Daily Audio in French

I’ve been thinking of more ways to use Quizlet as a language learning tool, and it occurred to me that I could construct French conversations, and allow the program to read them to me. The program allows me to repeat the phrases and test myself until I feel satisfied that I have it down pat. I’ll give you an example of my first one.


They say that after you’ve said a phrase five times, you should have it for life, so this may be something I make part of my daily ritual…creating a conversation, or finding the transcript to one, and quickly copying it into a Quizlet deck.


2 thoughts on “Daily Audio in French

  1. Johnny Le April 19, 2016 / 4:17 pm

    Which features of Quizlet that allows you to let the program read to you and allows you to repeat the phrases and test until you feel satisfied? Is it the flashcard? I use Quizlet but I don’t feel I use it well.

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