Essay – L’avis de Marie vs. Balades

Récemment, j’ai remarqué que les podcasts réalisés par Marie (L’avis de Marie) sont beaucoup plus lents que ceux interprétés par Isabelle (Balades), après avoir joué l’un de chaque podcast, à dos. Afin de prouver que cela était vrai ou faux, j’ai utilisé un site Web qui vous permet de coller du texte dans une fenêtre, et l’application du site effectuera un compte de mots et de caractères:

Recently, I have noticed that podcasts performed by Marie (L’avis de Marie) are much slower than those performed by Isabelle (Balades), after playing one of each podcast, back to back. In order to prove this to be true or false, I used a website that allows you to paste text into a window, and the site’s application will perform a word and character count:

Je compare ensuite la longueur du MP3 au nombre de mots / caractères parlés. Après plusieurs comparaisons, j’ai une idée générale de combien de mots ils parlent par unité de temps. Voici un excellent exemple. Dans L’avis de Marie # 150, il y a 1323 mots et 7626 caractères. Marie utilise 11 minutes et six secondes pour donner son podcast.

I then compare the length of the MP3 to the number of words/characters spoken. After several comparisons, I have a general idea of how many words they speak per unit of time. Here is an excellent example. In L’avis de Marie #150, there are 1323 words and 7626 characters. Marie uses 11 minutes and six seconds to give her podcast.

Dans Balades # 32, il y a 1308 mots et 7646 caractères. Isabelle donne son podcast en neuf minutes et trente huit secondes. C’est un peu plus de dix pour cent plus rapide que Marie, et c’est remarquable pour moi. L’essentiel est d’utiliser le podcast qui est le plus facile à comprendre et dispose également de plus de fonctionnalités. Les derniers podcasts de Marie pour Marie ont présenté une fonction automatique de repère, où vous placez votre flèche sur le texte et cliquez. Le MP3 se déclenche automatiquement à cet endroit. Ceci est très pratique lorsque vous essayez de maîtriser une certaine phrase et que vous souhaitez l’entendre plusieurs fois en peu de temps.

In Balades #32, there are 1308 words and 7646 characters. Isabelle gives her podcast in nine minutes and thirty eight seconds. That is a little over ten percent faster than Marie, and it is noticeable to me. The bottom line is to use the podcast that is easiest to understand, and also has more features. The final fifty podcasts for Marie, featured an automatic cue function, where you place your arrow on the text and click. The MP3 automatically cues itself at that location. This is very practical when you are trying to master a certain phrase, and would like to hear it several times in a small period of time. 

Notes: In this essay, I wanted to use a few phrases, like “bottom line” to force myself to look up French equivalents. The Linguee English-French website gives me bénéfice net as an option, with a lesser used résultat financier listed. The external sources show other ways to establish the noun phrase, like “en un mot”, “des bénéfices”, “résultats”, “ce qui importe” and of course, the French often simply use the English phrase itself:

English: But Rogers has a bottom line approach, meaning that its interest is in knowing how much can be made.

French: Par contre, Rogers a plutôt une approche bottom line, c’est à dire qu’il est intéressé de savoir combien ça rapporte à la fin.

Linguee’s website comes in many languages and is another great Internet resource that I use “tout le temps”.


6 thoughts on “Essay – L’avis de Marie vs. Balades

  1. cathyc July 31, 2017 / 6:27 am

    Coincidentally I’d been listening to them both recently and thought Isabelle is easier to understand – but I think her style of writing/subject material is simpler.

  2. Patricia H E July 31, 2017 / 11:46 am

    I’m in love with Balades, j’adore Isabelle, et c’est tout grace à vous! Merci beaucoup de me l’avoir présenter 🙂

    • Toussaint July 31, 2017 / 4:17 pm

      I’m happy to hear that I introduced you to them. I like them so much that I used my German to convince a server that I was not in America, and downloaded their app to my iPad. As you’ve probably seen, I created a PDF with all of their podcasts and my translations, and use it to word/phrase search.

      • Patricia H E August 1, 2017 / 5:45 am

        Wow. I take it you speak German too! That’s awesome 😎. I haven’t seen your PDFs with the balades translations. I do see them in your blog as posts, and get them via email. (I’m subscribed to your feed). Where do you keep them?

      • Toussaint August 1, 2017 / 7:28 am

        German was my language in college and I kept a blog for when I refreshed my memory of it. The PDF you seek is at the very bottom of my Balades #35 post.

      • Patricia H E August 1, 2017 / 7:52 am

        Thank you! I have been uploading Balades’ text and audio to LingQ. I can handle all the vocabulary and phrases there. I’m new to LingQ but I’m loving it. It’s truly phenomenal ! Thanks again for all that you share in your blog. I’m amazed at your dedication

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