Alexandre Dumas – Les trois Mousquetaires

To find a copy of the French book, “Les trois Mousquetaires”, by Alexandre Dumas, go here:

The videos below do not have subtitles on the screen and are merely audio-books, but this link will give you the text so you can read along:

The link above is for the text of all four books. There are four videos (below), or “livres” (books). The first one covers the Introduction to the end of Chapitre XX Voyage. The second video begins at Chiptre XXI La Comtesse de Winter. The third video begins at Chapitre XLI Le Siège de la Rochelle. The fourth video begins at  Chapitre LXI Le Couvent des Carmélites de Béthune and runs to the end.

Total run time for book one is almost nine hours. Two and three are similar in length, and the final book, is just under two-and-a-half hours. I was going to present all 65 chapters, one per day with translation, but then I thought you might want to make the decision of how you are going to tackle the material, and that is after all, up to you.



Audiobook – Le Chien des Baskerville Chapter 13 (Final)

Well, we’ve arrived at the last chapter in this audio-book series. If you’ve been having as challenging an experience as I have, your French is growing. These readings may have been very challenging for you, and they certainly were for me. Whenever I put myself in an uncomfortable language learning situation, I find that the material I thought was difficult before, certainly doesn’t seem that difficult anymore, now that I’ve worked with very difficult material. We’re going to bring the intensity down a bit, work on some newscasts and podcasts for a while, and they should feel not nearly as intimidating as they used to.