A New French Podcaster

As many of you know, Marie of the podcast “L’avis de Marie” has gotten married, and after seven years of podcasts, she made her final one (#157) near the end of December of last year.


The Migros podclub has a new podcaster for French, Isabelle, who you will find here:


Similar format, and so far, so good. I have not caught up to her seventh podcast yet, as I am in the process of completing translations of Marie’s enormous body of work. The podcasts on the Migros site, if you have not worked with them, are excellent sources for advanced French conversation, and for improving your listening skills. You can download the MP3 for free, and use the site as needed. Of course I have all 157 of Marie’s podcast MP3’s, which average 10 MB in size, and I enjoy listening to her on a regular basis.

When people ask what they can do once they finish the Duolingo Tree, I always recommend that you listen to podcasts like these, read the French, translate to English, and review the vocabulary list at the end of each lesson. Language learners pay a lot of money for a resource like this, and here it is, FREE. There are also podcasters in English, Spanish, Italian and German…so for me, it’s perfect.

If you are unaware, when you play the MP3 on the website, the text is highlighted, to help you follow along. If you miss a sentence, simply click the text and the MP3 automatically cues to that text. What a great feature. You can hear a phrase over and over, on demand, until you’ve got it.


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