Numbers – Used in Years

Duolingo does not discuss how numbers are said, when they are used as years, i.e. 1300, 1838, 1945, etc.

When talking about years up to and including 1099, or from 2000 and up, the year is stated the same as any other number:

sept cent cinquante-deux (752)

mille quatre-vingt-dix-neuf (1099)

deux mille (2000)

deux mille treize (2013)

For years between 1100 and 1999, there are two equally valid options, and similar to English:

mille huit cent soixante-trois (1863) or dix-huit cent soixante-trois (1863)

In English, we would say eighteen-hundred and sixty-three, or eighteen-sixty three, the latter being preferred.

mille trois cents (1300) or treize cents (1300)

In English, anything other than thirteen-hundred would not work.

quinze cent cinq (1505) or mille cinq cent cinq (1505)

In English, we go with fifteen-oh-five, but 2005 would be two-thousand five, cause we’re strange that way.