After Duolingo

It’s very common for people to post the fact that they completed the Duolingo lesson, and would like to know what to do next. There a lot of things you can do to take yourself to a higher level. I’ll give you some follow-up ideas….

1) You can review material that is not covered in Duolingo, on these sites:

2) You can download a free book or two, maybe even an audio book, here:

3) You can see if you can read these three children’s stories fluently:

4) Listen to French language podcasts, every few days, and see if you can comprehend listening without reading, try a translation, etc.

5) Read French newspapers, magazines and on-line media everyday:

6) Keep developing your French listening skills:

7) Submit writings, like a daily diary of what you did that day, or simple thoughts, in French, to:

8) Watch TV

9) Listen to radio:

10) Prepare for a trip with a phrase book:

11) Watch movies with French captioning:

12) Practice text/audio/video chats with natives on:

13) Maintain a journal or diary in your new language, writing down what you did that day (present, present perfect), what you did yesterday (past simple, passe compose, past perfect), what you plan to do tomorrow (future, future perfect) and what you may do (conditional, conditional perfect).