7 Jours sur la planéte

7 Jours sur la planéte has around 70 videos on YouTube, and grows at around two or three per week. You can immerse yourself in French easily by watching their collection and subscribing to their channel. I like the fact that the subtitles are in an area where I can cover and uncover them when I am working on a listening exercise. These videos are from TV5MONDE, and the home website is found here:


On the bottom of their main page, you can choose your listening level of difficulty. There is also an app for smartphones:


This French channel is politically left, so you have been warned.

Enseignez le français avec l’émission : http://tv5m.tv/7jslp-enseigner

Apprenez le français avec l’émission :
– au niveau A2 : http://tv5m.tv/7JSLPExercicesA2
– au niveau B1 : http://tv5m.tv/7JSLPExercicesB1
– au niveau B2 : http://tv5m.tv/7JSLPExercicesB2


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