Benny Lewis on Becoming a Polyglot and Ideas on Language Learning

Part of the reason I began learning French was because I had taken German, Italian and Spanish in school, and wanted to see if I could learn a new language at my age, using only free Internet websites and tools. French or Portugese fit the criteria, and since I had visited France last year, I thought it would be exciting to give it a try.

I saw Benny Lewis, and later Tim Ferris, discuss the subject of attaining languages and it sparked my curiosity. In the above link, Benny discusses many of the tools that you’ll find here on this blog, especially my first day of learning French post.

Other recent posts on the subject of learning other languages, that caught my attention, were:

The Polyglot Dream Blog’s look at Scandinavian English speakers:

“I remember another occasion when I was at a friend’s house in Sweden and I noticed The Simpsons was on the TV in English, with Swedish subtitles. I asked why he was watching it in English, and he said all TV shows are seen in their original language.  That’s when It become clear that despite having another official language, English was everywhere in Scandinavia, and this is precisely the reason Scandinavians spoke English the way they do.”

Another The Polyglot Dream Blog posting:

A quality post with excellent graphics and I’m sure once you spend some time with this blog, you will find several other excellent postings, and feel renewed in your quest to learn languages.

Consider the concept of reading in a foreign language.

and then consider this Duolingo comment on how to use a Kindle to read in a foreign language.