Audiobook – Le Chien des Baskerville Chapter 6

If you wish to have the French transcript of this video, this is how you accomplish the task. Play the video in YouTube, and beneath the screen there is “More”, with a selection for “Transcript”. Highlight, copy and then paste into Excel (text only).

To remove the time from the lines, place this formula in the B column, starting at the B1 cell, “=RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-4)”. Fill down until you get to over 10 minutes, where you change the formula to “=RIGHT(A#,LEN(A#)-5)”. The # is the starting row. Fill down. Then copy the lines from the B column, and paste them into a Word type document, using paste unformatted text. The transcript will still have some breaks and typos, but you’re 95% done.


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