Verb Conjugation Cheat Sheets

The post that receives the most hits on this and my other language blogs, is always the one that contains a picture of a verb conjugation timeline. You know the one….

I actually put this together using multiple sources in Excel, and took a screen shot. I recently discovered that I could post spreadsheets on the blog, so here is my collection…when you click it, the spreadsheet is downloaded.


I have not finished my Spanish version though, so if you do, please copy me on it. It is difficult to improve on this version though. If you are a teacher or instructor, and have an idea on how to rearrange, change, add/subtract or modify in some other way, please do so…and think about sending me a copy by making a comment. I’ll see your e-mail address on the comment and make a request. Likewise, if you make one in another language (like Portuguese), send me a copy.


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