Second Anniversary

This morning WordPress reminded me that today is the second year anniversary of my first language notebook-style blog, which is this one…focused on French. Before you look at my calendar and wonder…I backdated many entries to keep the timeline correct.

I had never studied the French language, and being an American, I have no financial gain or reason to learn other languages. I have no secret language skills, like many Europeans do. In other countries, students are taught English for eight years, and many others, like Finland, broadcast shows in their native languages without subtitles or native voice-overs.

It is not surprising that Americans are monolinguals. With out love of guns, and the fact that so many Americans have served in the military, we rest assured that we will never be invaded by others, unlike Europeans or those in Asian countries. We don’t drive down a highway, and accidentally take a wrong exit, only to find ourselves in another country that speaks another language entirely.

If I was European, I would speak at least five languages, giving myself the best career opportunities possible. I actually spend a lot of time helping Asians with their English essays, and their English language skills = money. Pure and simple.

Over the past two years, I have shown you how to learn Spanish, Italian, German, French, and now Korean, using Internet resources that are free. Using a free website like Duolingo, and many other specialty websites, you can transform the hour you waste watching idiotic TV shows, into achieving a language skill, or two, or five….or more.

I demonstrated my process and techniques, and hopefully you have learned from this and developed many of your own. The goal is to always make administering your new language easier, spending more time speaking and listening to your new language, and less time typing.


3 thoughts on “Second Anniversary

  1. tmikeporter April 2, 2016 / 8:41 am

    Certainly to me, this is a great service. Thank you. My biggest challenge with French is the listening comprehension. I’m decent at vocabulary. Struggling some with passé compose on verbs…ahh, French verb forms! My French teacher teaches in 100% French and as a native speaker, I have a lot of difficulty understanding her.

    • Toussaint April 2, 2016 / 11:36 am

      I also have problems with listening comprehension, and I think it’s because I visually learned French first, and subconsciously attached English sounds to what I was seeing. I focus on hearing the words now, when I work with pages like:

      and my Quizlet decks. If Quizlet allowed you to add notes to a card, like Anki does, the time savings provided by Quizlet’s automatic audio fetch would make it my favorite.

      • tmikeporter April 5, 2016 / 8:41 pm

        Reply appreciated

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