50 Languages French – Quizlet Decks

For the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to the audio files on the 50 Languages French website, in order to refresh my language skills. I did not purchase their companion book, because I have other grammar books, and this website’s entries. If I had no other French language books, I would probably purchase their product because I find their audio files, and the progression of their lessons, very logical. Unlike Duolingo, the sentences they have presented are very usable in real life.


The audio files are also downloadable so that I can put them on my MP3 player and listen while I have my daily walk. This collection contains 1800 words and phrases. We can get even more use out of them, as study material, by changing how we study with them, and we’ve seen that Quizlet presents us with that opportunity. As I’ve shown, it takes no time at all to create Quizlet study decks, that can be manipulated to present the self-learner with various recall challenges. Below are the links to the Quizlet decks I created from this series of audio files, each set containing the words/phrases found in 10 audio files. Each audio file contains around 18 words or phrases.

For comparison, Duolingo French presents the user with almost 7000 sentences, and close to 1900 vocabulary words. Which approach seems like it would yield the best results? Discuss.











As another point of comparison, although Anki has a built-in time interval, creating a deck from scratch can be very time consuming, especially with text-to-speech audio fetches. Quizlet generates the audio instantly, and you can repeat words and phrases at will. I like to keep a deck open on my laptop, and occasionally work through a deck, during the day, when I have “dead time”. I can also listen to the audio files using my car radio’s auxiliary connection, and tiny MP3 player, during my work commute.


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