Basic Vocabulary Lists

One of the tools I use to gather a quick framework of a language’s vocabulary, is an Excel file, with a categorized list of words, that can easily be copied into Google Translate. Although there will be mistakes caused by synonyms (i.e. bear/to bear), I can get quickly up to speed. Here is a list with English, Italian, and French, which you may like to work with.

Adjectives accessible accessibile accessible
Adjectives accused accusato accusé
Adjectives ambitious ambizioso ambitieux
Adjectives amusing divertente amusant
Adjectives angry arrabbiato en colère
Adjectives annoyed infastidito agacé
Adjectives ashamed vergognoso honteux
Adjectives assure/insured assicurare / assicurato assurer / assurés
Adjectives athletic atletico athlétique
Adjectives attached attaccato attaché
Adjectives bad male mauvais
Adjectives beautiful bello beau
Adjectives better, best meglio, meglio mieux, meilleur
Adjectives big grande grand
Adjectives boring noioso ennuyeux
Adjectives bright luminoso clair
Adjectives capable capace capable
Adjectives careful attento prudent
Adjectives certain certo certain
Adjectives charged/loaded carica / caricato chargé / chargée
Adjectives clever intelligente intelligent
Adjectives close/near vicino / vicino près de
Adjectives conscious consapevole conscient
Adjectives content/satisfied content / soddisfatto contenu / satisfaits
Adjectives contrary contrario contraire
Adjectives crazy pazzo fou
Adjectives curious curioso curieux
Adjectives cute carino mignon
Adjectives dear caro cher
Adjectives decorated decorato décoré
Adjectives desirous desideroso désireux
Adjectives different diverso différent
Adjectives difficult difficile difficile
Adjectives dirty sporco sale
Adjectives elegant elegante élégant
Adjectives empty vuoto vide
Adjectives enthusiastic entusiasta enthousiaste
Adjectives exempt esente exempt
Adjectives exposed esposto exposé
Adjectives famous famoso célèbre
Adjectives fast veloce rapide
Adjectives favorable favorevole favorable
Adjectives fit/worthy fit / degno ajustement / digne
Adjectives foreign straniera étranger
Adjectives full pieno plein
Adjectives fun divertimento amusement
Adjectives funny divertente drôle
Adjectives furious furioso furieux
Adjectives generous generoso généreux
Adjectives good buono bon
Adjectives happy felice heureux
Adjectives hard-working laborioso travailleur
Adjectives heavy pesante lourd
Adjectives honest onesto honnête
Adjectives impatient impaziente impatient
Adjectives inferior/lower inferiore / bassa inférieure / inférieure
Adjectives interesting interessante intéressant
Adjectives known conosciuto connu
Adjectives large grande grand
Adjectives lazy pigro paresseux
Adjectives little piccolo peu
Adjectives long lungo longue
Adjectives loud, noisy rumoroso, rumoroso fort, bruyant
Adjectives naked/bare nudo / nuda nu / nu
Adjectives nervous nervoso nerveux
Adjectives new nuovo nouveau
Adjectives nice bello agréable
Adjectives old vecchio vieux
Adjectives only solo seulement
Adjectives opposite di fronte opposé
Adjectives optimistic ottimista optimiste
Adjectives perfect perfetto parfait
Adjectives pessimistic pessimistico pessimiste
Adjectives pleasant piacevole agréable
Adjectives pointed appuntito pointu
Adjectives pretentious pretenzioso prétentieux
Adjectives pretty piuttosto assez
Adjectives previous/earlier precedente / precedente précédente / tôt
Adjectives private privato privé
Adjectives ready pronto prêt
Adjectives sad triste triste
Adjectives sensitive delicato sensible
Adjectives several alcuni plusieurs
Adjectives short (length) breve (lunghezza) courte (longueur)
Adjectives shy timido timide
Adjectives similar simile similaire
Adjectives situated situato situé
Adjectives slow lento lent
Adjectives soft morbido doux
Adjectives sorry scusate désolé
Adjectives standard standard standard
Adjectives stubborn testardo têtu
Adjectives superior/higher superiore / superiore supérieure / supérieur
Adjectives sure sicuro sûr
Adjectives terrible terribile terrible
Adjectives tight, narrow stretto, stretto serré, étroit
Adjectives tired stanco fatigué
Adjectives tolerant tollerante tolérant
Adjectives touching toccante émouvant
Adjectives useful utile utile
Adjectives worried preoccupato inquiet
Adjectives young giovane jeune
Adverbs (Time) ago fa Il ya
Adverbs (Time) already già déjà
Adverbs (Time) immediately immediatamente immédiatement
Adverbs (Time) last night la notte scorsa la nuit dernière
Adverbs (Time) lately ultimamente récemment
Adverbs (Time) later più tardi plus tard
Adverbs (Time) next week la prossima settimana la semaine prochaine
Adverbs (Time) now ora maintenant
Adverbs (Time) recently recentemente récemment
Adverbs (Time) right now adesso maintenant
Adverbs (Time) soon presto bientôt
Adverbs (Time) still ancora encore
Adverbs (Time) then poi (or)allora (consequence) puis
Adverbs (Time) this morning stamattina ce matin
Adverbs (Time) today oggi aujourd’hui
Adverbs (Time) tomorrow domani demain
Adverbs (Time) tonight stasera ce soir
Adverbs (Time) yesterday ieri hier
Adverbs (Time) yet ancora encore
Adverbs (Place) anywhere ovunque, in qualsiasi luogo ne importe où
Adverbs (Place) away via un moyen
Adverbs (Place) everywhere ovunque partout
Adverbs (Place) here qui ici
Adverbs (Place) home casa maison
Adverbs (Place) nowhere da nessuna parte nulle part
Adverbs (Place) out fuori dehors
Adverbs (Place) over there laggiù là-bas
Adverbs (Place) there
Adverbs (Manner) absolutely assolutamente absolument
Adverbs (Manner) almost quasi presque
Adverbs (Manner) alone da solo seul
Adverbs (Manner) barely a mala pena à peine
Adverbs (Manner) carefully attentamente (or)con cura soigneusement
Adverbs (Manner) fast veloce rapide
Adverbs (Manner) hard con fatica, tenacemente dur
Adverbs (Manner) hardly appena (or)a fatica à peine
Adverbs (Manner) mostly per la maggiparte surtout
Adverbs (Manner) pretty piuttosto assez
Adverbs (Manner) quickly rapidamente rapidement
Adverbs (Manner) quite abbastanza assez
Adverbs (Manner) really veramente vraiment
Adverbs (Manner) slowly lentamente lentement
Adverbs (Manner) together insieme ensemble
Adverbs (Manner) very molto très
Adverbs (Manner) well bene bien
Adverbs (Frequency) always sempre toujours
Adverbs (Frequency) frequently frequentemente souvent
Adverbs (Frequency) never mai jamais
Adverbs (Frequency) occasionally occasionalmente de temps en temps
Adverbs (Frequency) rarely raramente rarement
Adverbs (Frequency) seldom raramente rarement
Adverbs (Frequency) sometimes a volte parfois
Adverbs (Frequency) usually solitamente habituellement
Animals ant formica fourmi
Animals antelope antilope antilope
Animals antenna antenna antenne
Animals bat pipistrello chauve-souris
Animals beak becco bec
Animals bear orso ors
Animals bee ape abeille
Animals bird uccello oiseau
Animals blackbird merlo merle
Animals bull toro taureau
Animals butterfly farfalla papillon
Animals calf vitello veau
Animals cat gatto chat
Animals caterpillar bruco chenille
Animals cheetah ghepardo guépard
Animals chicken pollo poulet
Animals chimpanzee scimpanzé chimpanzé
Animals claw artiglio griffe
Animals cockroach scarafaggio cafard
Animals cod merluzzo morue
Animals cocoon bozzolo cocon
Animals cow mucca vache
Animals crayfish gambero écrevisse
Animals crocodile coccodrillo crocodile
Animals crow corvo corneille
Animals deer cervo cerf
Animals dog cane chien
Animals donkey asino baudet
Animals dragonfly libellula libellule
Animals duck anatra canard
Animals eagle aquila aigle
Animals eel anguilla anguille
Animals elephant elefante éléphant
Animals feather piuma plume
Animals fin pinna nageoire
Animals fish pesce poisson
Animals flea pulce puce
Animals fly volare voler
Animals fox volpe renard
Animals frog rana grenouille
Animals gill branchia lamelle
Animals giraffe giraffa girafe
Animals goat capra chèvre
Animals goose oca oie
Animals gorilla gorilla gorille
Animals grasshopper cavalletta sauterelle
Animals hamster criceto hamster
Animals hare lepre lièvre
Animals hen gallina poule
Animals herring aringa hareng
Animals hoof zoccolo sabot
Animals horn corno corne
Animals horse cavallo cheval
Animals hummingbird colibrì colibri
Animals iguana iguana iguane
Animals insect insetto insecte
Animals kitten gattino chaton
Animals ladybug coccinella coccinelle
Animals lamb agnello agneau
Animals lark allodola alouette
Animals lion leone lion
Animals lizard lucertola lézard
Animals lobster (spiny) aragosta (spinosa) homard (épineux)
Animals louse pidocchio pou
Animals mackerel sgombro maquereau
Animals mole talpa taupe
Animals monkey scimmia singe
Animals mosquito zanzara moustique
Animals moth falena mite
Animals mouse mouse souris
Animals mule mulo mule
Animals mussel mitilo moule
Animals nest nido nid
Animals nightingale usignolo rossignol
Animals octopus polpo poulpe
Animals ostrich struzzo autruche
Animals owl gufo hibou
Animals ox bue bœuf
Animals oyster ostrica huître
Animals parrot pappagallo perroquet
Animals partridge pernice perdrix
Animals penguin pinguino manchot
Animals pig maiale porc
Animals pigeon piccione pigeon
Animals pike luccio brochet
Animals pony pony poney
Animals puppy cucciolo chiot
Animals rabbit coniglio lapin
Animals raccoon procione raton laveur
Animals rat ratto rat
Animals rooster gallo coq
Animals salmon salmone saumon
Animals scale scala échelle
Animals scorpion Scorpione scorpion
Animals sea gull gabbiano mouette
Animals seal sigillo sceau
Animals shark squalo requin
Animals sheep pecora mouton
Animals shrimp gamberetto crevette
Animals slug lumaca limace
Animals snail lumaca escargot
Animals snake serpente serpent
Animals sparrow passero moineau
Animals spider ragno araignée
Animals squid calamaro calmar
Animals squirrel scoiattolo écureuil
Animals swallow rondine avaler
Animals swan cigno cygne
Animals tadpole girino têtard
Animals tail coda queue
Animals tiger tigre tigre
Animals toad rospo crapaud
Animals trout trota truite
Animals tuna tonno thon
Animals turkey tacchino dinde
Animals turtle tartaruga tortue
Animals wasp vespa guêpe
Animals weasel donnola belette
Animals whale balena baleine
Animals wing ala aile
Animals wolf lupo loup
Animals worm verme ver
Animals zebra zebra zèbre
Appliances Air Conditioner Condizionatore Climatisation
Appliances Answering machine Segreteria telefonica Répondeur automatique
Appliances Appliances Elettrodomestici Électroménager
Appliances Blender Miscelatore Mixer
Appliances Can opener Apriscatole Ouvre-boîte
Appliances Clothes Dryer Asciugatrice Sèche-Linge
Appliances Coffee maker Macchina da caffè Cafetière
Appliances Coffee press Coffee stampa presse à café
Appliances Computer Computer Ordinateur
Appliances Dishwasher Lavastoviglie Lave-Vaisselle
Appliances Fan Ventilatore Ventilateur
Appliances Freezer Congelatore Congélateur
Appliances Fridge Frigorifero Frigo
Appliances Hair Dryer Asciugacapelli Sèche-Cheveux
Appliances Microwave Microonda Micro-onde
Appliances Mixer / Beater Mixer / Beater Mixer / Battes
Appliances Oven Forno Four
Appliances Radio Radio Radio
Appliances Refrigerator Frigorifero Réfrigérateur
Appliances Remote Control Telecomando Télécommande
Appliances Stereo Stereo Stéréo
Appliances Stove Fornello Poêle
Appliances Television Televisione Télévision
Appliances Thermostat Termostato Thermostat
Appliances Toaster Tostapane Grille-pain
Appliances VCR VCR Magnétoscope
Appliances Washing Machine Lavatrice Machine À Laver
Arts acteur acteur acteur
Arts actress attrice actrice
Arts applaud applaudire applaudir
Arts audience pubblico public
Arts boo fischio huer
Arts bust busto buste
Arts canvas tela toile
Arts director direttore directeur
Arts easel cavalletto chevalet
Arts film film film
Arts film bob pellicola bob film de Bob
Arts frame telaio cadre
Arts model modello modèle
Arts paint vernice peindre
Arts paintbrush pennello pinceau
Arts painter pittore peintre
Arts pallette pallette pallette
Arts pedastel pedastel pedastel
Arts projector proiettore projecteur
Arts screen schermo écran
Arts sculptor scultore sculpteur
Arts stage fase étape
Arts statue statua statue
Arts tickets Biglietti billets
Baby Related baby bambino bébé
Baby Related baby carriage carrozzina landau
Baby Related baby clothes vestiti del bambino vêtements de bébé
Baby Related baby food alimenti per bambini nourriture pour bébés
Baby Related baby names nomi del bambino noms de bébé
Baby Related baby room baby room chambre bébé
Baby Related ball palla balle
Baby Related balloon palloncino ballon
Baby Related bib bavaglino bavoir
Baby Related birth nascita naissance
Baby Related blocks blocchi blocs
Baby Related bottle bottiglia bouteille
Baby Related carousel carosello carrousel
Baby Related carriage carrozza transport
Baby Related cradle culla berceau
Baby Related crib culla lit de bébé
Baby Related delivery consegna livraison
Baby Related diaper pannolino couche
Baby Related doll bambola poupée
Baby Related fetus feto fœtus
Baby Related high chair seggiolone chaise haute
Baby Related hopscotch campana marelle
Baby Related infant infantile nourrisson
Baby Related kids bambini enfants
Baby Related kite aquilone cerf-volant
Baby Related marbles marmi marbres
Baby Related maze labirinto labyrinthe
Baby Related newborn baby neonato nouveau-né
Baby Related nursing allattamento soins
Baby Related pacifier pacificatore sucette
Baby Related pregnancy gravidanza grossesse
Baby Related pregnant incinta enceinte
Baby Related puppet burattino fantoche
Baby Related rattle sonaglio hochet
Baby Related rollerblades rollerblades rollers
Baby Related rollerskates pattini a rotelle patins à roulettes
Baby Related safety pin spilla da balia épingle de sûreté
Baby Related seesaw altalena bascule
Baby Related slide scivolo diapositive
Baby Related stroller passeggino poussette
Baby Related stuffed animals animali di peluche peluches
Baby Related swing swing swing
Baby Related teddybear orsacchiotto ours en peluche
Baby Related to give birth dare alla luce donner naissance
Baby Related top top haut
Baby Related toys giocattoli jouets
Baby Related wagon carro wagon
Banking bill fattura projet de loi
Banking check verificare vérifier
Banking checkbook libretto di assegni carnet de chèque
Banking credit card carta di credito carte de crédit
Banking drive-thru window drive-thru finestra drive-thru fenêtre
Banking filing cabinet Classificatore classeur
Banking lock serratura bloquer
Banking notepad notepad bloc-notes
Banking safe sicuro coffre-fort
Banking safety deposit box cassetta di sicurezza coffre de sécurité
Banking security camera telecamera di sicurezza caméra de sécurité
Banking security guard guardia di sicurezza garde de sécurité
Banking teller cassiere caissier
Basic Phrases I do not speak Spanish Non parlo spagnolo Je ne parle pas espagnol
Basic Phrases Do you understand? Capisci? Est-ce que tu comprends?
Basic Phrases I understand Capisco Je comprends
Basic Phrases I do not understand Non capisco Je ne comprends pas
Basic Phrases Can you help me? Mi potete aiutare? Pouvez-vous m’aider?
Basic Phrases Of course Naturalmente Bien sûr
Basic Phrases How? Come? Comment?
Basic Phrases Hold / Hold Tenere / Tenere Maintenez / Hold
Basic Phrases I know Lo so Je sais
Basic Phrases I do not know Non lo so Je ne sais pas
Basic Phrases Where is … / Where are … Dove si trova … / Dove sono … Où est … / Où sont …
Basic Phrases Here / Here Qui / Qui Ici / Là
Basic Phrases There is … / There was … C’è … / C’era … Il est … / … Il y avait
Basic Phrases How do you say ____ in French? Come si dice in francese ____? Comment dites-vous ____ en français?
Basic Phrases What is this? Cos’è questo? Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Basic Phrases What up? Cosa succede? Comment ça va?
Basic Phrases Never mind Non importa Ça ne fait rien
Basic Phrases What happen? Che succede? Qu’est-ce qui se passe?
Basic Phrases I have no idea Non ne ho idea Je n’ai aucune idée
Basic Phrases I’m tired (e) Sono stanco (e) Je suis fatigué (e)
Basic Phrases I’m sick Sono malato Je suis malade
Basic Phrases I’m hungry / I thirst Ho fame / Ho sete Je ai faim / Je ai soif
Basic Phrases I’m hot / I’m cold Ho caldo / ho freddo Je suis chaud / Je ai froid
Basic Phrases I’m bored Sono annoiato Je m’ennuie
Basic Phrases I do not mind. Non mi importa. Cela ne me dérange pas.
Basic Phrases Do not worry Non preoccuparti Ne vous inquiétez pas
Basic Phrases It does not matter Non importa Peu importe
Basic Phrases I forgot Ho dimenticato J’ai oublié
Basic Phrases I have to go Devo andare Je dois y aller
Basic Phrases To you wishes! A voi i desideri! Pour vous souhaite!
Basic Phrases Good luck! Buona fortuna! Bonne chance!
Basic Phrases It is for you! È per te! C’est pour vous!
Basic Phrases Shut up Stai zitto Tais-toi
Basic Phrases I love you Ti amo Je te aime
Basic Phrases I miss you Mi manchi Tu me manques
Basic Phrases What’s new? Cosa c’è di nuovo? Quoi de neuf?
Basic Phrases Not much Non tanto Pas beaucoup
Basic Phrases Good Morning Buongiorno Bonjour
Basic Phrases Good Evening Buonasera Bonsoir
Basic Phrases Good night Buonanotte Bonne nuit
Basic Phrases Hi Ciao Salut
Basic Phrases Bye for now Arrivederci Au revoir
Basic Phrases Please Per Favore Se il vous plaît
Basic Phrases Thank you (much) Grazie mille) Merci beaucoup)
Basic Phrases You’re welcome Prego De rien
Basic Phrases I beg you Ti prego Je vous en prie
Basic Phrases Welcome (e) Welcome (e) Bienvenue (e)
Basic Phrases Let’s go Andiamo Allons-y
Basic Phrases A while ago Un po ‘di tempo fa Il y a un moment
Basic Phrases See you later Arrivederci A plus tard
Basic Phrases See you soon A presto À bientôt
Basic Phrases See you tomorrow Ci vediamo domani À demain
Basic Phrases I’m sorry (e) Mi dispiace (e) Je suis désolé (e)
Basic Phrases We are sorry! Ci dispiace! Nous sommes désolés!
Basic Phrases Excuse me! Scusami! Excusez-moi!
Basic Phrases How are you Come stai Comment allez-vous
Basic Phrases I’m fine Sto bene Je vais bien
Basic Phrases Very good/bad/not bad Molto buono / cattivo / non male Très bon / mauvais / pas mal
Basic Phrases It’s okay? Va bene? Ça va?
Basic Phrases It’s okay Va bene Ça va
Basic Phrases Yes / no Sì no Oui Non
Basic Phrases What is your name? Come ti chiami? Quel est votre nom?
Basic Phrases My name Il mio nome Mon nom
Basic Phrases Enchante (e) Enchante (e) Enchante (e)
Basic Phrases Mr., Mrs., Ms. Mr., Mrs., la signora M., Mme, Mme
Basic Phrases Ladies and gentlemen Signore e signori Mesdames et Messieurs
Basic Phrases Where are you from? Da dove vieni? D’où êtes-vous?
Basic Phrases You’re from where? Di dove sei? Vous êtes d’où?
Basic Phrases I’m … I just … Sono … ho solo … Je suis … je ai juste …
Basic Phrases Where do you live? Dove vivi? Ou habites tu?
Basic Phrases You live where? Dove vivi? Vous habitez où?
Basic Phrases I live in … Abito a … Je vis à …
Basic Phrases How old are u? Quanti anni hai? Quel âge avez-vous?
Basic Phrases How old are you? Quanti anni hai? Quel âge avez-vous?
Basic Phrases I ____ years I ____ anni Je ____ année
Basic Phrases Do you speak French? Parli francese? Parlez-vous français?
Basic Phrases Do you speak English? Lei parla inglese? Parlez-vous anglais?
Basic Phrases I speak German Parlo tedesco Je parle allemand
Bathroom Appartment Appartamento Appartement
Bathroom bathrobe accappatoio peignoir de bain
Bathroom bathroom bagno salle de bain
Bathroom blush arrossire rougir
Bathroom bubble bath bagno con schiuma bain moussant
Bathroom Building Costruzione Bâtiment
Bathroom College College Collège
Bathroom comb pettine peigne
Bathroom curling iron ferro arricciacapelli fer à friser
Bathroom dental floss filo interdentale fil dentaire
Bathroom dental floss filo interdentale fil dentaire
Bathroom deodorant deodorante déodorant
Bathroom electric shaver rasoio elettrico rasoir électrique
Bathroom eye liner eye liner eye liner
Bathroom eye shadow ombretto ombre à paupières
Bathroom faucet/tap rubinetto / tap robinet / robinet
Bathroom flusher flusher chasse d’eau
Bathroom foundation fondazione fondation
Bathroom Grammar school Scuola di grammatica Lycée
Bathroom hair brush spazzola per capelli brosse à cheveux
Bathroom hairdryer asciugacapelli sèche-cheveux
Bathroom lotion lozione lotion
Bathroom Mansion Palazzo Château
Bathroom Market Mercato Marché
Bathroom mirror specchio miroir
Bathroom mousse mousse mousse
Bathroom mouthwash collutorio eau dentifrice
Bathroom pads pads tampons
Bathroom razor rasoio rasoir
Bathroom shampoo shampoo shampooing
Bathroom shampoo shampoo shampooing
Bathroom shaving blade lama rasatura lame de rasage
Bathroom shaving cream schiuma da barba crème à raser
Bathroom Shop Shop Boutique
Bathroom shower gel bagnoschiuma gel douche
Bathroom sink lavello évier
Bathroom soap sapone savon
Bathroom tampons assorbente interno tampons
Bathroom to brush one’s teeth a lavarsi i denti se brosser les dents
Bathroom to shave radersi raser
Bathroom to take a shower a fare la doccia prendre une douche
Bathroom toilet paper carta igienica papier toilette
Bathroom toothbrush spazzolino da denti brosse à dents
Bathroom toothbrush spazzolino da denti brosse à dents
Bathroom toothpaste dentifricio dentifrice
Bathroom towel asciugamano serviette
Body Parts ankle caviglia cheville
Body Parts arm braccio bras
Body Parts back indietro arrière
Body Parts beard barba barbe
Body Parts belly button ombelico nombril
Body Parts bladder vescica vessie
Body Parts blond biondo blond
Body Parts blood sangue sang
Body Parts body corpo corps
Body Parts bone osso os
Body Parts brain cervello cerveau
Body Parts brunette brunetta brunette
Body Parts butt culo crosse
Body Parts cheek guancia joue
Body Parts chest petto poitrine
Body Parts chin mento menton
Body Parts ear orecchio oreille
Body Parts elbow gomito coude
Body Parts eye/s eye / s des yeux / s
Body Parts eyebrows sopracciglia sourcils
Body Parts eyelashes ciglio cils
Body Parts face faccia visage
Body Parts fingers dita doigts
Body Parts fist pugno poing
Body Parts foot piede pied
Body Parts forehead fronte front
Body Parts hair capelli cheveux
Body Parts hand mano main
Body Parts head testa tête
Body Parts heart cuore cœur
Body Parts hip anca hanche
Body Parts kidney rene rein
Body Parts knee ginocchio genou
Body Parts leg gamba jambe
Body Parts light brown marrone chiaro marron clair
Body Parts lip labbro lèvre
Body Parts lungs polmoni poumons
Body Parts mouth bocca bouche
Body Parts mustache baffi moustache
Body Parts nails unghie ongles
Body Parts neck collo cou
Body Parts nose naso nez
Body Parts piercing penetrante perçant
Body Parts red-head red-head rousse
Body Parts rib costola nervure
Body Parts shin stinco tibia
Body Parts shoulder spalla épaule
Body Parts skin pelle peau
Body Parts stomach / belly stomaco / pancia l’estomac / ventre
Body Parts tattoo tatuaggio tatouage
Body Parts thigh coscia cuisse
Body Parts throat gola gorge
Body Parts thumb pollice pouce
Body Parts toes dita dei piedi orteils
Body Parts tongue lingua langue
Body Parts tooth dente dent
Body Parts waist vita taille
Body Parts wrist polso poignet
Camping air mattress materassino gonfiabile matelas d’air
Camping axe ascia hache
Camping backpack zaino sac à dos
Camping barbecue barbecue barbecue
Camping bench panchina banc
Camping binoculars binocolo jumelles
Camping bug repellant bug repellente répulsif bug
Camping camp bed branda lit de camp
Camping camper van camper caravane
Camping campfire fuoco di bivacco feu de camp
Camping camping campeggio camping
Camping camping stove fornello da campeggio réchaud
Camping camping campeggio camping
Camping campsite campeggio terrain de camping
Camping canoe canoa canoë
Camping canteen mensa cantine
Camping caravan/mobile home Roulotte / camper caravane / mobile home
Camping charcoal carbone charbon de bois
Camping compass bussola boussole
Camping electric hoop-up elettrico hoop-up cerceau électrique rapproché
Camping firelighter accendifuoco allume-feu
Camping flashlight torcia elettrica lampe de poche
Camping flashlight/torch Torcia / lampe de poche / torche
Camping flysheet doppio tetto tente extérieure
Camping full pieno plein
Camping ground sheet catino tapis de sol
Camping guy rope corda guy hauban
Camping hammock amaca hamac
Camping lantern lanterna lanterne
Camping map mappa carte
Camping mosquito net zanzariera moustiquaire
Camping oar remo aviron
Camping path sentiero chemin
Camping pebble sassolino caillou
Camping picnic bench panca picnic banc de pique-nique
Camping pitch intonazione terrain
Camping pitches availalbe piazzole availalbe emplacements availalbe
Camping restrooms servizi igienici toilettes
Camping rock roccia rock
Camping shelter rifugio abri
Camping showers docce douches
Camping site manager’s office l’ufficio del gestore del sito le bureau du directeur du site
Camping sleeping bag sacco a pelo sac de couchage
Camping spike punta épi
Camping stone pietra pierre
Camping stump ceppo moignon
Camping tent tenda tente
Camping tent frame struttura della tenda armature de tente
Camping tent peg tent peg piquet de tente
Camping tent pole palo della tenda mât de tente
Camping tent tenda tente
Camping thermos/vacuum flask thermos / fiasco vuoto thermos / flacon de vide
Camping to camp al campo camper
Camping to light a fire accendere un fuoco pour allumer un feu
Camping to pitch/put up a tent per lanciare / piantare una tenda à la hauteur / monter une tente
Camping torch torcia torche
Camping trailer trailer remorque
Camping trash cans bidoni poubelles
Camping walking boots stivali da passeggio bottes de marche
Camping water bottle bottiglia d’acqua bouteille d’eau
Camping waterproofs impermeabilizza imperméabilise
Car Related accelerator acceleratore accélérateur
Car Related air conditioning aria condizionata climatisation
Car Related air hose tubo dell’aria tuyau d’air
Car Related battery batteria batterie
Car Related body (of car) corpo (di auto) corps (de la voiture)
Car Related brake freno frein
Car Related brake light (on car) luce freno (in auto) lumière de frein (sur la voiture)
Car Related bumper paraurti pare-chocs
Car Related car auto voiture
Car Related dashboard cruscotto tableau de bord
Car Related directional signal segnale direzionale signal directionnel
Car Related door porta porte
Car Related door handle maniglia poignée de porte
Car Related driver’s license patente permis de conduire
Car Related fender parafango garde-boue
Car Related gas cap protezione di gas chapeau de gaz
Car Related gas pump pompa di benzina pompe à essence
Car Related gas tank serbatoio réservoir de gaz
Car Related gasoline benzina essence
Car Related headlights fari phares
Car Related heater riscaldatore chauffage
Car Related hood cappuccio capot
Car Related hubcap coprimozzo enjoliveur
Car Related license plate targa plaque d’immatriculation
Car Related motor motore moteur
Car Related steering wheel volante volant
Car Related tire pneumatico pneu
Car Related wheel ruota roue
Car Related window finestra fenêtre
Car Related windshield parabrezza pare-brise
Car Related windshield wipers tergicristalli essuie-glaces
Clothes allergy allergia allergie
Clothes belt cintura ceinture
Clothes blazer/coat giacca / cappotto Blazer / manteau
Clothes blouse camicetta chemisier
Clothes boots stivali bottes
Clothes bowtie papillon nœud papillon
Clothes boxer shorts boxer caleçon boxeur
Clothes bra reggiseno soutien-gorge
Clothes bracelet braccialetto bracelet
Clothes briefs slip slips
Clothes cap berretto chapeau
Clothes chain catena chaîne
Clothes charm fascino charme
Clothes coat cappotto manteau
Clothes decorative scarf sciarpa decorativa écharpe décorative
Clothes dress vestito robe
Clothes earrings orecchini boucles d’oreilles
Clothes flip flops infradito tongs
Clothes flip-flops infradito tongs
Clothes flowery fiorito fleuri
Clothes frilly frilly à fanfreluches
Clothes glittery glittery pailleté
Clothes gloves guanti gants
Clothes hat cappello chapeau
Clothes heels tacchi talons
Clothes high heels tacchi alti talons hauts
Clothes hooded jacket giacca con cappuccio veste à capuche
Clothes jacket giacca veste
Clothes jeans jeans jeans
Clothes jewelry gioielli bijoux
Clothes long shorts pantaloncini lunghi shorts longs
Clothes man’s shirt camicia dell’uomo la chemise de l’homme
Clothes man’s suit vestito da uomo costume de l’homme
Clothes mittens guanti mitaines
Clothes necklace collana collier
Clothes pajamas pigiama pyjamas
Clothes panties mutandine culotte
Clothes pants pantaloni pantalon
Clothes pin perno goupille
Clothes pocket tasca poche
Clothes raincoat impermeabile imperméable
Clothes ring ring anneau
Clothes sandal sandalo sandale
Clothes scarf sciarpa écharpe
Clothes shoe scarpa chaussure
Clothes shorts shorts short
Clothes size (clothes) Dimensioni (vestiti) Taille (vêtements)
Clothes size (shoes) dimensioni (scarpe) taille (chaussures)
Clothes skirt gonna jupe
Clothes sleeve manica manche
Clothes slip scivolare glissement
Clothes slipper shoes scarpe pantofola chaussures pantoufle
Clothes slippers pantofole chaussons
Clothes sneakers scarpe da ginnastica chaussures de tennis
Clothes sock calzino chaussette
Clothes spotted maculato tacheté
Clothes striped strisce rayé
Clothes sweater maglione chandail
Clothes swimsuit costume da bagno maillot de bain
Clothes tank/halter top canotta / capestro réservoir / haut licou
Clothes tennis shoes scarpe da tennis chaussures de tennis
Clothes thong laccio lanière
Clothes tie cravatta lien
Clothes track suit tuta survêtement
Clothes t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt
Clothes turtleneck dolcevita col roulé
Clothes tuxedo smoking smoking
Clothes underwear biancheria intima sous-vêtements
Clothes underwire bra reggiseno ferretto soutien-gorge
Clothes vest/cardigan maglia / cardigan veste / gilet
Clothes woman’s suit vestito della donna Le costume de la femme
Coffee/Tea Bergamot (Earl Grey) Bergamotto (Earl Grey) Bergamote (Earl Grey)
Coffee/Tea Black chocolate Nero chocolat Chocolat noir
Coffee/Tea Box of tea Box di tè Boîte de thé
Coffee/Tea Camomile Camomilla Camomille
Coffee/Tea Cappuccino Cappuccino Cappuccino
Coffee/Tea Capsule of coffee Capsule di caffè Capsule de café
Coffee/Tea Coffee Caffè Café
Coffee/Tea Coffee cream Crema Caffè crème à café
Coffee/Tea Coffee filter Filtro Coffee Filtre à café
Coffee/Tea Coffee grinder Macinacaffè Moulin à café
Coffee/Tea Coffee liquor Liquore al caffè liqueur de café
Coffee/Tea Coffee pot Caffettiera Cafetière
Coffee/Tea Coffee spoon Cucchiaino da caffè Cuillère à café
Coffee/Tea Cold chocolate Chocolat freddo Chocolat froide
Coffee/Tea Cup of coffee Tazza di caffè Tasse de café
Coffee/Tea Cup of tea Tazza di tè Tasse de thé
Coffee/Tea Decafinated Decaffeinato Decafinated
Coffee/Tea Expresso machine Macchina Expresso Machine Expresso
Coffee/Tea Goblet Calice Gobelet
Coffee/Tea Herbal tea Tè alle erbe Thé aux herbes
Coffee/Tea Herbal tea pot Herbal teiera Pot de tisane
Coffee/Tea Hot chocolate Chocolat caldo Chocolat chaud
Coffee/Tea Iced coffee Caffè ghiacciato Café glacé
Coffee/Tea Iced tea Tè freddo Thé glacé
Coffee/Tea Instant coffee Caffè istantaneo Café instantané
Coffee/Tea Lemon tea Tè al limone Thé au citron
Coffee/Tea Lime (lime tree) Lime (tiglio) Lime (tilleul)
Coffee/Tea Loose tea Tè sfuso Thé en vrac
Coffee/Tea Milk coffee Caffè latte café au lait
Coffee/Tea Mint tea Tè alla menta Thé à la menthe
Coffee/Tea Sauceur Sauceur Sauceur
Coffee/Tea Tea Thé
Coffee/Tea Tea bag Bustina di tè Sachet de thé
Coffee/Tea Tea pot Teiera Théière
Coffee/Tea Verain Verain Verain
Colors Black Nero Noir
Colors Blue Blu Bleu
Colors Brown Marrone Brun
Colors Gold Oro Or
Colors Gray Grigio Gris
Colors Green Verde Vert
Colors Orange Arancione Orange
Colors Pink Rosa Rose
Colors Purple Porpora Pourpre
Colors Red Rosso Rouge
Colors Silver Argento Argent
Colors White Bianco Blanc
Colors Yellow Giallo Jaune
Computer attachment attaccamento attachement
Computer bookmark segnalibro signet
Computer bulletin board albo tableau d’affichage
Computer cabinet mobile cabinet
Computer cable cavo câble
Computer chat room chat room tchat
Computer computer computer ordinateur
Computer disk disco disque
Computer document documento document
Computer DSL DSL DSL
Computer e-mail e-mail email
Computer external HD HD esterno HD externe
Computer fax machine fax télécopieur
Computer flashdrive flashdrive lecteur flash
Computer homepage home page page d’accueil
Computer internet Internet Internet
Computer internet user utente internet L’internaute
Computer laptop laptop portatif
Computer link collegamento lien
Computer memo promemoria note
Computer memory card scheda di memoria carte mémoire
Computer monitor monitore moniteur
Computer online in linea en ligne
Computer password password mot de passe
Computer photocopier fotocopiatrice photocopieur
Computer printer stampante imprimeur
Computer scanner scanner scanner
Computer search engine motore di ricerca moteur de recherche
Computer software software logiciel
Computer to attach allegare attacher
Computer to download scaricare télécharger
Computer to scroll up / down per scorrere verso l’alto / basso pour faire défiler vers le haut / bas
Computer to sign on / off a firmare on / off à signer on / off
Computer typewriter macchina da scrivere machine à écrire
Computer web browser programma di navigazione in rete navigateur Web
Computer website sito web site Web
Conjunctions according to secondo selon
Conjunctions actually realmente en fait
Conjunctions after dopo après
Conjunctions against contro contre
Conjunctions although sebbene bien que
Conjunctions among tra entre
Conjunctions anyway comunque de toute façon
Conjunctions approximately circa environ
Conjunctions around in giro autour
Conjunctions as for quanto a pour ce qui est de
Conjunctions as long as finchè à condition que
Conjunctions as soon as appena dès que
Conjunctions as though come se comme si
Conjunctions at / to / in a / a / a au / à / au
Conjunctions at least almeno au moins
Conjunctions at the house of a casa di à la maison de
Conjunctions at, with a, con à, avec
Conjunctions because perché parce que
Conjunctions because of per colpa di à cause de
Conjunctions before prima avant
Conjunctions besides inoltre outre
Conjunctions by / through by / attraverso par / à travers
Conjunctions by the way a proposito au fait
Conjunctions consequently di conseguenza donc
Conjunctions down giù vers le bas
Conjunctions during durante pendant
Conjunctions either… or o … o l’un ou l’autre
Conjunctions especially specialmente notamment
Conjunctions even if anche se même si
Conjunctions except tranne sauf
Conjunctions far from lontano da loin de
Conjunctions finally infine enfin
Conjunctions for / because per / perché pour / parce
Conjunctions for example per esempio par exemple
Conjunctions for, in order to per, per pour, dans le but de
Conjunctions from / of / about da / di / su à partir de / du / au sujet
Conjunctions from, as soon da, appena à partir, dès
Conjunctions however / yet tuttavia / ancora Toutefois / encore
Conjunctions in in en
Conjunctions in brief / in short in breve / in breve en bref / en bref
Conjunctions in conclusion insomma en conclusion
Conjunctions in front, ahead di fronte, avanti en face, devant
Conjunctions in order to per afin de
Conjunctions in other words in altre parole autrement dit
Conjunctions in spite of nonostante malgré
Conjunctions in, by in, per dans, par
Conjunctions in, into, from in, in, dal dans, dans, à partir de
Conjunctions inside dentro à l’intérieur
Conjunctions less di meno moins
Conjunctions moreover / furthermore inoltre / inoltre, ailleurs / outre
Conjunctions near, nearby, close by nei pressi, vicino, vicino proximité, à proximité, près de
Conjunctions nevertheless tuttavia cependant
Conjunctions of, from, some, any di, da alcuni, qualsiasi de, de, certains, toute
Conjunctions on the contrary anzi au contraire
Conjunctions on the other hand d’altra parte d’autre part
Conjunctions on, upon su, su sur, sur
Conjunctions outside fuori extérieur
Conjunctions outside of al di fuori en dehors de
Conjunctions over / above over / sopra plus / ci-dessus
Conjunctions rather piuttosto plutôt
Conjunctions similarly allo stesso modo similaire
Conjunctions since da depuis
Conjunctions since, for poiché, per étant donné que, pour
Conjunctions so così si
Conjunctions that is to say vale a dire c’est-à-dire
Conjunctions that’s why ecco perché voilà pourquoi
Conjunctions then poi puis
Conjunctions through / across tramite / attraverso par / à travers
Conjunctions thus quindi ainsi
Conjunctions to, at, in a, a, a à, à, dans
Conjunctions to, up to, until a, fino a, fino à, jusqu’à, jusqu’à
Conjunctions toward verso vers
Conjunctions under / below in / sotto sous / au-dessous
Conjunctions up su en haut
Conjunctions when quando quand
Conjunctions while / whereas mentre / considerando tout / alors
Conjunctions with / without con / senza avec / sans
Cooking (cheese) grater (Grattuggia (Râpe à fromage
Cooking aluminum foil foglio di alluminio une feuille d’aluminium
Cooking baking sheet teglia plaque de cuisson
Cooking cake tin tortiera moule à cake
Cooking can opener apriscatole ouvre-boîte
Cooking casserole dish casseruola cocotte
Cooking cooking pot pentola marmite
Cooking cooling rack rack di raffreddamento rack de refroidissement
Cooking frying pan padella poêle à frire
Cooking ladle mestolo louche
Cooking lid coperchio couvercle
Cooking mixing bowl boccale bol
Cooking peeling knife Peeling coltello couteau de pelage
Cooking pie tin torta tin moule à tarte
Cooking plastic wrap involucro di plastica emballage plastique
Cooking rolling pin matterello rouleau à pâtisserie
Cooking saucepan casseruola casserole
Cooking skillet tegame poêlon
Cooking slotted spoon / skimmer schiumarola / skimmer écumoire / skimmer
Cooking spatula spatola spatule
Cooking strainer / colander filtro / colino crépine / passoire
Cooking to beat battere battre
Cooking to boil bollire bouillir
Cooking to broil / grill a broil / grill à griller / grill
Cooking to chop / grind tagliare / grind pour hacher / grind
Cooking to cook cucinare cuisiner
Cooking to drain per drenare pour drainer
Cooking to fry friggere faire frire
Cooking to grate per grattugiare râper
Cooking to melt sciogliere fondre
Cooking to mix mescolare mixer
Cooking to moisten per inumidire pour humidifier
Cooking to peel sbucciare peler
Cooking to pit a fossa à la fosse
Cooking to pour versare verser
Cooking to roast di arrosto à rôtir
Cooking to sift per vagliare de passer au crible
Cooking to simmer sobbollire mijoter
Cooking to soften per ammorbidire pour adoucir
Cooking to sprinkle a cospargere à saupoudrer
Cooking to steam a vapore à la vapeur
Cooking to stew stufare mijoter
Cooking to stir mescolare remuer
Cooking to whip a frustare à fouetter
Cooking wax paper carta oleata papier paraffiné
Cooking whisk frusta fouet
Countries Algeria Algeria Algérie
Countries Australia Australia Australie
Countries Austria Austria Autriche
Countries Belgium Belgio Belgique
Countries Brazile Brazile Brazile
Countries China Porcellana Chine
Countries Denmark Danimarca Danemark
Countries Egypt Egitto Egypte
Countries England Inghilterra Angleterre
Countries Finland Finlandia Finlande
Countries France Francia France
Countries Germany Germania Allemagne
Countries Great Britain Gran Bretagna Grande Bretagne
Countries India India Inde
Countries Iraq Iraq Irak
Countries Italy Italia Italie
Countries Japan Giappone Japon
Countries Lebanon Libano Liban
Countries New Zealand Nuova Zelanda Nouvelle Zélande
Countries Norway Norvegia Norvège
Countries Poland Polonia Pologne
Countries Russia Russia Russie
Countries Scotland Scozia Écosse
Countries Slovania Slovania Slovania
Countries South Africa Sud Africa Afrique Du Sud
Countries South Arabia South Arabia Arabie du Sud
Countries South Korea Corea Del Sud Corée Du Sud
Countries Spain Spagna Espagne
Countries Swedan Swedan Swedan
Countries Switzerland Svizzera Suisse
Countries The Netherlands Paesi Bassi Les Pays-Bas
Countries The Philippines Le Filippine Les Philippines
Countries The United States Gli Stati Uniti Les États Unis
Countries Wales Galles Pays de Galles
Daily Routine I wake up Mi sveglio Je me réveille
Daily Routine I take my shower Prendo la mia doccia Je prends ma douche
Daily Routine I brush my teeth Mi lavo i denti Je me lave les dents
Daily Routine I wash my face Mi lavo la faccia Je lave mon visage
Daily Routine I eat breakfast Faccio colazione Je mange mon petit déjeuner
Daily Routine I have a coffee Ho un caffè Je ai un café
Daily Routine I wait for the bus Aspetto il bus Je attends le bus
Daily Routine I go to work Vado al lavoro Je vais travailler
Daily Routine I go to school Io vado a scuola Je vais à l’école
Daily Routine I go to the office Vado in ufficio Je vais au bureau
Daily Routine I have lunch Pranzo Je ai le déjeuner
Daily Routine I have a nap Ho un pisolino Je ai une sieste
Daily Routine I go home Vado a casa Je rentre à la maison
Daily Routine I do sports/I exercise Faccio sport / I esercitano Je fais du sport / I exercent
Daily Routine I meet some friends Incontro alcuni amici Je rencontre des amis
Daily Routine I go to the gym Vado in palestra Je vais à la gym
Daily Routine I have dinner Ceno Je dine
Daily Routine I watch TV Guardo la tv Je regarde la télévision
Daily Routine I read a book Io leggo un libro Je lis un livre
Daily Routine I go to bed Vado a letto Je vais me coucher
Daily Routine Reminder Promemoria Rappel
Days Monday Lunedi Lundi
Days Tuesday Martedì Mardi
Days Wednesday Mercoledì Mercredi
Days Thursday Giovedi Jeudi
Days Friday Venerdì Vendredi
Days Saturday Sabato Samedi
Days Sunday Domenica Dimanche
Days day giorno jour
Days week settimana semaine
Days today oggi aujourd’hui
Days yesterday ieri hier
Days tomorrow domani demain
Days next il prossimo suivant
Days last ultimo dernier
Days day before yesterday l’altro ieri avant-hier
Days day after tomorrow dopo domani après demain
Days the following day il giorno successivo le jour suivant
Days the day before il giorno prima le jour d’avant
Dentist baby tooth dente di bambino dent de bébé
Dentist cavity cavità cavité
Dentist cleaning pulizia nettoyage
Dentist crown corona couronne
Dentist filling riempimento remplissage
Dentist gums gengive gencives
Dentist jaw mascella mâchoire
Dentist root canal canalare canal radiculaire
Dentist to pull out, remove (tooth) per tirare fuori, rimuovere (dente) de se retirer, retirez (dent)
Dentist wisdom tooth dente del giudizio dent de sagesse
Dining bowl ciotola bol
Dining breakfast colazione petit déjeuner
Dining chair sedia chaise
Dining coffee cup tazza di caffè tasse de café
Dining cutlery/silverware posate / posate couverts / argenterie
Dining dining room sala da pranzo salle à manger
Dining dinner cena dîner
Dining dishes piatti vaisselle
Dining egg cup portauovo coquetier
Dining fork forchetta fourche
Dining French coffee press Caffè stampa francese Cafetière à piston française
Dining glassware cristalleria verrerie
Dining guest ospite invité
Dining host ospite hôte
Dining hostess padrona hôtesse
Dining it’s delicious! è delizioso! c’est délicieux!
Dining jug caraffa cruche
Dining knife coltello couteau
Dining lunch pranzo déjeuner
Dining meal pasto repas
Dining mug boccale gobelet
Dining my complements to the chef i miei complementi per il cuoco mes compléments au chef
Dining napkin tovagliolo serviette
Dining napkin ring portatovagliolo rond de serviette
Dining pepper pepe poivre
Dining place mat servizio all’americana napperon
Dining place setting coperto place setting
Dining plate piastra plaque
Dining plate/dinner plate piatto piatto / cena plaque / assiette
Dining salt sale sel
Dining seat posto siège
Dining side plate piattino plaque latérale
Dining soup bowl zuppiera bol de soupe
Dining soup spoon cucchiaio da zuppa cuiller à soupe
Dining table tavolo table
Dining tablecloth tovaglia nappe
Dining tea cup tazza di tè tasse de thé
Dining teapot teiera théière
Dining to be full essere pieno être plein
Dining to be hungry essere affamato avoir faim
Dining to eat mangiare manger
Dining to serve servire servir
Dining to set the table per impostare il tavolo mettre la table
Dining tumbler/glass tumbler / vetro tumbler / verre
Dining wine glass bicchiere di vino verre à vin
Directions on the left a sinistra sur la gauche
Directions on the right sulla destra à droite
Directions straight ahead dritto tout droit
Directions North A nord Nord
Directions South Sud Sud
Directions East Oriente Est
Directions West Occidente Ouest
Directions Northeast Nord Est Nord Est
Directions Northwest Nord Ovest Nord Ouest
Directions Southeast Sud-est Sud Est
Directions Southwest Sud-ovest Sud Ouest
Directions right there proprio là juste là
Directions here qui ici
Directions over there laggiù là-bas
Directions to the right of alla destra à droite de
Directions to the left of alla sinistra di à gauche de
Directions in front of davanti devant
Directions behind dietro derrière
Directions across from di fronte en face de
Directions between tra entre
Directions next to accanto a à côté de
Directions near vicino près de
Directions far (from) lontano da) loin de)
Directions at the end of alla fine di à la fin de
Directions at the top of in cima a au sommet de
Drinks Aniseed Semi di anice Anis
Drinks Aperitif Aperitivo Apéritif
Drinks Barrel Barile Baril
Drinks Beer Birra Bière
Drinks Bottle of wine Bottiglia di vino Une bouteille de vin
Drinks Calados (apple) Calados (mela) Calados (pomme)
Drinks Cellar Cantina Cave
Drinks Champagne Champagne Champagne
Drinks Cider Sidro Cidre
Drinks Cognac (grape) Cognac (uva) Cognac (raisin)
Drinks Corkscrew Cavatappi Tire-bouchon
Drinks Crushed ice Ghiaccio tritato Glace pilée
Drinks Decanter jug Decanter caraffa Decanter cruche
Drinks Decater Decater Decater
Drinks Digestif Digestivo Digestif
Drinks Distilled alchol Alchol distillata Alchol distillée
Drinks Draught beer Birra alla spina Bière pression
Drinks Egrapper (grape) Egrapper (uva) Egrapper (raisin)
Drinks Fizzy drink Bevanda gassosa Boisson pétillante
Drinks Flavoured water Acqua aromatizzati Eau aromatisée
Drinks Fruit juice Succo di frutta Jus de fruits
Drinks Glass of beer Bicchiere di birra Verre de bière
Drinks Glass of wine Bicchiere di vino Un verre de vin
Drinks Half bottle Mezza bottiglia Demi-bouteille
Drinks Hot water Acqua calda Eau chaude
Drinks Hot wine Vino caldo Vin chaud
Drinks Ice cube Cubo di ghiaccio Ice cube
Drinks Ice tray Vassoio di ghiaccio Bac à glaçons
Drinks Jug of water Brocca di acqua Cruche d’eau
Drinks Jug of wine Brocca di vino Cruche de vin
Drinks Lemonade Limonata Limonade
Drinks Lemonade+Squash Lemonade + Squash Lemonade + Squash
Drinks Mirabelle Mirabelle Mirabelle
Drinks Pastis Pastis Pastis
Drinks Pear Pera Poire
Drinks Pint Pinta Pinte
Drinks Prune Fesso Pruneau
Drinks Punch Pugno Poinçon
Drinks Red wine Vino rosso Vin rouge
Drinks Rum Rum Rhum
Drinks Shandy Shandy Shandy
Drinks Small glass of beer Piccolo bicchiere di birra Petit verre de bière
Drinks Soda water Acqua di seltz Eau de seltz
Drinks Squash / syrup Squash / sciroppo Squash / sirop
Drinks Still water Acqua naturale Eau plate
Drinks Strong white alchol Forte alchol bianco Alchol blanc forte
Drinks Vine Vite Vigne
Drinks Vine yards Vigneti Vignes
Drinks Water Acqua Eau
Drinks Whisky Whisky Whisky
Drinks White wine Vino bianco Vin blanc
Drinks White wine and Cassis (Kir) Vino bianco e Cassis (Kir) Vin blanc et Cassis (Kir)
Drinks Wine Vino Du Vin
Drinks Wine cellar Cantina Cave à vin
Drinks Wine menu Menu Wine Carte des vins
Drinks Wine tasting Degustazione di vini Dégustation de vins
Drinks Yellow wine Vino giallo Le vin jaune
Driving to drive guidare conduire
Driving to overtake/to pass sorpassare / a passare de dépasser / passer
Driving to park parcheggiare se garer
Driving to reverse per invertire inverser
Driving to tow away di rimorchiare via à remorquer
Driving toll booth casello péage
Driving Toll fee Pedaggio péage
Driving traffic traffico trafic
Driving Traffic jam Ingorgo stradale Embouteillage
Driving Traffic light Semaforo feux de circulation
Driving traffic lights semafori feux de signalisation
Driving traffic policeman vigile urbano agent de la circulation
Driving underpass sottopassaggio passage souterrain
Driving Accident Incidente Accident
Driving Break down Abbattersi Décomposer
Driving Broken down Ripartiti En panne
Driving central island isola centrale îlot central
Driving Customs Dogana Douane
Driving disabled parking parcheggio per disabili stationnement pour personnes handicapées
Driving diversion diversione diversion
Driving Driver Autista Conducteur
Driving Emergency lane Corsia di emergenza voie d’urgence
Driving emergency phone telefono di emergenza téléphone d’urgence
Driving End of works/site/roadworks Fine di lavori / site / lavori in corso FIN DES TRAVAUX / site / travaux routiers
Driving flyover/overpass cavalcavia / cavalcavia survol / viaduc
Driving green light luce verde lumière verte
Driving hard shoulder spalla rigida accotement
Driving hazard pericolo danger
Driving junction/intersection giunzione / intersezione jonction / intersection
Driving Lay by Mettere da parte Lay par
Driving lorry/truck autocarro / camion camion / camion
Driving motorway/highway autostrada / autostrada autoroute / autoroute
Driving no entry divieto di ingresso entrée interdite
Driving no right turn nessuna svolta a destra pas de virage à droite
Driving no stopping nessun arresto pas d’arrêt
Driving one-way un modo sens unique
Driving Overtake Sorpassare Dépasser
Driving parking meter parchimetro parcmètre
Driving Pay Toll Pay Toll Payer le péage
Driving Pedestrian Pedonale Piéton
Driving Pedestrian crossing Attraversamento pedonale Passage piéton
Driving Pile up Accumulare Entasser
Driving red light semaforo rosso lumière rouge
Employment 8 hour shift work Lavoro turno di 8 ore Travaux de travail de 8 heures
Employment the work (familiar) il lavoro (familiare) le travail (familier)
Employment the unemployment benefit l’indennità di disoccupazione l’allocation de chômage
Employment the middle manager il direttore centrale le gestionnaire milieu
Employment the unemployment il tasso di disoccupazione le chômage
Employment the unemployed person il disoccupato le chômeur
Employment holiday/ rest day vacanze / giorno di riposo vacances / jour de repos
Employment holiday pay indennità per ferie congés payés
Employment the contract il contratto le contrat
Employment the employee dipendente l’employé
Employment the employer il datore di lavoro l’employeur
Employment the employment l’occupazione l’emploi
Employment the seasonal employment il lavoro stagionale l’emploi saisonnier
Employment the interview l’intervista l’interview
Employment to be contracted/employed essere contratta / impiegato à contracter / employé
Employment the pay slip la busta paga le bulletin de paie
Employment the end of the contract la fine del contratto la fin du contrat
Employment the over time hours le ore di corso les heures de cours
Employment the trial period il periodo di prova la période d’essai
Employment the notice l’avviso l’avis
Employment the bonus il bonus le bonus
Employment the salary lo stipendio le salaire
Employment the salary after deductions and social charges lo stipendio dopo le deduzioni e oneri sociali le salaire après déduction des charges sociales et
Employment the work il lavoro le travail
Employment to work lavorare travailler
Employment the holidays le vacanze les vacances
Eyecare blurry sfocata floue
Eyecare cleaning solution soluzione detergente nettoyant
Eyecare clear chiaro clair
Eyecare contact case caso di contatto cas de contact
Eyecare contact lenses lenti a contatto lentilles de contact
Eyecare far-sighted lungimirante clairvoyante
Eyecare frames montatura cadres
Eyecare glasses occhiali lunettes
Eyecare glasses case cassa di vetro étui à lunettes
Eyecare near-sighted miope myope
Family Brother Fratello Frère
Family Brother-in-Law Cognato Beau-frère
Family Child (m) / (f) Bambino (m) / (f) Enfant (m) / (f)
Family Cousin (f) Cugino (f) Cousin (f)
Family Cousin (m) Cugino (m) Cousin (m)
Family Dad Papà Papa
Family Daughter Figlia Fille
Family Family Famiglia Famille
Family Girl / Boy Ragazza / Ragazzo Fille / fils
Family Grandfather Nonno Grand-père
Family Grandmother Nonna Grand-mère
Family Grandparents Nonni Grands-parents
Family Half/Step Brother Half / Passo Fratello Half / Etape Frère
Family Half/Step Sister Half / Passo Sorella Half / Etape Soeur
Family Husband Marito Mari
Family Mom Mamma Maman
Family Parents Genitori Parents
Family Relatives Parenti Famille
Family Sister Sorella Sœur
Family Sister-in-Law Cognata Belle-soeur
Family Son Figlio Fils
Family Stepdaughter/Daughter-in-Law Figliastra / Figlia-in-Law Stepdaughter / fille-in-Law
Family Stepfather/Father-in-Law Patrigno / Padre-in-Law Beau-père / père-in-Law
Family Stepmother/Mother-in-Law Matrigna / Mother-in-Law Belle-mère / Mother-in-Law
Family Stepson/Son-in-Law Figliastro / Son-in-Law Beau-fils / Son-in-Law
Family Twins (f) Twins (f) Twins (f)
Family Twins (m) Twins (m) Twins (m)
Family Uncle / Aunt Zio / Zia Oncle / tante
Family Wife Moglie Femme
Family Woman / Man Donna / Uomo Femme Homme
Food Related apple mela pomme
Food Related apricot albicocca abricot
Food Related artichoke carciofo artichaut
Food Related asparagus asparago asperges
Food Related bacon bacon bacon
Food Related banana banana banane
Food Related beef manzo bœuf
Food Related beet barbabietola betterave
Food Related blueberry mirtillo myrtille
Food Related Bowl Ciotola Bol
Food Related broccoli broccoli brocoli
Food Related Butter Burro Beurre
Food Related cabbage cavolo chou
Food Related Cake Torta Gâteau
Food Related carrot carota carotte
Food Related cauliflower cavolfiore chou-fleur
Food Related celery sedano céleri
Food Related Cereal Cereale Céréale
Food Related Cheese Formaggio Fromage
Food Related cherry ciliegia cerise
Food Related coconut noce di cocco noix de coco
Food Related corn mais blé
Food Related cucumber cetriolo concombre
Food Related Cup Coppa Tasse
Food Related dried sausage salsiccia secca saucisse sèche
Food Related Egg Uovo Œuf
Food Related eggplant melanzana aubergine
Food Related fig fico figue
Food Related French fries Patatine fritte Frites
Food Related Fruit Frutta Fruit
Food Related Glass Vetro Verre
Food Related grape uva grain de raisin
Food Related grapefruit pompelmo pamplemousse
Food Related Ham Prosciutto Jambon
Food Related hamburger hamburger hamburger
Food Related Ice cream Gelato La crème glacée
Food Related Jam Marmellata Confiture
Food Related Juice Succo Jus
Food Related Ketchup Ketchup Ketchup
Food Related lemon limone citron
Food Related lettuce lattuga laitue
Food Related lime lime citron vert
Food Related liver fegato foie
Food Related Mayonnaise Maionese Mayonnaise
Food Related Meat Carne Viande
Food Related meatballs polpette boulettes de viande
Food Related melon melone melon
Food Related Milk Latte Lait
Food Related mushroom fungo champignon
Food Related Mustard Senape Moutarde
Food Related Oil Olio Huile
Food Related olive oliva olive
Food Related onion cipolla oignon
Food Related Pasta Pasta Pâtes
Food Related peach pesca pêche
Food Related peas piselli pois
Food Related Pie Torta Tarte
Food Related pineapple ananas ananas
Food Related plum prugna prune
Food Related pork chop braciola di maiale côtelette de porc
Food Related potato patata pomme de terre
Food Related pumpkin zucca citrouille
Food Related raisin uva passa raisin
Food Related raspberry lampone framboise
Food Related rice riso riz
Food Related Salad Insalata Salade
Food Related Salt and Pepper Sale e pepe Sel et poivre
Food Related sausage salsiccia saucisse
Food Related Slice Fetta Tranche
Food Related Soup Zuppa Soupe
Food Related spinach spinaci épinards
Food Related Spoon Cucchiaio Cuillère
Food Related squash squash squash
Food Related strawberry fragola fraise
Food Related Sugar Zucchero Sucre
Food Related Tea Thé
Food Related tomato pomodoro tomate
Food Related turnip rapa navet
Food Related veal vitello veau
Food Related vegetable ortaggio légume
Food Related venison carne di cervo venaison
Food Related Vinegar Aceto Vinaigre
Food Related Water Acqua Eau
Food Related watermelon anguria pastèque
Food Related Yogurt Yogurt Yaourt
Food Related zucchini zucchine zucchini
Health ambulance ambulanza ambulance
Health anesthetic anestetico anesthésique
Health antidote antidoto antidote
Health bandage benda bandage
Health band-aid cerotto pansement
Health blister bolla cloque
Health bump urto bosse
Health cancer cancro cancer
Health cane canna canne
Health capsule capsula capsule
Health cast getto jeter
Health chicken pox varicella varicelle
Health cold freddo froid
Health crutches stampelle béquilles
Health cure cura guérison
Health diabetes diabete diabète
Health diagnosis diagnosi diagnostic
Health disease malattia maladie
Health dizziness vertigini vertiges
Health doctor medico médecin
Health drops gocce gouttes
Health ear infection otite infection de l’oreille
Health fever febbre fièvre
Health first aid kit kit di pronto soccorso trousse de secours
Health flu influenza grippe
Health food poisoning avvelenamento del cibo intoxication alimentaire
Health hospital ospedale hôpital
Health illness malattia maladie
Health infection infezione infection
Health intensive care terapia intensiva soins intensifs
Health itching pizzicore démangeaisons
Health lozenge losanga losange
Health medecine medecine médecine
Health medication medicazione médicament
Health medicine medicina médecine
Health migraine emicrania migraine
Health nurse infermiera infirmière
Health ointment pomata pommade
Health pills pillole pilules
Health pneumonia polmonite pneumonie
Health poison veleno poison
Health poisoning avvelenamento empoisonnement
Health prescription prescrizione prescription
Health scab scabbia gale
Health scar cicatrice cicatrice
Health scratch zero rayure
Health sleeping pills sonniferi somnifères
Health sling fionda élingue
Health sprain distorsione entorse
Health stethoscope stetoscopio stéthoscope
Health sting / bite Sting / morso Sting / morsure
Health stretcher barella civière
Health surgeon chirurgo chirurgien
Health surgery chirurgia chirurgie
Health swollen gonfio gonflé
Health syringe siringa seringue
Health tablet tavoletta tablette
Health to break rompere casser
Health to crush schiacciare pour écraser
Health to skin per la pelle pour la peau
Health to sprain di distorsione à entorse
Health tumor tumore tumeur
Health vitamins vitamine vitamines
Health wheelchair sedia a rotelle fauteuil roulant
Health X-ray A raggi X Rayon X
Hobbies Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve Vigilia di Natale o Capodanno Réveillon de Noël ou du Nouvel An
Hobbies cooking cucina cuisine
Hobbies cross-stitch punto croce point de croix
Hobbies embroidery ricamo broderie
Hobbies gardening giardinaggio jardinage
Hobbies handicrafts artigianato artisanat
Hobbies Happy Birthday Buon Compleanno Joyeux Anniversaire
Hobbies Happy Easter Buona Pasqua Joyeuses Pâques
Hobbies Happy Halloween Felice Halloween Joyeux Halloween
Hobbies Happy Holidays Buone Vacanze Bonnes Vacances
Hobbies Happy New Year Buon Anno Bonne Année
Hobbies Happy Saint Day Buon San Day Bonne Saint Jour
Hobbies Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving Joyeux Thanksgiving
Holidays Happy Thanksgiving (Canada) Happy Thanksgiving (Canada) Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)
Holidays Happy Valentine’s Day Felice San Valentino Joyeuse saint Valentin
Holidays jewelry making creazione di gioielli fabrication de bijoux
Holidays knitting maglieria tricotage
Holidays Merry Christmas Buon Natale Joyeux Noël
Holidays needle ago aiguille
Holidays needlework cucito travaux d’aiguille
Holidays New Year’s Eve Vigilia di Capodanno Saint-Sylvestre
Holidays photography fotografia photographie
Holidays pottery ceramiche poterie
Holidays thread filo fil
Holidays woodworking la lavorazione del legno travail du bois
Home Interiors Armchair Poltrona Fauteuil
Home Interiors Bathroom sink Lavandino del bagno Lavabo
Home Interiors Bathtub Vasca Baignoire
Home Interiors Bed Letto Lit
Home Interiors Bedspread Copriletto Couvre-lit
Home Interiors Blanket Coperta Couverture
Home Interiors Bleach Candeggina Javellisant
Home Interiors Blinds Blinds Stores
Home Interiors Broom Scopa Balai
Home Interiors Bunkbeds Letti A Castello Lits Superposés
Home Interiors Carpet Tappeto Tapis
Home Interiors Ceiling Soffitto Plafond
Home Interiors Chair Sedia Chaise
Home Interiors Clock Orologio Horloge
Home Interiors Closet Ripostiglio Toilettes
Home Interiors Clothespin Molletta Pince à linge
Home Interiors Coffee Table Tavolino Da Caffè Table à café
Home Interiors Couch/Sofa Couch / Sofa Canapé / sofa
Home Interiors Curtain Tenda Rideau
Home Interiors Curtain rod Bastone per tende Tringle à rideau
Home Interiors Cushion Cuscino Coussin
Home Interiors Desk Scrivania Bureau
Home Interiors Door Porta Porte
Home Interiors Drain/Piping Drain / Piping Vidange / tuyauterie
Home Interiors Dresser Cassettone Vaisselier
Home Interiors Dustpan Paletta Pelle à poussière
Home Interiors Faucet Rubinetto Robinet
Home Interiors Floor Piano Étage
Home Interiors Flyswatter Flyswatter Flyswatter
Home Interiors Furniture Mobili Meubles
Home Interiors Futon couch Futon divano Canapé futon
Home Interiors Garbage Spazzatura Ordures
Home Interiors Garbage bag Busta della spazzatura sac poubelle
Home Interiors Garbage can Pattumiera Poubelle
Home Interiors Hanger Gancio Cintre
Home Interiors Iron Ferro Fer
Home Interiors Ironing board Tavolo da stiro Planche a repasser
Home Interiors Kettle Bollitore Bouilloire
Home Interiors Lamp Lampada Lampe
Home Interiors Lampshade Paralume Abat-jour
Home Interiors Laundry basket Cesto della biancheria Panier à linge
Home Interiors Laundry room Lavanderia Buanderie
Home Interiors Lightswitch Interruttore Della Luce Interrupteur
Home Interiors Mattress Materasso Matelas
Home Interiors Mirror Specchio Miroir
Home Interiors Mop Scopa Balai
Home Interiors Nightstand Comodino Chevet
Home Interiors Pillow Cuscino Oreiller
Home Interiors Rocking chair Sedia a dondolo Fauteuil à bascule
Home Interiors Quilt Trapunta Courtepointe
Home Interiors Rug Tappeto Couverture
Home Interiors Sheet Foglio Feuille
Home Interiors Shelf Mensola Étagère
Home Interiors Shower Doccia Douche
Home Interiors Shutters Persiane Volets
Home Interiors Sink Lavello Évier
Home Interiors Stool Sgabello Tabouret
Home Interiors Towel bar Bar Towel Porte-serviettes
Home Interiors Vacuum Vuoto Vide
Home Interiors Vase Vaso Vase
Home Interiors Window Finestra Fenêtre
Home Related Attic Attico Grenier
Home Related Basement Seminterrato Sous-sol
Home Related Bedroom Camera da letto Chambre à coucher
Home Related Bush Cespuglio Buisson
Home Related Chimney Camino Cheminée
Home Related Clapboard/Shingle Assicella / Shingle Clapboard / bardeau
Home Related Clippers Forbici Clippers
Home Related Closet Ripostiglio Toilettes
Home Related Dining Room Sala Da Pranzo Salle À Manger
Home Related Doorknob Pomello Poignée de porte
Home Related Driveway Viale Allée
Home Related Floor Piano Étage
Home Related Garage Garage Garage
Home Related Ground Floor Piano Terra Rez-De-Chaussée
Home Related Hallway Corridoio Couloir
Home Related Hinges Cerniere Charnières
Home Related Hoe Hoe Hoe
Home Related Hose Tubo flessibile Tuyau
Home Related House Casa Maison
Home Related Key Chiave Clé
Home Related Keychain Portachiavi Porte-clés
Home Related Keyhole Buco della serratura Trou de serrure
Home Related Kitchen Cucina Cuisine
Home Related Lawn mower Taglia erba Tondeuse à gazon
Home Related Lawn/grass Prato / erba Pelouse / herbe
Home Related Living Room Soggiorno Salon
Home Related Lock (bolt) Lock (bullone) Lock (verrou)
Home Related Lock (door) Lock (porta) Lock (porte)
Home Related Padlock Lucchetto Cadenas
Home Related Porch Veranda Porche
Home Related Rake Rastrello Râteau
Home Related Roof Tetto Toit
Home Related Room Stanza Salle
Home Related Shovel Pala Pelle
Home Related Shrub Arbusto Arbuste
Home Related Sidewalk Marciapiede Trottoir
Home Related Slate roofing Ardesia Toiture en ardoise
Home Related Sprinkler Spruzzatore Arroseur
Home Related Stairs Scala Escaliers
Home Related Storeroom Dispensa Débarras
Home Related Terrace, patio Terrazza, patio Terrasse, patio
Home Related Tile roofing Coperture Tile Tile toiture
Home Related Tree Albero Arbre
Home Related Watering can Annaffiatoio Arrosoir
Home Related Yard Yard Cour
Instruments accordion fisarmonica accordéon
Instruments bagpipe cornamusa cornemuse
Instruments band banda bande
Instruments bass clef chiave di basso clef de fa
Instruments clarinette clarinette clarinette
Instruments conductor conduttore conducteur
Instruments conductor’s stick bastone di direttore d’orchestra le bâton de chef d’orchestre
Instruments drum tamburo tambour
Instruments drumstick bacchetta del tamburo pilon
Instruments flute flauto flûte
Instruments French horn Corno Cor français
Instruments guitar chitarra guitare
Instruments guitar strings corde della chitarra cordes de guitare
Instruments harp arpa harpe
Instruments horns corna cornes
Instruments keyboard tastiera clavier
Instruments music stand leggio pupitre
Instruments orchestra orchestra orchestre
Instruments piano pianoforte piano
Instruments piano keys tasti di pianoforte touches de piano
Instruments saxophone sassofono saxophone
Instruments sheet music spartito partition
Instruments tambourine tamburello tambourin
Instruments treble clef chiave di violino clé de sol
Instruments trombone trombone trombone
Instruments trumpet tromba trompette
Instruments tuba tuba tuba
Instruments tuning fork diapason diapason
Instruments cello violoncello violoncelle
Instruments violin violino violon
Instruments violin bow arco di violino archet de violon
Instruments xylophone xilofono xylophone
Nature air aria air
Nature archipelago arcipelago archipel
Nature bay baia baie
Nature barn fienile grange
Nature branch ramo branche
Nature bridge ponte pont
Nature bud bocciolo bourgeon
Nature cape capo cap
Nature cave grotta grotte
Nature climate clima climat
Nature cloud nuvola nuage
Nature coast costa côte
Nature comet cometa comète
Nature constellation costellazione constellation
Nature country paese pays
Nature country(side) Paese (laterale) pays (côté)
Nature current corrente courant
Nature daffodil narciso jonquille
Nature daisy margherita marguerite
Nature darkness oscurità obscurité
Nature desert deserto désert
Nature dew rugiada rosée
Nature dust polvere poussière
Nature earth terra terre
Nature east est est
Nature farm fattoria ferme
Nature field campo domaine
Nature flower fiore fleur
Nature foam schiuma mousse
Nature fog nebbia brouillard
Nature foliage fogliame feuillage
Nature forest foresta forêt
Nature frost gelo gel
Nature grass erba herbe
Nature gulf golfo golfe
Nature hail grandinare héler
Nature hay fieno foins
Nature high tide alta marea marée haute
Nature hill collina colline
Nature ice ghiaccio glace
Nature island isola île
Nature isthmus istmo isthme
Nature jungle giungla jungle
Nature lake lago lac
Nature leaf foglia feuille
Nature light luce lumière
Nature lightning fulmine foudre
Nature lily giglio lis
Nature low tide bassa marea marée basse
Nature meadow prato prairie
Nature moon luna lune
Nature mountain montagna montagne
Nature mountain range catena montuosa chaîne de montagnes
Nature mouth (river) bocca (fiume) bouche (rivière)
Nature mud fango boue
Nature nature natura nature
Nature peninsula penisola péninsule
Nature plain pianura plaine
Nature planet pianeta planète
Nature plant impianto usine
Nature pond stagno étang
Nature pot (for plants) pentola (per le piante) pot (pour les plantes)
Nature rain pioggia pluie
Nature rainbow arcobaleno arc-en-
Nature river fiume rivière
Nature root radice racine
Nature rose rosa rose
Nature sea mare mer
Nature shadow ombra ombre
Nature sky cielo ciel
Nature snow neve neige
Nature soil terreno sol
Nature spring (water) acqua di fonte) eau de source)
Nature star stella étoile
Nature stem stelo tige
Nature storm tempesta tempête
Nature strait stretto détroit
Nature stream ruscello courant
Nature street strada rue
Nature sun sole soleil
Nature sunflower girasole tournesol
Nature thaw disgelo dégel
Nature thunder tuono tonnerre
Nature tornado tornado tornade
Nature trunk tronco tronc
Nature tulip tulipano tulipe
Nature valley valle vallée
Nature view vista vue
Nature fresh water acqua fresca eau fraiche
Nature salt water acqua salata eau salée
Nature waterfall cascata cascade
Nature weather tempo temps
Nature west ovest ouest
Nature wind vento vent
Nature world mondo monde
News actor/actress attore attrice acteur actrice
News air force aeronautica militare aviation
News army esercito armée
News assault assalto agression
News battle battaglia bataille
News blackmail ricatto chantage
News blackmailer ricattatore maître-chanteur
News burglary furto con scasso cambriolage
News casualty vittima victime
News ceasefire cessate il fuoco cessez-le-
News channel canale canal
News cloning clonazione clonage
News comedian comico comédien
News commercials spot publicités
News crime crimine crime
News criminal record fedina penale casier judiciaire
News curfew coprifuoco couvre-feu
News current events attualità l’actualité
News defendant imputato défendeur
News demonstration manifestazione démonstration
News documentary documentario documentaire
News drought siccità sécheresse
News drug addiction tossicodipendenza addiction à la drogue
News drug trafficking traffico di droga trafic de drogue
News earthquake terremoto tremblement de terre
News epidemic epidemia épidémie
News evidence prova preuve
News federal case caso federale affaire fédérale
News flood alluvione inondation
News genocide genocidio génocide
News gun pistola pistolet
News handcuffs manette menottes
News harassment molestia harcèlement
News homeless senza casa sans abri
News homicide omicidio homicide
News hostage ostaggio otage
News hurricane uragano ouragan
News invasion invasione invasion
News investigation ricerca enquête
News kidnapping rapimento enlèvement
News laundering riciclaggio blanchissage
News lead portare conduire
News loaded (gun) caricato (pistola) chargé (pistolet)
News losers perdenti perdants
News military militare militaire
News murder omicidio assassiner
News navy marina marine
News news notizie nouvelles
News news shows telegiornali émissions de nouvelles
News paperwork lavoro d’ufficio paperasserie
News plague peste peste
News poverty povertà pauvreté
News prosecutor accusatore procureur
News protest protesta protestation
News push the button premi il bottone appuyez sur le bouton
News rape stupro viol
News remote control telecomando télécommande
News retreat ritiro retraite
News rifle fucile fusil
News riot sommossa émeute
News robbery rapina vol
News series/program Serie / programma série / programme
News sketch schizzo croquis
News soap opera soap opera feuilleton mélo
News soldier soldato soldat
News stabbed accoltellato poignardé
News strangled strangolato étranglé
News subtitles sottotitoli sous-titres
News surveillance sorveglianza surveillance
News suspect sospetto suspect
News testimony testimonianza témoignage
News the news le notizie les nouvelles
News to act (in) per atto (in) de la Loi (en)
News to arrest arrestare arrêter
News to be continued continua à suivre
News to be on (TV) essere in (TV) être sur (TV)
News to channel surf al canale navigare de zapper
News to con/cheat per con / trucco à con / triche
News to harass molestare pour harceler
News to plug in di collegare à brancher
News to press charges di sporgere denuncia porter plainte
News to report missing a report missing signaler manquantes
News to run away scappare fuir
News to shoot a sparare tirer
News to turn off the TV per spegnere il televisore pour éteindre le téléviseur
News to turn on the TV per accendere il televisore pour allumer la TV
News to unplug scollegare débrancher
News treaty trattato traité
News trial processo procès
News troops truppe troupes
News truce tregua trêve
News tsunami tsunami tsunami
News turn down the volume abbassare il volume baisser le volume
News turn up the volume alza il volume augmente le volume
News tv movie film tv téléfilm
News warrant mandato mandat
News weapon arma arme
News weather report bollettino meteorologico bulletin météorologique
News what’s it about? che cosa si tratta? de quoi ça parle?
News winners vincitori gagnants
News witness testimone témoin
Numbers Zero Zero Zéro
Numbers One Uno Une
Numbers Two Due Deux
Numbers Three Tre Trois
Numbers Four Quattro Quatre
Numbers Five Cinque Cinq
Numbers Six Sei Six
Numbers Seven Sette Sept
Numbers Eight Otto Huit
Numbers Nine Nove Neuf
Numbers Ten Dieci Dix
Numbers Eleven Undici Onze
Numbers Twelve Dodici Douze
Numbers Thirteen Tredici Treize
Numbers Fourteen Quattordici Quatorze
Numbers Fifteen Quindici Quinze
Numbers Sixteen Sedici Seize
Numbers Seventeen Diciassette Dix-sept
Numbers Eighteen Diciotto Dix-huit
Numbers Nineteen Diciannove Dix-neuf
Numbers Twenty Venti Vingt
Numbers Twenty-one Ventuno Vingt et un
Numbers Twenty-two Ventidue Vingt-deux
Numbers Twenty-three Ventitré Vingt-trois
Numbers twenty-four ventiquattro vingt-quatre
Numbers twenty-five venticinque vingt-cinq
Numbers twenty-six ventisei vingt-six
Numbers twenty-seven ventisette vingt-sept
Numbers twenty-eight ventotto vingt huit
Numbers twenty-nine ventinove vingt-neuf
Numbers Thirty Trenta Trente
Numbers Thirty-one Trentuno Trente et un
Numbers Thirty-two Trentadue Trente deux
Numbers thirty-three trentatre trente-trois
Numbers thirty-four trenta quattro trente-quatre
Numbers thirty-five trentacinque trente cinq
Numbers thirty-six trentasei trente-six
Numbers thirty-seven trentasette trente sept
Numbers thirty-eight trentotto trente-huit
Numbers thirty-nine trentanove trente neuf
Numbers Forty Quaranta Quarante
Numbers forty-one quarantuno quarante et un
Numbers forty-two quarantadue quarante-deux
Numbers forty-three quarantatre quarante trois
Numbers forty-four quarantaquattro quarante quatre
Numbers forty-five quarantacinque quarante-cinq
Numbers forty-six quarantasei quarante-six
Numbers forty-seven quaranta sette quarante-sept
Numbers forty-eight quarantotto quarante huit
Numbers forty-nine quarantanove quarante-neuf
Numbers Fifty Cinquanta Cinquante
Numbers Sixty Sessanta Soixante
Numbers Seventy Settanta Soixante-dix
Numbers Seventy-one Settantuno Soixante et onze
Numbers Seventy-two Settantadue Soixante-douze
Numbers Eighty Ottanta Quatre-vingts
Numbers Eighty-one Ottantuno Quatre-vingt-un
Numbers Eighty-two Ottantadue Quatre-vingt deux
Numbers Ninety Novanta Quatre-vingt dix
Numbers Ninety-one Novantuno Quatre vingt onze
Numbers Ninety-two Ninety-due Quatre-vingt douze
Numbers One Hundred Cento Cent
Numbers One Hundred One One Hundred One Cent Un
Numbers Two Hundred Duecento Deux Cent
Numbers Two Hundred One Two Hundred One Deux cent un
Numbers Thousand Migliaia Mille
Numbers Two Thousand Duemila Deux Mille
Numbers Million Milione Million
Numbers Billion Miliardo Milliard
Ocean anchor ancora ancre
Ocean barnacle cirripede bernacle
Ocean bubble bolla bulle
Ocean clam mollusco palourde
Ocean coral corallo corail
Ocean crab granchio crabe
Ocean fish hook amo da pesca hameçon
Ocean fishing line lenza ligne de pêche
Ocean flipper pinna flipper
Ocean helm timone barre
Ocean jellyfish medusa méduse
Ocean mask maschera masquer
Ocean oxygen tank serbatoio di ossigeno ballon d’oxygène
Ocean sand sabbia sable
Ocean scuba diver sommozzatore plongeur
Ocean sea horse cavallo di mare hippocampe
Ocean sea urchin riccio di mare oursin
Ocean seashell conchiglia coquillage
Ocean seaweed alga marina algue
Ocean shipwreck naufragio naufrage
Ocean snorkel boccaglio tuba
Ocean starfish stella di mare étoile de mer
Ocean treasure chest cassa del tesoro coffre au trésor
Ocean wave onda vague
Ocean wet suit muta combinaison de plongée
Ordinals first primo première
Ordinals second secondo deuxième
Ordinals third terzo troisième
Ordinals fourth quarto quatrième
Ordinals fifth quinto cinquième
Ordinals sixth sesto sixième
Ordinals seventh settimo septième
Ordinals eighth ottavo huitième
Ordinals ninth nono neuvième
Ordinals tenth decimo dixième
Ordinals eleventh undicesimo onzième
Ordinals twelfth dodicesimo douzième
Ordinals twentieth ventesimo vingtième
Ordinals twenty-first ventunesimo vingt et un
Ordinals thirtieth trentesimo trentième
Post Office letter lettera lettre
Post Office postcard cartolina carte postale
Post Office stamp francobollo timbre
Post Office phone booth cabina telefonica cabine téléphonique
Post Office mailbox cassetta della posta boîte aux lettres
Post Office mail slot mailslot fente de courrier
Post Office address indirizzo adresse
Post Office return address indirizzo di ritorno adresse de retour
Post Office label etichetta étiquette
Post Office packing tape nastro di imballaggio ruban d’emballage
Post Office package pacchetto paquet
Post Office postmark timbro postale cachet de la poste
Post Office rubber band elastico élastique
Post Office ink pad pad ink tampon encreur
Post Office string corda chaîne
Professions accountant ragioniere comptable
Professions actor / actress attore attrice acteur actrice
Professions architect architetto architecte
Professions baker panettiere boulanger
Professions banker banchiere banquier
Professions blue-collar worker operaio col bleu
Professions business person uomo d’affari homme d’affaires
Professions carpenter falegname charpentier
Professions computer programmer programmatore programmeur informatique
Professions cook cuoco cuisinier
Professions dentist dentista dentiste
Professions electrician elettricista électricien
Professions engineer ingegnere ingénieur
Professions fire fighter vigili del fuoco pompier
Professions hair dresser parrucchiere coiffeur
Professions intern interno interne
Professions judge giudice juge
Professions lawyer avvocato avocat
Professions librarian bibliotecario bibliothécaire
Professions mechanic meccanico mécanicien
Professions pharmacist farmacista pharmacien
Professions plumber idraulico plombier
Professions police officer poliziotto officier de police
Professions postal worker postino postier
Professions psychologist psicologo psychologue
Professions reporter reporter journaliste
Professions retired person pensionato retraité
Professions salesperson venditore vendeur
Professions secretary segretario secrétaire
Professions singer cantante chanteur
Professions student studente étudiant
Professions taxi driver tassista chauffeur de taxi
Professions teacher (primary school) insegnante (scuola primaria) enseignant (primaire)
Professions teacher / professor insegnante / professore / professeur
Professions veterinarian veterinario vétérinaire
Professions writer scrittore écrivain
Quantities enough (of) abbastanza (di) assez de)
Quantities a plate of un piatto di une plaque de
Quantities a lot of molti beaucoup de
Quantities a box of una scatola di une boîte de
Quantities a bottle of una bottiglia di une bouteille de
Quantities a kilo of un chilo di un kilo de
Quantities a dozen of una dozzina di une douzaine de
Quantities a packet of un pacchetto di un paquet de
Quantities a basket of un cesto di un panier de
Quantities a piece of un pezzo di un morceau de
Quantities a little (bit) of un poco di un peu de
Quantities a cup of una tazza di une tasse de
Quantities a slice of una fetta di une tranche de
Quantities too much, many troppo, molti trop, beaucoup
Quantities a glass of un bicchiere di un verre de
Quantities more di più plus
Quantities a bunch of un mucchio di un tas de
Quantities a handful of una manciata di une poignée de
Relationships couple coppia couple
Relationships date data date
Relationships relationship relazione relations
Relationships civil union unione civile union civile
Relationships engagement impegno engagement
Relationships wedding matrimonio mariage
Relationships wedding announcement annuncio di nozze annonce de mariage
Relationships honeymoon luna di miele lune de miel
Relationships to enter a PACS contract a stipulare un contratto PACS de conclure un contrat de PACS
Relationships to get engaged di fidanzarsi à se engager
Relationships to get married sposarsi se marier
Relationships to break up / leave per rompere / andarsene pour briser / quitter
Relationships to get divorced a divorziare de divorcer
Relationships to cheat on di barare su de tricher sur
Relationships to meet incontrare rencontrer
Relationships to separate separare séparer
Relationships They fell in love with each other. Sono caduto in amore con l’altro. Ils sont tombés en amour avec l’autre.
Relationships They live with each other (without being married). Vivono con l’altro (senza essere sposati). Ils vivent avec l’autre (sans être mariés).
Relationships This is my boyfriend / girlfriend. Questo è il mio ragazzo / ragazza. Ce est mon copain / copine.
Relationships I have a great friendship with him. Ho una grande amicizia con lui. Je ai une grande amitié avec lui.
Relationships He has affection for her. Ha affetto per lei. Il a affection pour elle.
Relationships But she has no feelings for him. Ma lei non ha sentimenti per lui. Mais elle n’a pas de sentiments pour lui.
Relationships We fought all the time. Abbiamo lottato per tutto il tempo. Nous nous sommes battus tout le temps.
Relationships Are you mad at me? Sei arrabbiato con me? Êtes-vous en colère contre moi?
Relationships I like you. / I love you Mi piaci. / Ti amo Je vous aime bien. / Je te aime
Relationships How about if we go to the movies tonight? Che ne dite se andiamo al cinema stasera? Que diriez-vous si nous allons au cinéma ce soir?
Relationships Are you free Saturday night? Sei libero Sabato sera? Etes-vous libre samedi soir?
Relationships I have no plans for this weekend. Non ho piani per questo weekend. Je ne ai pas de plans pour ce week-end.
Relationships He/She loves me. Lui / Lei mi ama. Il / Elle me aime.
Relationships A little. Un po. Un peu.
Relationships A lot. Molto. Beaucoup.
Relationships Like crazy. Come un matto. Comme fou.
Relationships Not at all. Affatto. Pas du tout.
Road Signs Road Strada Route
Road Signs Road is deformed/bad condition Strada è deformato / cattive condizioni Route est déformée / mauvais état
Road Signs road markings segnaletica orizzontale marquages ​​routiers
Road Signs Road sign Segnale stradale Road sign
Road Signs roads strade routes
Road Signs roadwork lavori stradali travaux routiers
Road Signs Roundabout Rotatoria Manège
Road Signs slip road/interchange raccordo / interscambio bretelle / échange
Road Signs Slippery road Strada scivolosa Route glissante
Road Signs Slow down Rallenta Ralentissez
Road Signs Slow down, road works ahead Rallenta, lavori stradali davanti Ralentissez, travaux routiers à venir
Road Signs Slowdown Rallenta Ralentir
Road Signs Snow chains Catene da neve Chaînes à neige
Road Signs Snow tires I pneumatici da neve Les pneus d’hiver
Road Signs speed limit limite di velocità limitation de vitesse
Road Signs Stop Stop Arrêtez
Road Signs Studded tyres Pneumatici chiodati Les pneus cloutés
School Room binder legante liant
School Room book libro livre
School Room chalk gesso craie
School Room chalkboard lavagna tableau
School Room crayons pastelli crayons
School Room desk scrivania bureau
School Room diploma diploma diplôme
School Room elem. teacher (f) elem. insegnante (f) élém. enseignant (f)
School Room elem. teacher (m) elem. insegnante (m) élém. enseignant (m)
School Room eraser gomma gomme
School Room folder cartella dossier
School Room globe globo globe
School Room glue colla colle
School Room highlighter evidenziatore surligneur
School Room ink inchiostro encre
School Room ink jar barattolo di inchiostro pot d’encre
School Room marker marcatore marqueur
School Room mechanical pencil matita portamine portemine
School Room notebook taccuino carnet
School Room pen penna stylo
School Room pencil matita crayon
School Room pencil case astuccio trousse
School Room pencil sharpener temperamatita taille-crayon
School Room piece of paper pezzo di carta morceau de papier
School Room ruler righello règle
School Room school supplies materiale scolastico fournitures scolaires
School Room schoolbag cartella cartable
School Room scissors forbici ciseaux
School Room secondary teacher insegnante secondaria enseignants du secondaire
School Room spiral notebook quaderno a spirale cahier à spirale
School Room teacher (f) insegnante (f) enseignant (f)
School Room teacher (m) insegnante (m) enseignant (m)
School Room university student studente universitario étudiant à l’université
Shapes circle cerchio cercle
Shapes cube cubo cube
Shapes oval ovale ovale
Shapes rectangle rettangolo rectangle
Shapes sphere sfera sphère
Shapes square piazza carré
Shapes triangle triangolo triangle
Shopping club/loyalty card club / carta fedeltà Club / carte de fidélité
Shopping department reparto département
Shopping department store grande magazzino grand magasin
Shopping discount store (such as Aldi) discount (come Aldi) magasin discount (comme Aldi)
Shopping fitting room camerino salle d’essayage
Shopping flea market mercato delle pulci marché aux puces
Shopping mini market mini market supérette
Shopping outlet store outlet Outlet Store
Shopping second-hand shop negozio di seconda mano magasin de seconde main
Shopping shopping center centro commerciale centre commercial
Shopping super store (everything) Super Store (tutto) Super Store (tout)
Shopping supermarket (food) supermercato (alimentare) supermarché (alimentaire)
Shopping to go grocery shopping per andare a fare la spesa pour aller à l’épicerie
Shopping to go window-shopping andare window-shopping aller lèche-vitrine
Sports Baseball Baseball Base-ball
Sports Basketball Pallacanestro Basket-ball
Sports Bicycling Bicicletta Cyclisme
Sports Bowling Bowling Bowling
Sports Dirt/Motor biking Dirt / Motor bike Dirt / vélo Motor
Sports Football Calcio Football
Sports Golf Golf Golf
Sports Hockey Hockey Hockey
Sports Horse-back riding Equitazione Monter à cheval
Sports Ice-skating Pattinaggio sul ghiaccio Patinage sur glace
Sports Jogging Jogging Jogging
Sports Skiing Sci Ski
Sports Soccer Calcio Football
Sports Softball Softball Softball
Sports Surfing Surf Surf
Sports Swimming Nuoto Natation
Sports Tennis Tennis Tennis
Sports Track and Field Atletica leggera Athlétisme
Sports Volleyball Pallavolo Volley-ball
Sports Wrestling Lotta Lutte
Subjects Accounting Contabilità Comptabilité
Subjects Algebra Algebra Algèbre
Subjects Art Arte Art
Subjects Biology Biologia Biologie
Subjects Biology Biologia Biologie
Subjects Botany Botanica Botanique
Subjects Business/Trade Affari / Commercio Business / Commerce
Subjects Calculus Calcolo Calcul
Subjects Chemistry Chimica Chimie
Subjects Chemistry Chimica Chimie
Subjects Civil education Educazione civile L’éducation civique
Subjects Computer Science Scienza Del Computer Computer Science
Subjects Dance Danza Danse
Subjects Drawing Disegno Dessin
Subjects Economics Economia Économie
Subjects English Inglese Anglais
Subjects Foreign Languages Lingue Straniere Langues Étrangères
Subjects French Francese Français
Subjects Geography Geografia Géographie
Subjects Geography Geografia Géographie
Subjects Geometry Geometria Géométrie
Subjects German Tedesco Allemand
Subjects History Storia Histoire
Subjects History Storia Histoire
Subjects Linguistics Linguistica Linguistique
Subjects Literature Letteratura Littérature
Subjects Math Matematica Math
Subjects Mathematics Matematica Mathématiques
Subjects Music Musica Musique
Subjects Painting Pittura Peinture
Subjects Philosophy Filosofia Philosophie
Subjects Physics Fisica Physique
Subjects Political Science Scienze Politiche Science Politique
Subjects Psychology Psicologia Psychologie
Subjects Technology Tecnologia Technologie
Subjects Zoology Zoologia Zoologie
School Room The school La scuola L’école
School Room The Schoolboy, the schoolgirl Il Scolaro, la studentessa L’Écolier, l’écolière
School Room The classroom L’aula La salle de classe
School Room The pupil La pupilla L’élève
School Room The student Lo studente L’étudiant
School Room The nursery school La scuola materna L’école maternelle
School Room Course Corso Cours
School Room Lesson Lezione Leçon
School Room Homework Compiti A Casa Devoirs
Time What time is it? Che ora è? Quelle heure est-il?
Time It is… Esso è … C’est …
Time one o’clock l’una in punto une heure
Time two o’clock le due deux heures
Time noon mezzogiorno midi
Time midnight mezzanotte minuit
Time a quarter after three un quarto dopo le tre après trois quart
Time one o’clock sharp 01:00 sharp une heure forte
Time four o’clock sharp 04:00 sharp quatre heures forte
Time twelve thirty dodici e trenta douze trente
Time six thirty sei e mezza six heures et demie
Time a quarter to seven sette meno un quarto a sept heures moins le quart
Time five twenty cinque venti cinq vingt
Time ten fifty dieci cinquanta 1050
Time in the morning/AM la mattina / AM le matin / AM
Time The sun rise L’alba Le lever du soleil
Time The sun set Il tramonto Le coucher du soleil
Time The day after tomorrow Dopo domani Après-demain
Time The day before yesterday L’altro ieri Avant hier
Time Last week La settimana scorsa La semaine dernière
Time in the afternoon/PM nel pomeriggio / PM l’après-midi / PM
Time in the evening/PM la sera / PM dans la soirée / PM
Time Minute Minuto Minute
Time Hour Ora Heure
Time Midday Mezzogiorno Midi
Time Midnight Mezzanotte Minuit
Time Next month Il prossimo mese Le mois prochain
Time Early Presto Tôt
Time Soon Presto Bientôt
Time Late In ritardo Tard
Time Later Più tardi Plus tard
Time Periods January Gennaio Janvier
Time Periods February Febbraio Février
Time Periods March Marzo Mars
Time Periods April Aprile Avril
Time Periods May Maggio Mai
Time Periods June Giugno Juin
Time Periods July Luglio Juillet
Time Periods August Agosto Août
Time Periods September Settembre Septembre
Time Periods October Ottobre Octobre
Time Periods November Novembre Novembre
Time Periods December Dicembre Décembre
Time Periods month mese mois
Time Periods year anno année
Time Periods decade decennio décennie
Time Periods century secolo siècle
Time Periods millennium millennio millénaire
Time Periods Summer Estate Été
Time Periods Fall Cadere Tomber
Time Periods Winter Inverno Hiver
Time Periods Spring Primavera Printemps
Time Periods in the summer in estate en été
Time Periods in the fall in autunno en automne
Time Periods in the winter in inverno en hiver
Time Periods in the spring in primavera au printemps
Tools adjustable wrench chiave regolabile clé à molette
Tools anvil incudine enclume
Tools blade lama lame
Tools bolt bullone boulon
Tools chainsaw motosega tronçonneuse
Tools chisel scalpello ciseau
Tools clamp / vise morsetto / morsa pince / étau
Tools do-it-yourself fallo da solo faites le vous même
Tools drill trapano perceuse
Tools drill bit punta foret
Tools file file fichier
Tools hammer martello marteau
Tools handle trattare manipuler
Tools measuring tape nastro di misurazione mètre ruban
Tools nail chiodo ongle
Tools nut noce écrou
Tools pick axe piccozza pioche
Tools pliers pinze pinces
Tools saw sega scie
Tools screw vite vis
Tools screwdriver cacciavite tournevis
Tools toolbox cassetta degli attrezzi boîte à outils
Tools tools Strumenti outils
Tools wrench chiave clé
Town Related airport aeroporto aéroport
Town Related apartment appartamento appartement
Town Related bakery panificio boulangerie
Town Related bank banca banque
Town Related bathroom bagno salle de bain
Town Related beach spiaggia plage
Town Related bookstore libreria librairie
Town Related butcher shop macelleria boucherie
Town Related cafe caffè café
Town Related cafeteria caffetteria cafétéria
Town Related candy store negozio di caramelle confiserie
Town Related castle castello château
Town Related cathedral cattedrale cathédrale
Town Related church chiesa église
Town Related city città ville
Town Related countryside campagna campagne
Town Related delicatessen gastronomia épicerie fine
Town Related drinking fountain Fontanella fontaine d’eau potable
Town Related factory fabbrica usine
Town Related fish market mercato del pesce marché aux poissons
Town Related garden giardino jardin
Town Related grocery store negozio di alimentari épicerie
Town Related home casa maison
Town Related hotel albergo hôtel
Town Related library biblioteca bibliothèque
Town Related locker armadietto casier
Town Related monument monumento monument
Town Related movie theater cinema cinéma
Town Related museum museo musée
Town Related office ufficio bureau
Town Related park parco parc
Town Related pastry shop pasticceria pâtisserie
Town Related pharmacy farmacia pharmacie
Town Related police station stazione di polizia poste de police
Town Related pool piscina piscine
Town Related post office ufficio postale bureau de poste
Town Related restaurant ristorante restaurant
Town Related school scuola école
Town Related square piazza carré
Town Related stadium stadio stade
Town Related store negozio magasin
Town Related supermarket supermercato supermarché
Town Related telephone telefono téléphone
Town Related theater teatro théâtre
Town Related town hall municipio mairie
Town Related train station stazione ferroviaria gare
Town Related university università université
Town Related village villaggio village
Town Related zoo zoo zoo
Transportation by bike in bici en vélo
Transportation by bus con il bus en bus
Transportation by moped in motorino par cyclomoteur
Transportation by car in macchina en voiture
Transportation by motorcycle in moto en moto
Transportation by subway con la metropolitana en métro
Transportation on foot a piedi à pied
Transportation by plane in aereo en avion
Transportation by train con il treno en train
Transportation by boat in barca en bateau
Travel a boarding pass una carta d’imbarco une carte d’embarquement
Travel a flight un volo un vol
Travel a passenger un passeggero un passager
Travel a passport un passaporto un passeport
Travel a visa un visto un visa
Travel an airline una compagnia aerea une compagnie aérienne
Travel an airplane un aeroplano un avion
Travel an airport un aeroporto un aéroport
Travel arrival arrivo arrivée
Travel arrivals arrivi arrivées
Travel baggage bagaglio bagages
Travel baggage/luggage bagaglio / bagaglio bagages / bagages
Travel bill fattura projet de loi
Travel carry-on baggage bagaglio a mano les bagages à main
Travel cent centesimo cent
Travel change cambiamento changement
Travel checked baggage bagaglio controllato bagages enregistrés
Travel check-in check in enregistrement
Travel clothes abiti vêtements
Travel coin moneta pièce de monnaie
Travel currency exchange cambio di valuta change de devises
Travel customs dogana douane
Travel departure partenza départ
Travel departure lounge sala partenze salle d’embarquement
Travel departures partenze départs
Travel diary diario journal
Travel dictionary dizionario dictionnaire
Travel entrance ingresso entrée
Travel Euro Euro Euro
Travel exit uscita sortie
Travel flight volo vol
Travel immigration immigrazione immigration
Travel information informazioni information
Travel lost and found perso e trovato perdu et trouvé
Travel one-way ticket biglietto di sola andata aller simple
Travel passport passaporto passeport
Travel passport check controllo passaporti contrôle des passeports
Travel restroom toilette toilettes
Travel round-trip ticket biglietto di andata e ritorno billet aller-retour
Travel stewardess hostess hôtesse de l’air
Travel suitcase valigia valise
Travel taxi stand taxi station de taxi
Travel terminal terminale terminal
Travel the gate il cancello la porte
Travel traveler’s checks assegni di viaggio les chèques de voyage
Travel Where is/are… Dove è / sono … Où est / sont …
Weather What’s the weather like? Che tempo fa? Quel temps fait-il?
Weather It’s nice È bello C’est bien
Weather bad male mauvais
Weather cool fresco frais
Weather cold freddo froid
Weather warm, hot caldo, caldo chaud, chaud
Weather cloudy nuvoloso nuageux
Weather beautiful bello beau
Weather mild mite doux
Weather stormy tempestoso orageux
Weather sunny soleggiato ensoleillé
Weather humid umido humide
Weather muggy afoso moite
Weather windy ventoso venteux
Weather foggy nebbioso brumeux
Weather snowing Nevicata enneigement
Weather raining piove pleuvoir
Weather freezing congelamento gel
Weather hailing grandinare saluant
Weather It is ____ degrees. È ____ gradi. Il est ____ degrés.
Zodiac signs of the Zodiac segni zodiacali signes du zodiaque
Zodiac horoscope oroscopo horoscope
Zodiac astrology astrologia astrologie
Zodiac Aries Ariete Bélier
Zodiac Taurus Toro Taureau
Zodiac Gemini Gemelli Gémeaux
Zodiac Leo Leone Lion
Zodiac Virgo Vergine Vierge
Zodiac Libra Libra Balance
Zodiac Scorpio Scorpione Scorpion
Zodiac Sagittarius Sagittario Sagittaire
Zodiac Capricorn Capricorno Capricorne
Zodiac Aquarius Acquario Verseau
Zodiac Pisces Pesci Poissons

You can quickly see how a list like this alleviates a lot of typing, and administration from your language journey. Time is better spent working with the material, not gathering it.