car.
An old lady lives at the top.
A fat lady lives at the top.
A curious lady lives below.
Our guests were nice people.
Our guests were polite people.
Our guests were interesting people.
I have lovely children.
But the neighbours have naughty children.
Are your children well behaved?
Adjectives #3 – Audio #80
She has a dog.
The dog is big.
She has a big dog.
She has a house.
The house is small.
She has a small house.
He is staying in a hotel.
The hotel is cheap.
He is staying in a cheap hotel.
He has a car.
The car is expensive.
He has an expensive car.
He reads a novel.
The novel is boring.
He is reading a boring novel.
She is watching a movie.
The movie is exciting.
She is watching an exciting movie.
Past Tense 1 – Audio #81
to write
He wrote a letter.
And she wrote a card.
to read
He read a magazine.
And she read a book.
to take
He took a cigarette.
She took a piece of chocolate.
He was disloyal, but she was loyal.
He was lazy, but she was hard-working.
He was poor, but she was rich.
He had no money, only debts.
He had no luck, only bad luck.
He had no success, only failure.
He was not satisfied, but dissatisfied.
He was not happy, but sad.
He was not friendly, but unfriendly.
Past Tense 2 – Audio #82
Did you have to call an ambulance?
Did you have to call the doctor?
Did you have to call the police?
Do you have the telephone number? I had it just now.
Do you have the address? I had it just now.
Do you have the city map? I had it just now.
Did he come on time? He could not come on time.
Did he find the way? He could not find the way.
Did he understand you? He could not understand me.
Why could you not come on time?
Why could you not find the way?
Why could you not understand him?
I could not come on time because there were no buses.
I could not find the way because I had no city map.
I could not understand him because the music was so loud.
I had to take a taxi.
I had to buy a city map.
I had to switch off the radio.
Past Tense 3 – Audio #83
to make a call
I made a call.
I was talking on the phone all the time.
to ask
I asked.
I always asked.
to narrate
I narrated.
I narrated the whole story.
to study
I studied.
I studied the whole evening.
to work
I worked.
I worked all day long.
to eat
I ate.
I ate all the food.
Past Tense 4 – Audio #84
to read
I read.
I read the whole novel.
to understand
I understood.
I understood the whole text.
to answer
I answered.
I answered all the questions.
I know that – I knew that.
I write that – I wrote that.
I hear that – I heard that.
I’ll get it – I got it.
I’ll bring that – I brought that.
I’ll buy that – I bought that.
I expect that – I expected that.
I’ll explain that – I explained that.
I know that – I knew that.
Questions Past Tense #1 – Audio #85
How much did you drink?
How much did you work?
How much did you write?
How did you sleep?
How did you pass the exam?
How did you find the way?
Who did you speak to?
With whom did you make an appointment?
With whom did you celebrate your birthday?
Where were you?
Where did you live?
Where did you work?
What did you suggest?
What did you eat?
What did you come to know?
How fast did you drive?
How long did you fly?
How high did you jump?
Questions Past Tense #2 – Audio #86
Which tie did you wear?
Which car did you buy?
Which newspaper did you subscribe to?
Who did you see?
Who did you meet?
Who did you recognize?
When did you get up?
When did you start?
When did you finish?
Why did you wake up?
Why did you become a teacher?
Why did you take a taxi?
Where did you come from?
Where did you go?
Where were you?
Who did you help?
Who did you write to?
Who did you reply to?
Past Tense of Modal Verbs #1 – Audio #87
We had to water the flowers.
We had to clean the apartment.
We had to wash the dishes.
Did you have to pay the bill?
Did you have to pay an entrance fee?
Did you have to pay a fine?
Who had to say goodbye?
Who had to go home early?
Who had to take the train?
We did not want to stay long.
We did not want to drink anything.
We did not want to disturb you.
I just wanted to make a call.
I just wanted to call a taxi.
Actually I wanted to drive home.
I thought you wanted to call your wife.
I thought you wanted to call information.
I thought you wanted to order a pizza.
Past Tense of Modal Verbs #2 – Audio #88
My son did not want to play with the doll.
My daughter did not want to play football / soccer (am.).
My wife did not want to play chess with me.
My children did not want to go for a walk.
They did not want to tidy the room.
They did not want to go to bed.
He was not allowed to eat ice cream.
He was not allowed to eat chocolate.
He was not allowed to eat sweets.
I was allowed to make a wish.
I was allowed to buy myself a dress.
I was allowed to take a chocolate.
Were you allowed to smoke in the airplane?
Were you allowed to drink beer in the hospital?
Were you allowed to take the dog into the hotel?
During the holidays the children were allowed to remain outside late.
They were allowed to play in the yard for a long time.
They were allowed to stay up late.
Imperative #1 – Audio #89
You are so lazy – don’t be so lazy!
You sleep for so long – don’t sleep so late!
You come home so late – don’t come home so late!
You laugh so loudly – don’t laugh so loudly!
You speak so softly – don’t speak so softly!
You drink too much – don’t drink so much!
You smoke too much – don’t smoke so much!
You work too much – don’t work so much!
You drive too fast – don’t drive so fast!
Get up, Mr. Miller!
Sit down, Mr. Miller!
Remain seated, Mr. Miller!
Be patient!
Take your time!
Wait a moment!
Be careful!
Be punctual!
Don’t be stupid!
Imperative #2 – Audio #90
Wash yourself!
Comb your hair!
Leave it!
Say it!
Buy it!
Never be dishonest!
Never be naughty!
Never be impolite!
Always be honest!
Always be nice!
Always be polite!
Hope you arrive home safely!
Take care of yourself!
Do visit us again soon!
Subordinate Clauses: That #1 – Audio #91
Perhaps the weather will get better tomorrow.
How do you know that?
I hope that it gets better.
He will definitely come.
Are you sure?
I know that he’ll come.
He’ll definitely call.
I believe that he’ll call.
The wine is definitely old.
Do you know that for sure?
I think that it is old.
Our boss is good-looking.
Do you think so?
I find him very handsome.
The boss definitely has a girlfriend.
Do you really think so?
It is very possible that he has a girlfriend.
Subordinate Clauses: That #2 – Audio #92
I’m angry that you snore.
I’m angry that you drink so much beer.
I’m angry that you come so late.
I think he needs a doctor.
I think he is ill.
I think he is sleeping now.
We hope that he marries our daughter.
We hope that he has a lot of money.
We hope that he is a millionaire.
I heard that your wife had an accident.
I heard that she is in the hospital.
I heard that your car is completely wrecked.
I’m happy that you came.
I’m happy that you are interested.
I’m happy that you want to buy the house.
I’m afraid the last bus has already gone.
I’m afraid we will have to take a taxi.
I’m afraid I have no more money.
Subordinate Clauses: if – Audio #93
I don’t know if he loves me.
I don’t know if he’ll come back.
I don’t know if he’ll call me.
Maybe he doesn’t love me?
Maybe he won’t come back?
Maybe he won’t call me?
I wonder if he thinks about me.
I wonder if he has someone else.
I wonder if he lies.
Maybe he thinks of me?
Maybe he has someone else?
Maybe he tells me the truth?
I doubt whether he really likes me.
I doubt whether he’ll write to me.
I doubt whether he’ll marry me.
Does he really like me?
Will he write to me?
Will he marry me?
Conjunctions 1 – Audio #94
Wait until the rain stops.
Wait until I’m finished.
Wait until he comes back.
I’ll wait until my hair is dry.
I’ll wait until the film is over.
I’ll wait until the traffic light is green.
When do you go on holiday?
Before the summer holidays?
Yes, before the summer holidays begin.
Repair the roof before the winter begins.
Wash your hands before you sit at the table.
Close the window before you go out.
When will you come home?
After class?
Yes, after the class is over.
After he had an accident, he could not work anymore.
After he had lost his job, he went to America.
After he went to America, he became rich.
Conjunctions 2 – Audio #95
Since when is she no longer working?
Since her marriage?
Yes, she is no longer working since she got married.
Since she got married, she’s no longer working.
Since they have met each other, they are happy.
Since they have had children, they rarely go out.
When does she call?
When driving?
Yes, when she is driving.
She calls while she drives.
She watches TV while she irons.
She listens to music while she does her work.
I can’t see anything when I don’t have glasses.
I can’t understand anything when the music is so loud.
I can’t smell anything when I have a cold.
We’ll take a taxi if it rains.
We’ll travel around the world if we win the lottery.
We’ll start eating if he doesn’t come soon.
Conjunctions 3 – Audio #96
I get up as soon as the alarm rings.
I become tired as soon as I have to study.
I will stop working as soon as I am 6.
When will you call?
As soon as I have a moment.
He’ll call, as soon as he has a little time.
How long will you work?
I’ll work as long as I can.
I’ll work as long as I am healthy.
He lies in bed instead of working.
She reads the newspaper instead of cooking.
He is at the bar instead of going home.
As far as I know, he lives here.
As far as I know, his wife is ill.
As far as I know, he is unemployed.
I overslept; otherwise I’d have been on time.
I missed the bus; otherwise I’d have been on time.
I didn’t find the way / I got lost; otherwise I’d have been on time.
Conjunctions 4 – Audio #97
He fell asleep although the TV was on.
He stayed a while although it was late.
He didn’t come although we had made an appointment.
The TV was on. Nevertheless, he fell asleep.
It was already late. Nevertheless, he stayed a while.
We had made an appointment. Nevertheless, he didn’t come.
Although he has no license, he drives the car.
Although the road is slippery, he drives so fast.
Although he is drunk, he rides his bicycle.
Despite having no licence / license (am.), he drives the car.
Despite the road being slippery, he drives fast.
Despite being drunk, he rides the bike.
Although she went to college, she can’t find a job.
Although she is in pain, she doesn’t go to the doctor.
Although she has no money, she buys a car.
She went to college. Nevertheless, she can’t find a job.
She is in pain. Nevertheless, she doesn’t go to the doctor.
She has no money. Nevertheless, she buys a car.
Double Connectors – Audio #98
The journey was beautiful, but too tiring.
The train was on time, but too full.
The hotel was comfortable, but too expensive.
He’ll take either the bus or the train.
He’ll come either this evening or tomorrow morning.
He’s going to stay either with us or in the hotel.
She speaks Spanish as well as English.
She has lived in Madrid as well as in London.
She knows Spain as well as England.
He is not only stupid, but also lazy.
She is not only pretty, but also intelligent.
She speaks not only German, but also French.
I can neither play the piano nor the guitar.
I can neither waltz nor do the samba.
I like neither opera nor ballet.
The faster you work, the earlier you will be finished.
The earlier you come, the earlier you can go.
The older one gets, the more complacent one gets.
Genitive – Audio #99
my girlfriend’s cat
my boyfriend’s dog
my children’s toys
This is my colleague’s overcoat.
That is my colleague’s car.
That is my colleagues’ work.
The button from the shirt is gone.
The garage key is gone.
The boss’ computer is not working.
Who are the girl’s parents?
How do I get to her parents’ house?
The house is at the end of the road.
What is the name of the capital city of Switzerland?
What is the title of the book?
What are the names of the neighbour’s / neighbor’s (am.) children?
When are the children’s holidays?
What are the doctor’s consultation times?
What time is the museum open?
Adverbs – Audio #100
already – not yet
Have you already been to Berlin?
No, not yet.
someone – no one
Do you know someone here?
No, I don’t know anyone here.
a little longer – not much longer
Will you stay here a little longer?
No, I won’t stay here much longer.
something else – nothing else
Would you like to drink something else?
No, I don’t want anything else.
something already – nothing yet
Have you already eaten something?
No, I haven’t eaten anything yet.
someone else – no one else
Does anyone else want a coffee?
No, no one else.

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