Colors – Lessons 1 and 2

One day, finish both. These two lessons reinforce the clothing lesson that preceded this one.


Rouges – reds
Blanche – white
Couleurs – colors
Bleu – blue
Noires – blacks
Vert – green
Jaune – yellow
Roses – pinks
Grise – grays
Orange – orange
Marron – brown
Rouge – red
Violette – purple


C’est un oiseau jaune – This is a yellow bird
Il a un pantalon vert – He has green pants
Ils sont rouges – They are red
J’aime tes robes rouges – I like your red dresses
Je mange des fraises rouges – I am eating red strawberries
La tortue est verte – The turtle is green
La robe est verte – The dress is green
Le poisson est bleu – The fish is blue
Le chapeau est violet – The hat is purple
Le citron a une couleur jaune – The lemon has a yellow color
Les robes sont bleues – The dresses are blue
Les chiennes noires mangent les canards blancs – The black dogs eat the white ducks
L’homme a des chaussures marron – The man has brown shoes
Ma robe a une couleur rouge –  My dress has a red color
Manges-tu des légumes verts? Do you eat green vegetables?
Mes chaussures sont rouges – My shoes are red
Mes livres sont rouges – My books are red
Sa couleur est vert pomme – Her color is apple green
Ses chaussures sont marron – Her shoes are brown
Ta jupe est verte et la poche est rouge – Your skirt is green and the pocket is red
Tu as mon vêtement bleu? Do you have my blue piece of clothing?
Vos chemises sont noires – Your shirts are black
Vous avez des chemises roses – You have some pink shirts


You may confuse “jaune” (yellow), with “jeune” (young). You may also have trouble with the spelling of the plural blue, “bleues”, and color “couleur” because of repeating vowels. You should be used to possessives by now, and have the rules that apply figured out. You will continue to see them, so if you start missing sentences with possessives, go back and review my post on possessive adjectives.