10 Days


Ten days, and several feet of snow has accumulated in the Sierra Mountains of California, equal to over 10 inches of water. Meanwhile, in the lower elevations, rain is filling up the Californian reservoirs at an astounding rate, and many are spilling after reaching capacity.



Country Visits

WordPress keeps track of the countries that visit this blog, and in 2016 there were 205 countries represented. I believe last year was 195 countries, which shows you how popular the French language is throughout the World. Half of this blog’s visitors are from the US, with frequent visitors arriving from England, France and Canada. You can test your knowledge of the world map….here.


The following countries had someone visit…

Afghanistan Georgia Niger
Albania Germany Nigeria
Algeria Ghana Norway
Andorra Greece Oman
Angola Grenada Pakistan
Antigua & Barbuda Guatemala Panama
Argentina Guinea Papua New Guinea
Armenia Guyana Paraguay
Australia Haiti Peru
Austria Honduras Philippines
Azerbaijan Hungary Poland
Bahamas Iceland Portugal
Bahrain India Qatar
Bangladesh Indonesia Romania
Barbados Iran Russia
Belarus Iraq Rwanda
Belgium Ireland Saudi Arabia
Belize Israel Senegal
Benin Italy Serbia
Bhutan Jamaica Seychelles
Bolivia Japan Sierra Leone
Bosnia & Herzegovina Jordan Singapore
Botswana Kazakhstan Slovakia
Brazil Kenya Slovenia
Brunei Kiribati Somalia
Bulgaria Kuwait South Africa
Burkina Faso Kyrgyzstan South Korea
Burundi Laos South Sudan
Cambodia Latvia Spain
Cameroon Lebanon Sri Lanka
Canada Liberia Sudan
Chad Libya Suriname
Chile Liechtenstein Swaziland
China Lithuania Sweden
Colombia Luxembourg Switzerland
Comoros Macedonia Taiwan
Congo – Brazzaville Madagascar Tajikistan
Congo – Kinshasa Malawi Tanzania
Costa Rica Malaysia Thailand
Côte d’Ivoire Maldives Timor-Leste
Croatia Mali Togo
Cuba Malta Trinidad & Tobago
Cyprus Mauritania Tunisia
Czech Republic Mauritius Turkey
Denmark Mexico Uganda
Djibouti Moldova Ukraine
Dominica Monaco United Arab Emirates
Dominican Republic Mongolia United Kingdom
Ecuador Montenegro United States
Egypt Morocco Uruguay
El Salvador Mozambique Uzbekistan
Estonia Myanmar (Burma) Vanuatu
Ethiopia Namibia Venezuela
Fiji Nepal Vietnam
Finland Netherlands Yemen
France New Zealand Zambia
Gabon Nicaragua Zimbabwe
Gambia .. ..

Which countries did not visit the blog? Those would be the white areas on the map above. Can you identify them? BTW, WordPress has a slightly different list of countries than other sources, as they seem to treat territories as separate.

WordPress Gave Credit for these countries…. These countries did not have a visitor to the blog….
American Samoa Cabo Verde
Aruba Central African Republic (CAR)
Bermuda Equatorial Guinea
Cape Verde Eritrea
Caribbean Netherlands Guinea-Bissau
Cayman Islands Kosovo
Curaçao Lesotho
European Union Marshall Islands
Faroe Islands Micronesia
French Guiana Nauru
French Polynesia North Korea
Gibraltar Palau
Guadeloupe Palestine
Guam Saint Kitts and Nevis
Guernsey Saint Lucia
Hong Kong SAR China Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Isle of Man Samoa
Jersey San Marino
Macau SAR China Sao Tome and Principe
Martinique Solomon Islands
Mayotte Syria
New Caledonia Tonga
Palestinian Territories Turkmenistan
Puerto Rico Tuvalu
Réunion Vatican City (Holy See)
Sint Maarten
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Martin
St. Pierre & Miquelon
St. Vincent & Grenadines
Turks & Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands

Fake News

One of the reasons I learn languages is that it’s hard for me to watch any type of contrived media, which includes both mainstream media, and the newly labeled “Alt-Right” media. Both, to me, are equally fake. The link takes you to a survey conducted in 2014, which would be interesting to repeat, now that Americans have been exposed to the past two years of polarizing political reporting.

In my opinion, the larger MSM serves the interests of their advertisers, the political party controlling the nation’s capital, and various others (lobbyists, donors, political action committees, etc.) who use the government for growth and profit. The current Alt-Right media serves their own interests, and sponsors , with many smaller outlets offering “click bait” to establish a channel on YouTube, and maybe cash in on a trend. Both groups wag their fingers at each other and make the same exact accusations. What may be unknown to many, especially those living outside of the US, is that “fake news” is legal in the US, and I hope this video helps explain just when this seminal event occurred.

Summary of Video: On August 18, 2000, journalist Jane Akre won $425,000 in a court ruling where she claimed that her bosses at Fox News forced her to rewrite an investigative piece, and effectively lie. As a journalist, her integrity was paramount, and her management and their lawyers, forced her to air what she knew was false information concerning milk. Her investigation into milk, found that cows in Florida (and elsewhere) were being injected with RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce milk – and, according to FDA-redacted studies, unintentionally cause human beings to elevate their probability of cancer.

The drug is banned in Europe, but lobbying efforts in the US, by the Monsanto Corporation (who produced RBGH) made it legal in the US. Her bosses at Fox News told her repeatedly to rewrite her investigative story (over 80 times) to make it compatible with Monsanto’s requests. She and her husband, journalist Steve Wilson, refused to air the edited segment and were terminated. They sued the station. They won….until February 2003, when Fox appealed the decision and an appellate court overturned the verdict.

In the appeal, the lawyers for Fox news used a new argument. They claimed that it was their first amendment right to report false information. I’m not kidding. They were classified as an Entertainment Corporation, and therefore not required to provide Information.

In a six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals decided the FCC’s position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation.” This case opened the door for news channels to overtly lie about EVERYTHING with no fear of being sued by those that rely on the truth. News broadcasts, with suit and tied anchors and reporters, slick graphics, holding microphones and asking questions, are as real as wrestling.

And that’s why I never believe anything I see on the news anymore. Despite the fact that they have become nothing more than paid-for propagandists, they still get involved in scandals:











and that is really only the start….as it gets worse every day, I could link to one fake story after another….case in point:


and the subsequent truth:


and the long list of journalists who have become famous for straying from standards, until they are finally caught….

In summary, it seems most of what I am exposed to is either fabricated or false, and the lie is repeated and debated, over and over.

Update: Four days later, Mark Dice runs through his top 10 Fake news stories of 2016….