Quick Quizlet Creation

This may be valuable information to you, and I don’t want to leave it buried in the comments…

It’s incredibly easy to copy two-columned lists into Quizlet (from Word, Excel, etc), and they show how to do it here:


On my Korean blog, I posted an entry summarizing all of the other tricks to importing/exporting lists into and out of Excel/Anki/Quizlet, here:


As an example, I work with this page all the time:


If I wanted to create a Quizlet deck (and the Quizlet site will automatically add the audio for me), I would copy and paste the columns into Excel, delete the titled lines (any line without the English and French), and then copy and paste the finished Excel columns into Quizlet, following the directions in the first link of this post. The result would be this:


Besides the cards themselves, there are several other tools that Quizlet offers. Try the “Learn” button, after you’ve mastered the flashcards, and you will be challenged to take your knowledge to another level. Now try the other site functions with your “deck”.

Now you understand why I put all of my wordlists on all of my language blogs into simple two-column formats (except Korean, I use three-columns, but you know how to combine texts from two columns into one, and we’ve been using Anki on the Korean blog so far). You can simply copy and drop the two-column list from my blogs into Quizlet, and you’re off to the races.


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