Essay Writing

No one actually asks me how I write a decent French essay, but if they did I would tell them:

  1. I can construct sentences using basic vocabulary and grammar rules, but when I am tasked with translating something which is idiomatic, I use this website: Enter your phrase and the site will display several matches. I believe the site uses data mining. The website has dozens of language translations, and all you need to do is activate the drop-down box.
  2. Google Translate ( allows you to take what you have written in your target language, and confirm your translation. Often, a simple change of the verb can save you from a major translation misstep.
  3. Go visual with (, by simply entering the phrase you believe fits and seeing if the visual world of images matches what you believe to be true. Often I find myself on, with a French visual object, which leads to an article on a French website that clarifies everything.
  4. I also use Google and Bing search engines to find articles on a French topic or word, after establishing the French using Google Translate.
  5. Often I find that I have a weakness in a certain area of French. Thank goodness for this website:
  6. A very good source for phrases and ideas, is to search a topic on Wikipedia, and see if there is an entry in French by looking on the left-hand side, under “Languages”. I often click the “Français”, which will hyperlink me to the entry made on the French version of Wikipedia.
  7. And finally, since I cataloged the “Balades” and “L’avis de Marie” podcasts, (I featured many of those entries on this website), I have a PDF for each that allows me to search phrases or words that they may have used.

As promised, this is the PDF I used to check essays in English:

English Grammar Checker



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