Clothing – Lessons 1 through 3

This should take two days, max…to hear the words individually:


Sacs – bags
Robe – dress
Poches – pockets
Vêtement – piece of clothing
Pantaloons – pants
Chaussures – shoes
Chapeaux – hats
Chemises -shirts
Jupe – skirt
Manteau -coat
Bottes – boots
Parapluie – umbrella
Gant – Glove
Costume – suit
Chaussette – sock
Veste – jacket
Jean – jeansant – glove


Elle a une nouvelle robe – She has a new dress
Il a un costume et un portefeuille – He has a suit and a wallet
Il a un grand sac noir – He has a big black bag
J’aime des robes – I love the dresses
J’aime les robes rouges – I love the red dresses
La ceinture – The belt
La femme a des robes – The woman has dresses
Les femmes a des robes – The women have dresses
La robe est chaude – The dress is warm
La robe est nouvelle – The dress is new
Las sacs – The purses
Les chaussures – The shoes
Les grandes robes des femmes – Women’s big dresses
Les poches de vêtements– The clothing’s pocket
Les poches des robes – The dresses’ pockets
Ma ceinture est grosse – My belt is big
Ma chaussure est sale – My shoe is dirty
Mes petites chaussaures – My small shoes
Mes vêtements: une robe noire, un sac rouge – My clothing: a black dress, a red bag
Mon pantalon a des poches – My pants have pockets
Mon pantalon a une poche – My pants have a pocket
Nous aimons les robes rouges – We like the red dresses
Sa robe rouge a des poches – Her red dress has dresses
Son sac est leger – Her bag is light
Su robe rouge a des poches – Her red dress has pockets
Ta suele chaussure noire – Your only black shoe

Mnemonic – masculine – costume (men’s suit), manteau (“man”), jean (Gene, gene, dancing machine), gant (the glove, Gary Payton), chapeau (ends in -eau, like manteau), sac (obvious), parapluie (The Avenger’s umbrella), portefeuille (man’s wallet). Not in this module is soutien-gorge, which is a woman’s bra, which is masculine. No mnemonic needed, just confusion.

Mnemonic – feminine – jupe (skirt), robe (dress), chemise (female garment in English), poche (obvious), boot (she kicks him out), chausette (ends is -ette), vêtement (clothes shopping), veste (woman’s jacket), ceinture (she belts him), chaussures (ballet shoes)


This module features a lot of possessive adjectives, and if you did not get them figured out in that previous module, you’ll struggle in this one, despite clothing being fairly simple. In future modules, you may wish to simply enter “clothing” when you see “vêtement(s)” but it is an “item of” or “piece of” clothing. Just keep that in mind.